Thursday, March 15, 2012

A night at Euro House ALONE

Mom's not home for tonight, Dad's somewhere, brother and wifey are in Singapore, therefore I am alone for dinner tonight. Got dressed, more like t-shirt shorts and slippers, and drove down to Euro house for my dinner and to chill for the night rather than staying home doing nothing.

At my second home, I always get a cup or two of the house wine, since it's free for ladies from Mondays to Thursdays at 5pm-midnight. So feel free to pretend to be a lady you guys. HAHA!
I ordered a plate of Smoked Salmon Salad and loved it. If you know me well enough, I am not a salad person. The greens and especially the SAUCE THEY PUT! No matter thousand Island sauce or Mayonaise. I hate them! I just don't have the thing for SALADS! But, this is the one thing I keep eating again and again with no fail. Never get bored of it. Definitely a MUST HAVE for everyone!!!
Since Euro House is my second home, meaning I am the VVIP there, I get to get a bigger glass of wine every time. Don't be fooled by the appearance. It just looks big. The amount they pour in for me is just the same as the normal glass they give other ladies. I just wanna show off and look #liketheboss.
At Euro House, what I love about the place is that I get to play with the Xbox, which is available for all customers to use; The I-pad, which only regular customers get to touch; The Pool table which charges you RM3 per game; The great service, THE WACKY staff which gets to fool around with me all the time, which seriously casts my sorrows away. Here's some pictures of our wackyness for the night...

They are really funny and fun people. They even were sporting enough to pose with me on the i-pad and spammed Meng's instagram wall. LOL!

It's funny how at home you can feel even when you are there. Time flies really fast every time I am there. Do drop by Euro House to enjoy your night just like how I enjoy mine every time!
Facilities :-
1) Wi-Fi
2) Xbox Kinect (Kinect Sports Season 2)
3) Luxury Pool game
4) Public Computer for personal online.
5) Karaoke room for party.
6) LCD TV for Soccer and sports supporter.

Food :-
1) Appetizer/Soup/Salad
2) Pizzas/Pastas
3) Premium main course with steaks/chops/sausage platter
4) Light and easy snacks as drinks companion.

Non-Alcohol Drinks :-
1) Juices
2) Hot/Cold Drinks
3) Iced Blended

Alcohol Drinks :-
1) Wine
2) Liquor
3) Imported Beer
+605 255 5532

Mon - Sun:3:00 pm-1:00 am