Friday, October 12, 2012

David Guetta Live In Malaysia!!!

Finally, the rave that we've been waiting for has finally arrived! Haven't we all been just so excited for it? David Guetta LIVE in Malaysia! As I won 2 tickets that's worth RM138 each, I asked Hoshi to go with me, under a condition that he has to drive me there. He was willing to do so and we started our journey at 5ish in the evening and got stuck in traffic on the highway. 

Our plans were to drive to LCCT for McDonalds for dinner before heading there. However, based on the traffic, we were worried we won't be arriving before 9pm to collect my tickets from Darren, the Nuffnanger, so we just parked on the opposite side of the road, which was where the petrol station was located and grabbed a bite. Right before, a car took a sharp turn from the right, just beside us to Sepang, which was on our left! Thank God Hoshi braked in time and in the end, the 4 wheel drive drove into a Viva just next to us. We were practically in between those cars! WOW!

Got to the booth early to collect our tickets at 8.30pm but Darren wasn't there yet. I collected my tickets from the Digi booth and headed in with Hoshi. 

As we walked into the concert area after all the searching and ticket collection, we saw a few booths, which had prizes for us. The first place we headed to was the Xcelerate Ducati tent. What I expected was bike displays but I was surprised by the games inside.

First, they made us register for a lucky draw before they gave us a card, which we had to play games to earn points. They required us to get 3 punches on our card to be in the running for some awesome gifts.

They had a bike racing game which I sucked at. IT WAS HORRIBLE! How humiliating. No wonder mom doesn't allow me on bikes. SCARY HEAVY SHIET! though it's a fake one...

There's also this XBox racing game. I didn't go for that since I am not very good in it...

However, Hoshi did... :)

As we were browsing around for another game, a girl approached us asking us to stick a sticker on our phone, taking our picture and scanning it into a chip in that sticker for us to redeem our photo from another booth, which was saved into a 2GB DUCATI Pendrive! COOL!

Only a stamp at that moment as I hadn't filled it up yet... Yeah, I brought a fan so I wouldn't get SO HOT!

Here are the free gifts I drew out from the box for having 3 stamps on my card...

We left the tent and headed to another tent, which wasn't as interesting as it was at the Ducati Tent.

There's a Dunk and Win game here too! Heard that there's one tomorrow at the Churp event but I can't attend as I won't be having a transport. :(

The power punch game was unattended neither. It seemed like this tent was pretty much BORING...

We didn't enter this tent though. The 3 mimes were kinda scary therefore we skipped it...

There's an area which we think was the VIP section. There's a LED effect thing going on behind the crowd in that area.

They also had a Tweetwall, which was just like MTV World Stage but I prefer that one coz it was Instagram and everyone's picture was there. More like a 1Malaysia thing. :)

Started snapping away on pictures while enjoying music from all DJs.

As we settled down in a spot, it was Alesso behind the console and he seriously blew off my mind with his visual effects! It's better than what I saw at KLCC earlier this year! WOW!Such 3D Effects! You can see it from the photos or videos right at the bottom.

My favourite of all. The buildings were just like a night view of a typical city, like Hong Kong or anything! WOW!

Then, it was finally time to PUT YOUR FUCKING HANDS UP for DAVID GUETTA!!!

No doubt, it was DA BOMB!!! Best RAVE I ever been to in my life so far!!! Missed out on it? Check out these videos below! Some are just him talking. Check it out yourself!!!

Overall, it was a GREAT night and would LOVE to attend more!!! 

Once again, thanks Nuffnang and Digi for giving me a night to remember!!!