Thursday, July 19, 2012

Chuan Fatt Curry Noodle shop

Today, me and my buddies decided to go to a shop which sold curry noodles. I went there once before but I didn't get to eat any of the curry noodles because someone told me it was too spicy for me to handle. Today, I am here with my friends to test my limit. Chuan Fatt Curry noodle shop.

It's a very old shop which I guess only the elderly will know about. For a curry noodle stall to maintain a whole shop to himself, it could not be that bad.

We ordered 3 dry curry noodles. It had all kinds of meat in it, including fried pork and chicken.

I ordered a Curry Noodle soup for myself.

I tried both noodles and realized they are both not alike, meaning they do not use the same curry for both noodles. They both have their own kind of curry. But the similarity for these two kinds of noodles is that they really were VERY SPICY! My friends take spicy noodles and even they think it was spicy. I felt relieved after I finished my bowl and realized I'm not that bad neither! ^^

As a side dish, we ordered a plate of SIU YUK, which did not have too much Fat in it like other places do. It was thin and crispy, just like a crispy duck is! YUMMILICIOUS!
Previously when I came here, I only ate the fried chicken. I still remember that I loved the way they marinated the chicken. It was superb especially if you ate it with another kind of curry sauce!  
This place is a must go if you happen to love curry noodles. We paid a total of RM32.90 for a plate of Siu Yuk, 6 Fried Chicken Wings, 3 Dried curry noodles, 1 Curry noodle, 3 chrysanthemum Teas and a glass of water. Worth the money? Definitely.

Kedai Makanan Chuan Fatt: Curry Mee @ Jalan Pasir Putih
294, Jalan Pasir Puteh, 
31650 Ipoh, Perak.