Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fun Days with Vincent and Serica

I cooked Maggi mee yesterday for lunch. And the pathetic me, burnt myself with the pot. It was hot and I was about to wash it when my mom told me not to. While she was telling me that, I guess I was just distracted and burnt myself. OUCH! Now I have a scar on my right hand. DAMN! I hope it goes away soon...
Night time came and I had dinner, then SUPPER, at Tong Sui Gai, which was SUPERBLY BIG AND DELICIOUS!!! Mixed fruit ice!!! A must have if you happen to be in Ipoh.
Then it was MORE SUPPER! Crazy huh? It's Vincent's favourite spot where he can have his favourite chicken, sausages, satay, squid and more JUNK in the middle of the night. This is the only place here that has great food til morning!
The next day, Vincent came to pick me up for lunch with Serica at Tanjung Tualang! WOOHOO!!! GOOD FOOD WITH BIG PRAWNS!!! On the way, there were COWS everywhere!!!
Here's our food!!!

Here's how big the prawns were...

After lunch, Vincent decided to go visit his cousin at Kampar and perhaps check out her tuition centre. On the way there, we saw COWS again... MOOOvEEEE!!!
A few things we saw today which were just hilarious. C Look Ga... It's a snooker centre! Oh my goodness!!! Damn funny!!!
At Jusco, we saw this promotion at TGV. Walking customers only? WALKING? Can we choose to be RUNNING customers? ><