Sunday, December 4, 2011

Snooker with da old boys

Dinner was with Dextor, Ederick, David and Stephanie. We went to Puchong again because Ed had no car. So nice to have a fellowship with the old friends. Missed them so much... Dinner was at a Korean Restaurant and it was only so-so. Not very fancy though.

Then, we all went to play snooker! WEE!!! Haven't played snooker for such a long time... it was fun. Had a fun time laughing our heads off. I just realized today how much Dextor looks like Vendetta. Expecially when he laughs! HAHA!!! So now we have a Vendetta and a Wilber Pan. COOL! LOL!
Went home, sister gave me a Godiva Choc. Such a match with my bed lamp... Night all!!!