Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Talk of the town, My Town, Ipoh

***Names will not be written down since you guys should know by now anyway.***

It's been a week now since what's happened and yet I only knew about it last night. Apparently this couple whom I've seen around town has a very bad start of a parenthood. She is still a teenager, 2 months pregnant and her husband isn't treating her the way he should be. The incident of abuse is so bad that it is going out in public on Facebook, Youtube, Blogs and you could even search it up on Google!

After seeing a few KL people posting and asking for links last night, only did I realize what case and how serious it was! Well, like I always say, there are always two sides of a story. Never judge anything without hearing from both sides. What you may see may not always be the truth.

But don't mistake me now, I don't side anyone at all since I know nothing. However, I still think it's wrong for him to hit her. No matter what she has done in the past, remains in the past and after saying "I Do", you have promised to love her for what she was in the past and also the future. You should be cherishing her instead of hurting her.

Few years back in her younger years, people rumoured about her being wild, being at places that she shouldn't be at her age, being with the wrong kind of company. After being with her husband now, everyone seemed to have a different thinkin of her and changed the topic to how lucky she is to have a rich husband that loves her. Everyone just see them being lovey dovey, everywhere in town, taking pictures together and also their wedding pictures were an envy to many. Everyone thought that she was being loved.

Now after the marriage and expecting, who knew what happened in between? Perhaps there was a third person? Perhaps there were misunderstandings? Perhaps there were miscommunications? Or maybe regrets? However, violence isn't the answer to anything.

The husband has been accusing her for some stuff and so is the opposite and in the end, the people suffering are not only them. Also their families. I can't imagine a life in any of their shoes right now. I won't say I'm on either side as seriously, it's just their life. Whether or not either one has something to hide, it would do no good to me.

I have gone through google, reading comments on Forums, Blogs, Facebooks and there are really stupid, arrogant ones. Look at what the internet has done to everyone! We are in no place to judging anyone. And worse, criticize about anything.

On a forum, I saw people bitching and bringing The city of Ipoh down. Seriously people? Do you really think that this only happens in Ipoh? It might just be happening in your household without you knowing it! Stop bringing a city down just because there was a black sheep! It just makes no sense! Calling Ipoh people Ah Bengs, slow drivers, etc. Yes, Ipoh is indeed a very small and quiet city. They drive slow because mainly, most of the people here are elderly. What about people driving fast like maniacs, endangering others' lives? Why don't you talk about that in YOUR city?

Some said that she was stupid to get married to him, at such young age. Who ever put a age in Marriage and giving birth? Birth is a token of love from a wife to her husband, as their creation. Did they ever think that this might have never happened before marriage? Was she a fortune teller to foresee her own future? By the way, she DID NOT get pregnant before engagement or marriage. She was engaged and married way earlier before getting pregnant.

Then there are people who keeps saying "why is she posting on youtube and facebook? She should be going to the authorities!". I have no idea why but I have read somewhere last night that she did and they did nothing about it. Therefore she had to do something about it and hope someone hears her out. They kept calling her an attention seeker and a drama queen. Seriously? Asking for help means drama queen and attention seeker? Man you seriously have a problem. Who are you to say when YOU HAVE A FACEBOOK ACCOUNT which you POST STATUSES?

Seriously people have to stop cursing and swearing, threatening any person by violence, or even bad mouthing anymore. What good do you get out of it really?

I'm here just to express how I feel and I'm sorry if I have actually offended anyone or stepped on anyone's tail. I just hope that this will all be over soon.

Please love one another. God bless.