Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Fav Comic Bloggers

How did I start my February? Well, Let's just say I had a really interesting one. I had a big feast, had my first Long Island Tea...

As you know, I have always been following Miao, Jian Goh, the cat blogger and met up with him only twice. He's such an adorable CAT and waiting for his blog to be updated all the time just kills me. I can actually stalk his page every day to see if there are any updates. However, thanks to Twitter, I now only stalk his twitter to find out about any updates instead of going straight to his blog.

As you know, he is not a photo person... If you don't, NOW YOU DO. HAHA. Jian, you're exposed. HAHA. He's originally from Kuching and therefore HUAHLAH! He's a cat... You get it right? ^^ *cold*

Met him only once at KL and got him to take me for a tour around Melaka the next weekend. 3Q many many MIAO!!! And not forgetting the cheap prices he got me for my phone case. HEHE!!!

Recently, he and a few comic bloggers collaborated and made a 2012 calendar. I got it last month. In fact, I got two... Lookie!!!
So cute right? You should get one too!!! Just check out his blog at AKIRACEO.COM! He asked me what animal sign I was born in, a few days before he sent it over to me. I was wondering for a moment why he needed it for. In the end, Simon Seow and I figured it out. He drew on my calendar!!! HE CONTENG'ED MY CALENDER!!! HOI! HAHAHAHAH.... Joking *blush*
And so, after getting the calendar, I finally after a month got to browse only one comic blogger so far. Ernest Ng's blog at DONTLIKETHATBRO.BLOGSPOT.COM! I finally got a new blog to stalk!!!

I only got to read it yesterday while I was free, at the traffic light, in the toilet, at Chatime waiting for my drink, teaching, eating, supposed to be in the shower, at the pub... and eventually got late to my dinner coz I was hooked on to it. Oh believe me, it will turn your Monday blues to Monday madness as you will be laughing like a mad person like I was at Chatime, standing alone looking at my phone and laughing to myself. You cannot imagine the eyes that were looking at me weirdly as I stood there waiting with my phone in my hand... Even my friends were questioning what I was looking at on the phone while dinner and drinking. Eventually, I finished reading the entire blog by the end of my drink and I was like "NOW WHAT?" I even twittered Ernest... HAHA!!! Oh yeah. Parental guidance and supervising needed to check out his blog. Too much information given inside for the underaged. Haha!!!

Do drop by these two blogs as they will definitely entertain you to da max!

**P/S Jian, you still owe me something... HEHEHE!!!

Please help vote for my brother and his wife

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