Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Deepavali everyone!!!

It's Deepavali today and may I wish everyone a happy Deepavali!!!

Although it's a holiday for most of you out there, I am working my ass off today as I rather suffer in a day thatn 3 days. Therefore, it means HOLIDAY for me after today!!! I have only a class tomorrow and I will be free til Saturday evening! I will be driving down to KL on Friday with Sabrina and SHOP! The plan is to drop her off somewhere before I head home and go out again with Nicholas and Kaze? That's the plans for now...

After work today, I headed home to sleep for an hour. I was just too tired I am afraid I would faint any time soon!!! Sleeping later than usual and waking up earlier than usual also! 

Dinner was after, at Pusing Seafood again! Second time this week again! Crazy man!!! It feels like a super long birthday celebration for me, only it wasn't exactly for my birthday. HAHA!

 Mama's greatest dish!
 First dish from the Restaurant.
 Expensive Soup!
 Cabbage which I am not a big fan of...
 Noodles which wasn't appetizing to me... Maybe coz of the black stuff... lol
After dinner, I came home and blogged once again... I guess I won't be blogging for awhile as IT WOULD ALSO BORE YOU TO THE CORE if I do it everyday right? HAHA! Truth is I am lazy. I admit...

Time to finally get some sleep... Night all!!! 

Nicholas, sorry I can't skype with you tonight... Too tired ady lah! Miss laughing at you and your OVERSIZED earphones though. HAHA