Thursday, May 17, 2012

A night at Euro House to remember

It's Thursday again. I've never gone anywhere as often as here. It's my second home as I and my friends would say. It's very homely and Females always get to drink the house wine or Cocktail for free from Mondays to Thursdays! So to those cheapskate males who would like to take a girl out for a nice yet cheap date, do bring them here! XD. Joking la...

Their Screwdriver today was quite good. I would much prefer Cocktail than wine. I have no idea why but I have never fancied Wine nor Beer. The only wine I tasted and liked was at the Australian Wine Tasting place. It was all free and it tasted more like juice than wine. I was 12 years old back then. I got drunk. 

I had the Red wine for starters as the bartender gave me a wrong one. But it was alright for me since it's free anyway. People always ask me why I have a larger glass compared to every other lady in the place. Well, let's just say that's VVIP treatment. HAHA!

Even my cocktail glass is larger by a size and also in a special decorated manner. Everyone's was just plain liquid. HAHA!!! This was good. 
I saw the bosses, Ray and Aaron. Ray was having this dish with his dad, which was going to be a new item on the Menu soon and he gave some for me to try! It was YUM!!!

The reason to why I love coming to this place is not because of the free items I get every time. It's mainly the environment which was comfortable, not too loud music, games and entertainment provided and also the friendly and nice staff. I took a few polaroid pictures with them today. They were so happy and surprised I had one polaroid camera. I love my Polaroid. I should bring it everywhere from now on. I get to keep so many memories...

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