Sunday, June 8, 2014

Astro Battleground Grand Final and Asian Battleground

I'm sorry dear readers for neglecting you again. The only reason I could give is that I have been busy juggling with all my freelance jobs and besides, life had been pretty dull for me lately. Nothing much has been happening, without any invites or passes for any events. I just realized over the weekend that my Glitterati status has been removed because of unknown reasons. Maybe that's why I have been left out on events. When I said I am juggling with freelance jobs, I am not kidding you. I have recently been working as a freelance piano teacher, journalist at Ipoh Echo, tele-marketer for my friend's home-stay website, Carnival planner (for Daybreak's charity fun fair in 16th August 2014. Click here for more information.), Daybreak webmaster, etc. I have also been hired last week to start work in Mariaville Kindergaten starting July. Work life is pretty interesting for me.

Anyway, back to the happening self, I went for Astro Battleground Grand Final on 31st May at Megastar Arena Kuchai Lama. For the first time, I used Astro Circle to redeem tickets with my Astro points. Since the items I wanted were not in stock, the other best thing was to redeem VIP tickets. I have never enjoyed Astro Battleground in style before. Having 2 tickets in hand, I offered one to my girlfriend, Stephanie. I was quite disappointed as to how I got my tickets on the day itself. I was directed to a few people before the ticket was handed over to me. 

In this year's competition, I don't know any of the contestants. The only person on stage that I knew was Dennis Yin and he was the Emcee of the night. He did quite a good job in being a good Emcee although his Chinese was funny. As I sat down expecting my mind to be blown by new dancers, I was entertained by friends who sat behind me. Joey, Kei, Cavan, Shahrul, etc were all making jokes and being silly like they always do. 

S-Striker and Fearless were the last ones standing in this competition and song after song, we all sit at the edge of our chairs. They were equally good. Funky Lia came out to dance with them for a song and you can tell how good she really is. 

In the end, Fearless won, with the chance to battle it out amongst each other to gain the title of "battle king". I thought LegoSam was really good in his solo. However, he lost to Khenobu, who was equally good as well.

As the show ended, I hung around with Steph and Shahrul for supper and then joined them for a drink at the after party with Astro Battleground people. It was a little awkward sitting there as they were all chatting away, coz I didn't know most of the people. However, I enjoyed being in the presence because I get to watch them dance as the songs blasted in the background. I also got the opportunity to watch Funky Lia dance Solo and grab a picture with her before she left.

Instead of linking photos from my photobucket like I always do, I'm just going to post my Facebook link here. Feel free to check out the photos from my Facebook! (<--Click)

On the following week, which was 6th June, I went to Asian Battleground with the same VIP tickets. This competition however was mind blowing. Contestants came from Indonesia, Philippines, China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong to compete with our local dancers. The dancers were crazy!!! The top 4 on the score board, Japon De Bombs was first, which had girls which could really twerk. Just Jerk Crew was placed 2nd, which I would die to give 1st anytime, 3rd to Return Dance which consisted of 4 guys who could work it like Beyonce, 4th was S-Striker, our local dance group. 

From the first sight of seeing Just Jerk Crew dance, I fell in love. I was such a fan girl at that moment of time. Mind you, I am NEVER a fan girl of anyone. They are so GOOD!!!! They were champions in my heart before it even ended. After the 4 finalists battled it out amongst themselves, it was only down to our S-Striker and Just Jerk Crew. Watching the 2 teams come up with their perfect Solo and group routines made everyone scream in excitement. In the end, Just Jerk Crew won!!! I was so happy for them.

Had Old Klang Road Bak Kut Teh after  that with Stephanie because I didn't have time for dinner before the event. So worth the starvation. Bummer that I didn't get to take a picture with Just Jerk crew. :(

Pictures are all loaded into my facebook account, under Astro Battleground album. Feel free to scroll through my Facebook! (<--Click)!!!