Monday, April 30, 2012

Chatime Promotion!!!

After getting home from my train ride from KL Sentral to Ipoh, I had dinner at home before heading out with my boys again to Chatime!!! What's going on? Check this out!

We got there by 9pm, saw the crowd and dropped me off first to stand in the queue. LOOK AT THE CROWD!!!

The queue was so long because of the limited number of people working.
It took us about 20-30 minutes to get our order and drinks. We didn't get what we wanted at first because they told us that they ran out of milk. Yeah right? Tell me then why they had Hazelnut Milk Tea? Don't they need milk for that too? 

We were enjoying our drinks until 10pm and checked out the queue again. The promotion was supposed to stop by 10pm but I guess it was just impossible due to the queue!!! Take a look below!!!

The view from outside!!!

Here's a picture of my Chatime card and our CHATIMES!!! OM NOM NOM NOM!!!

This Red Bean is not supposed to have Pearls inside but there were a lot of it. I guess they didn't have enough Red Beans, therefore they had to mix some other stuff to make it look filled? Plus it's not less ice at all...

Here's a short video that I made. Trying out the new application that I downloaded via my iPhone...

Colby got hungry after and we headed to Anika Selera for a second round of food... FAT FAT!!!

Friends visiting

Yesterday, I only had half a day of work because a lot of my students were not in town. Happy as I could be, I finished work early, got home and showered before meeting up with Tommyzai!
It's been a so long since I've known him and I have never met him in person! Finally I got the chance as he came down from Genting before heading back to Johor the next day. I arranged accommodation for him at Ryokan in Uptown, a place which my brother's friend owns. I met up with him and his friends in 1Utama and brought them to Ryokan. I checked that place out myself. It is such a cool place! 

As we walked in, we see a reception table on the left with an iPad on the table for guests to use. There were also 3 more iPads available for guests in another area. Drinks were free flow all day long. We went up to the room, which door uses card censor instead of inserting the cards like the old hotels. The room was not that big but good enough and the beds were all Japanese style, laid out on the high raised wooden floor. The bathroom door was mozzy yet transparent and showers were modernized with massage features. It took the boys quite some time to figure it out.

After they all got ready, I took them out to Pavillion all the way in town. Tommyzai was quite a shopper. I can say he is also a shopaholic for a guy. Oh well, we had fun walking around the Japanese shops as well as the branded shops. He loved Uniqlo and we went there first. This top was bought from Uniqlo in 1Utama. Do you notice us wearing the same colour of clothes? HAHA!

Walked with them til closing time and finally headed to Kuchai Lama to get myself some dinner. I was so hungry when I met them but because they have eaten, I wouldn't want to waste their time by asking them to see me eat right? We had drinks with another 2 of their friends before we headed back ourselves. After sending them off, I headed home to meet Moon. She and her daughter were going to stay over for the night. They are in Malaysia for a week from Korea. She bought me these souvenirs! I love them!!!
This rabbit may be big but it is really nice to hold especially when I am using the phone. It fits in my palm perfectly!!!

This case is just like a handbag don't you think? COOL!!!

Today, we all woke up a little later. Actually, I woke up the latest. I was too exhausted from not getting enough sleep from Friday night and last night neither.
We went to Jaya One for lunch in a place called Oriental Pavillion. It has some pretty good Dimsum so I heard...

Here's little Soyul!!!

My favourite dish of all Dimsums.

Little Soyul with her Minnie mouse bag which my sister bought for her from KLIA.

We then went to Book Xcess in Amcorp Mall and got Soyul some books. Look at both the Mama and Daughter... It's good to expose children to more books. All kids nowadays are only hooked onto their phones or iPads...

It's amazing how Book Xcess can have so many books that it can't fit unto their shelves BUT also able to stack them up in a very well organized way!!! So neat and tidy!!!

On the way out of Amcorp Mall, I found some Hello Kitty specs which was sold at a very cheap price! 2 for RM15! I didn't hesitate any further and just got 2 pairs...

We did not stop there. We went to Mid Valley next as it is nearer to KL Sentral and I had to take a train there late on to go back to Ipoh. Soyul was making a fuss about getting herself some ice-cream. On the way to Baskin Robbins, her mom bought her a small box of Dunkin Donuts. Here's the greedy cat...

And, here's her having the ice-cream she was promised for. She can really eat! She ate everything!!!

It wasn't long before it was time for me to head back to Ipoh. Time flies. Didn't get to spend much time with any of my friends from outstation nor abroad. Let's hope we'll see them soon again.