Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!!

After cleaning up til 5am on last night, I woke up wobbly at almost 4pm, to CLEAN AGAIN! Miss clean has taken over my body once again... As there would be a wedding coming up, and my room will be lent to be used as a wedding room, I have to keep it tidy...

And I finally found a use to my ugly "prison cell" like grills...

Guess what I found while I was cleaning? Hoshi left his hat in my room the night before!!!
After packing, I got exhausted and cooked myself some leftover food from the party, then got ready for HALLOWEEN!!! Party was at Euro House and it was my first grownup dress up party.It was supposed to be a scary dress up party but guess what I turned out to be???
No, I am not an angel like I wanted to, as Angels are WHITE! I am a FAIRY!!! HAHAHAHA!!! Seriously, that's what made me the INTERESTING one at the party! HAHA!!! People actually came up to me for pictures! First time of my life... INTERESTING!!!

Terry, ghost?
 Vendetta and DontKnowWhat what fighting
 My bestie the witch and I the fairy... SO KIU!!! OPPOSITES ATTRACT!!!
 Vendetta Hoshi!!! Everyone called him Jack Sparrow and Michael Jackson instead of Vendetta. LOL!

Zombie... LOL!!!

Prince Edward, Vampire... HAHAHA!!! Matsu...
 Kenji with the horns and Karu with the OVERSIZED sword...
 Fish, the sexylicious cheongsam ghost
 People ke ghost?

The staff of Euro House were all ordered to be dressed up for the occasion also and how could I miss them out???

Too bad I was late for the party so I wasn't eligible to the contest... I COULD HAVE WON!?!?! Don't you think? HAHA!!! Perasan case in the house...

After OCTOBER mania, it's finally time to quiet down and try to get my body back to its healthy shape. I AM GETTING MORE AND MORE SICK!!! Rest month is finally here... Phew... (That's what I always say until something comes up)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Wedding dinner + after party @ my house!!!

Time flies so fast and it seems like October passed by so quickly. More like I was too busy partying, til I am already sick for the past few days...

I drove back for the wedding, fetching both Sabrina and Georgina to Ipoh with me. It was such a rush for me after we had our early dinner in Ipoh as we arrived Ipoh. We were all just too hungry. By the time I dropped everyone home, I got home only at 7.10pm. I rushed like a mad woman, showering, blow drying my hair, putting up makeup and all and got to the dinner by 7.45pm! Cool huh? Just 15 minutes late...
However, the typical Malaysian clock is never punctual and I still had some spare time to Camwhore with my dance gang!!!

Yumiko, my dance instructor and my oldest dance friend... Oldest not by age but how long we have danced together.
 Mee Yoong, the girl who used to perform with us.
 Sz Chung, also performance old buddy.
 Chloe, she used to perform with us too...
 Ken, Yumiko's <3
 Venus, also the old performer
 Brandon, Venus's <3 and also our old dance buddy.
 Jimmy, the performer who went MIA. HAHA
 Xi Mou and Xi Gung! Why? Our Mentor's Mentor in dancing...
 Jacky, Mee Yoong's <3
 Candy, who used to perform with us too but I never really got to perform much with her before.
 Here's a group pic of us OLD PERFORMERS!!! I miss those days...

We attended this wedding because of another fellow old performer, Chee Wai.

Our souvenirs of the night?
After all that eating and gathering in the wedding dinner, it was time for SECOND ROUND!!! Party at my house with my other dance gang!!!

Here's Hoshi preparing some food...

 The girls helping out in the Kitchen.
 Our food
 Bro and his friends Mahjong Session.
 This is what happens when Hoshi sees dogs. LOL!
 Our extra food!!!
 Our pot
 Food gathering. Starters. The rest were watching TV in the hall.
 Our drinks for the night

 The "elders" with mahjong.
 Us youngsters with Calsberg and cards.

 At 3am, these gamblers still kept going. I? I had to stop and start cleaning the mess they made.
 The mess...

 It took me almost 2 hours to clean up!!!

It was a great night with our gathering though I was so DEAD by the end of the night.