Monday, April 9, 2012

LMFAO Concert at Sunway Lagoon!!!

Hi all!!!It's a good day today. Why? BECAUSE IT'S MY OFF DAY AND IT'S THE DAY I GO FOR LMFAO'S CONCERT!!! WOOHOO!!! Happy day...

I got dressed early in the morning and followed my sister out to Sunway Pyramid for some shopping since I was too early.

After my sister left, Hoshi came in time to kill my boredom of being alone. We walked around and tried to get him and his friend tickets for a last minute deal. Not bad though that we managed to get Last minute party Zone tickets at RM150 for 2! The original price for one is actually RM198. Cool huh? The deal is, it was supposed to be held on 29th April but they postponed it due to the injury of Sky Blue. Many people were disappointed with his injury and not being able to come. Many also could not come due to the change of date. However, I was able to be there!!!
At 8pm, we walked to Sunway Lagoon entrance to see a crowd of people lining up to get in already. No Cameras were allowed, no food and drinks, EVEN my LIGHT BATONS were thrown away!!! But then, they didn't spot my camera though so I sneaked it in. Unlucky for Tian Chad *a blogger whom I saw twitted* that he had to leave his camera out.
As we went in, there was a big backdrop nearby the stage. Everyone snapped pretty much photos but I didn't bother to walk up to the backdrop with my picture taken the "right" way. I just camwhored my way as I always do... LOL!
Hoshi decided to appear in my photo...

Party Zone fellas!!! Thank God I didn't buy tickets from Chill Out zone. This picture below was taken from the Chill Out Zone. See How far it is???

Finally entered our ZONE!!!
DJs were heating things up for us to await for REDFOO to head up the stage. It felt a little like Zouk's party.

After hours of anticipation and Redfoo being late for an hour and a half, Finally the MAN appeared on stage! The crowd went wild. SERIOUSLY wild!

I'm sorry that my pictures do not appear that clear as I have SUPER ZOOMED it from a distance. You have NO IDEA! It was still quite far away to take a normal picture. I guess it could make up his face though. Right? Here are some videos!!! SURE I HAVE VIDEOS!!! 

As the concert ended, everyone was bummed. We all had so much fun! Everyone walked out singing LMFAOs songs and shouting away. I have some short videos of the havocness. It's just a way to say everyone was SORRY FOR PARTY ROCKING! Still can't imagine it's over so soon...

Hoshi finally gave me my cap which I bought from Von. Yeah! It's officially mine!!!
Got the boys to send me home tonight. Thanks boys. They headed off to Alive to meet with Dennis's gang and also Red Foo who was also there. Instead of being the papparazzi, I headed home to sleep. Such a tiring start of April...
Tiger Asian Music Festival in a few days AGAIN!!! WOAH!!! EVENTFUL APRIL!!! I have 7 tickets with me. Anyone needs a ticket? Tweet me!!!

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