Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Get Inspired at The DiGi WWWOW Awards

WWWOW!!! It's almost submission due date already and I just realized I have not blogged about this at all to WWWin passes to the DiGi WWWOW Awards!! What's this DiGi WWWOW Awards? SERIOUSLY??? It's nothing much actually... JUST THAT IT'S DiGi’s Most Glamorous Event!!!

It is going to be the social media’s biggest night that would be in HEADLINES or at least the talk of TOWN for quite a while!!! This is an event that I would never want my blog to be left out on...

To grab some tickets, I have to work for it. Let's hope we'll get it... I too want to blog about it soooo much!!!! So here goes!!!

The internet is something that we live by everyday in this century. Leaving my iPhone back at home is not an option as I have to check my twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube daily! There's just so much to do with the internet and too much to see. 

There's these few people who inspire me a lot on the internet. There's Ernest, the guy who draws comics on his blog, cheering up everyone's Monday blues by making a fool out of his bros at He makes such an effort to put up a post no matter in whatever condition at least twice a week. It's no doubt that his posts on the blog does brighten one's day. The more he should win in the WWWOW's event! His passion and effort of blogging has made me try to be a more responsible blogger than to neglect my blog like I used to years back.

Then recently, the DJ from, JinnyboyTV had inspired me quite a lot! From an ordinary person to being in a band, he became a DJ on, a blogger and also a now, producer of JINNYBOYTV! He films down everything that actually does ring our bell and also gives us memories to come back to. He made us remember what used to be our childhood and also reminded us of things that we have put way back to the end corners of our brains. Of course, this also enables him to get to the coolest awesome-EST people in the world and I would love and do anything to be in his shoes for one day. 



Sunday, May 27, 2012

8tv's Showdown 2012 MOB @ the Curve

I walked to The Curve from home today.

I saw a picture few days back in 8tv's Instagram and found out that there was going to be a Showdown 2012 roadshow there at about 8.30pm at the fountain area. It was supposed to be a mob, which was participated by contestants of Showdown 2012 and also more dancers from all around.

Since I arrived early, I walked along The Street to pass time. That was when I heard some commotion going on nearby. Of course being the nosy busybody, I went to check it out.

Everyone was gathering around these group of "musicians" making drum beats and such with trash cans, pots, pans and more. The performance was sponsored by OCBC bank. It totally did draw attention to the crowd because of its banging...

 Here's a Sneak peak preview of the performance...

J.A came to join me for dinner. Since everywhere was crowded, we ate in Sakae Sushi instead. It was quick enough for me to rush to the fountain at 8.30pm. I left him there with my shoppings to eat and wait for me as I went to witness the Showdown event on my own since he wasn't a big fan.

The first people I saw were Inversion Crew, whom I've only met late last year. They are really nice people.  I even got to do a random vidwhoring with Steph...

I got to take a picture of them and Soul Gang's member with my Polaroid after the event! I sat with them and took some pictures with my Instagram. I only took pictures with people I knew because I feel so embarrassed and shy to ask for pictures with the unknown...

Here's Steph!
Kelvin the small bull...
And Shahrul, the people I knew thanks to the "lemby nak jaga" song.
Cavant Tan. He got hurt in a competition few days ago...
My boy, Hoshi! Not boy as in boyfriend... You know what I mean...
Ben from FIX, fiercing look
Charles from FIX, always the thin picture... He slimmed down a lot also.
Fuzz... small eyes
Faruq, who came up to me and the only thing said was "SUSAN HO!" HAHA...
Dennis, the 8tv online host and also some of you might know him as the REALRY guy / ABUDEN...

The event started a little late, and I stood there with my phone on airplane mode for almost half an hour because I didn't want any interruptions while I video... J.A just had to wait there... It just started as a normal performance and then the top 9 crews came out to reveal themselves by doing a short number a group at a time.
1. D'Vol Blacky Wacky
2. Dem Lepak Boyz
3. Project Elementz
4. Soul Gang
5. Kitta Move
6. Soul Krazy
7. Walawei
8. EGS Monster
9. We Taking Over


Here's the video which I took an hour to load due to the very bad line coverage at my KL house area. ENJOY!!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

I want to Party with Mr. Asahi!!!

Hi guys, nothing much interesting going on these days after all that hectic packed events last month. It's getting really boring and finally another event is heading our way! The only thing standing in my way is the tickets. I have to try to get tickets to it by taking an interesting picture or a video. What event? Here's the details of the event...

So who is this Mr. Asahi guy you may ask... He's the awesome coolest bartender in the world! Why? He's a robot! The first robot Bartender in the WORLD!!! Seriously! I have gone on stage years back with Asimo, catching the football he kicked, being served water by him on stage... But now, a BARTENDER! How I would love to be served a glass from him...

What's this Asahi Beer? I've drank it once so far and I quite liked it. It's funny how the word DRY is named as it is liquid... Liquid should be wet right? Hmm... *krik krik*

Anyway, the history of this beer began in the mid 80's when Japanese brewers believed beer must taste bitter and heavy, (which I dislike a lot). Asahi's brewers had other ideas to introduce ASAHI SUPER DRY in Japan on March 17, 1987 (MY BIRTH MONTH!) as the world’s first KARAKUCHI beer, and Japan’s first dry beer.

Karakuchi what? 
"It's a distinctive taste born from the brewing technology of using a special yeast strain, that results in its signature “Karakuchi”, a not bitter, refreshing taste with a sophisticated aroma. Setting a new standard for what a beer should taste like, Asahi Super Dry is acknowledged around the world and is Japan's Number 1 beer." 

Anyway, back to the topic. The contest which needed to post pictures of videos? Yeah, I wished to get tickets so I could get to be served by the coolest bartender or at least have a look at it and take a picture! AWESOME experience to go for. Although the location is all the way in Shah Alam, I would try my best to get there. Not forgetting I will be back by Bali then!!! The double bonus? I would finally get to meet the BROS who would be going! I thought of just submitting a photo at first since it was an easy thing to do... Perhaps a picture of Hello Kitty gone bad?

But then again, Ernest persuaded me into making a video after me complimenting on his video that he did... So YEAH! I DID ONE! LAME ONE!!! Oh my gawd... After quitting dancing, it felt weird doing things the robotic way... Never did dance robot dance before... Oh well, HERE IT IS!!! Laugh all you want... *paiseh mode* *runstoacornerandcry*...


Thursday, May 24, 2012


I decided to clean up the mess I made for months while I packed for my Bali trip... But instead of cleaning up, I messed it up quite a lot...



After 5 hours of clearing up my room and toilet, I ended up with 2 big bags of unwanted clothes, 3 bags of garbage and 2 empty drawer space. WOW! Spring cleaning to the max...

Stay tuned for my next blog of me making a fool out of myself...

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My new Starbucks Tumbler

Had to wake up early to go pick Kar Hing up to Colby's house so I could watch to top 12 Showdown 2012 which Colby recorded for me two weeks ago. It's so hard to schedule the time to watch it as sometimes I have things on. Thank God that Colby has the new Astro decoder which can record. So convenient.

After watching, we went to Aeon, which was nearby for our lunch. They told me that Sakae was having a promotion from 12pm-3pm. So good! We get to eat a meal ranging from RM7.99 onwards and then go for a walk before we eat the 3pm buy one free one promotion! Crazy Japanese meal promotions.

Since I've started taking my Polaroid camera everywhere I go, though it's heavy! I decided to take a photo of my boys. I'm still not so sure in the settings of indoors, outdoors, cloudy and stuff. However, it turned out not that bad. They boys keep telling me they look bad in the picture. Do they? Not to my point of view...

After our meal, we walked down to the supermarket, which I have never gone to before yet and bumped into Hoe's sister. She was having lunch with her husband. The boys started talking as I tried to call my sister-in-law to ask for her Starbucks card. Then there she was, tapping on my shoulder... Small world. Actually I knew she was coming. I just didn't know if she was gone yet. HAHA!

The supermarket was freezing cold! It's like the air-conditioning was free or something. LOL! Seriously and it has a weird smell... Perhaps it's just still new...

Joey hasn't had her lunch, so we went back to Sakae again for the 3pm promotion. She ate about 5 dishes and we shared the rest. CHEAP!!! RM40 only for 10 plates of good RED plates... Here's her photo also! She thinkgs she looks awesome here therefore the words "Leng, Leng, QIU LENG!!!" is written there... LOL!

Adding these two photos, my wall of memories is almost complete! Perhaps its time to move to my cupboards which are just plain white. Not a bad idea huh?

We then headed to Starbucks because I wanted to buy a tumbler. I chose one which was really cool and I get to design my own tumbler!!! It's RM52 for a Grande size and RM48 for the smaller one... I got the Grande...

It's said that if I bought a tumbler with the Starbucks card, I would get a free drink. However, I will have to register the card online first. Since Joey had a card, I registered for her and got my tumbler at last. Instead of having one free drink, we got 2! One for registering the card and one for purchasing the tumbler! COOL! Of course I chose the most expensive one, which was the new item, Mocha Cookie Crumble! WOOHOO!!!!

Got home and found Coco's bear torn into pieces. 
Oh MY, is it even a bear?


Night came and it was time to watch Showdown 2012. I sat in front of my TV, watching my friends, "Inversion" perform in front of the judges while I started to design my new Starbucks tumbler! Although they didn't get through this round, at least they got into the top 10 and I'm proud of them. They've done their best and that's all that matters...

Here's a random photoshoped picture of my artwork...

Now, my tumbler is complete! 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

A night at Euro House to remember

It's Thursday again. I've never gone anywhere as often as here. It's my second home as I and my friends would say. It's very homely and Females always get to drink the house wine or Cocktail for free from Mondays to Thursdays! So to those cheapskate males who would like to take a girl out for a nice yet cheap date, do bring them here! XD. Joking la...

Their Screwdriver today was quite good. I would much prefer Cocktail than wine. I have no idea why but I have never fancied Wine nor Beer. The only wine I tasted and liked was at the Australian Wine Tasting place. It was all free and it tasted more like juice than wine. I was 12 years old back then. I got drunk. 

I had the Red wine for starters as the bartender gave me a wrong one. But it was alright for me since it's free anyway. People always ask me why I have a larger glass compared to every other lady in the place. Well, let's just say that's VVIP treatment. HAHA!

Even my cocktail glass is larger by a size and also in a special decorated manner. Everyone's was just plain liquid. HAHA!!! This was good. 
I saw the bosses, Ray and Aaron. Ray was having this dish with his dad, which was going to be a new item on the Menu soon and he gave some for me to try! It was YUM!!!

The reason to why I love coming to this place is not because of the free items I get every time. It's mainly the environment which was comfortable, not too loud music, games and entertainment provided and also the friendly and nice staff. I took a few polaroid pictures with them today. They were so happy and surprised I had one polaroid camera. I love my Polaroid. I should bring it everywhere from now on. I get to keep so many memories...

Monday, May 14, 2012

Old friends, NEW FRIENDS!

It was a rainy Thursday. I had to drive out to meet my new friends from Hong Kong and also an old friend who is from Ipoh, 99. My new friends whom I've met online were staying with 99, so I met them up for lunch...

After lunch, 99 took us to his quite newly opened shop in Greenhill and stroke a pose. From the name of the place, you should know what services it provides.

I sat in the conference room with 99 as my 2 Hongkie friends enjoyed their facial. From the feedback they have given, it seems that it was nice and relaxing. The pressing of pimples were not painful even. I wonder how true that is as I am a person who fears pain and rather not let anyone press it. Yes, I'm a chicken...

After facial, we went to town so they could take photos of the Ipoh old town and also where the "famous" coffee's originate from. Surprisingly before we walked into the shop, we were attracted to the shop beside. Why? There were sharks! I don't know how real they are but they certainly do look genuine. It's said to have luck and fortune if you lightly touch it. I didn't touch it as I think it's cruel of them to display it like this...
Look Mommy, a PRINCESS!!! Is that Ariel?

We then brought them to the yummilicious Tau Fu Fah at Woong Kee's. Unfortunately they only got the eat the leftovers in the pot as there was none left. The poor boy had to try to scrape everything inside. We got to have it for free though.

Went home to work a little bit more before I headed out with them again to WET!

Where else in Ipoh can I bring them to enjoy than Barroom. 

Meet Dee Lee.

Dee Lee, 99 and Samuel.

It happened to be Pajamas party and Yumiko was there because D'One dance studio was going to dance a short part. They have always been taking part in events in Barroom like a partnership gig now. 

We all went home early as the boys will have to go to Genting early in the morning the next day. Nobody got drunk but I ended up with a bruised hand because 99 decided to bite me... THAT SOAB!

After work today, I went to The Curve to wait for an old friend. I was so excited to meet him, whom I've not seen or kept in contact for 7 years! Seriously! While waiting, I got myself a new jacket... ^^

When he finally came at 9pm, we were both starving. We zoomed right nearby to grab some pizza and a decent meal. He was late, because he was caught up with work. Turns out he is now teaching dancing while helping his dad out in his business also.

Here's my good old friend giving the waiter our food orders... Meet Gen!

Here's our delicious appetizer, the mushrooms!!!

And our yummilicious Pizza. Sorry for not taking pictures before hand. We were just too extremely hungry already...

We got to snap pictures also after 7 years! He got his first polaroid from me!!! The story of us goes way back 7 years ago when I met him on friendster I guess. Not much of a memory anymore. He said he remembers me and a friend meeting him at Sunway Pyramid after a dance competition. I was shocked as I had not much of memory from it. Wouldn't it be funny if we actually did not know each other and are actually acting like we do? HAHA! However, we had a great time talking about everything! Too bad Munnie was sick and had to stay home and miss out all the fun we had...

Here's Gen contributing a few numbers to his own polaroid...

Our first polaroid...