Monday, June 25, 2012

Rev Cup Finale!!!

Woke up at 11am this morning to a phone call.It was from a KL number and I was wondering whether to answer it or not. As you know, it's always business calls from Banks or just some marketing calls. In the end, I did pick up the call and it was Emelia from Nuffnang! Here's my blur case unawake conversation with her...

(I-me, E-Emelia)
E: Hi, Susan. I'm Emelia from Nuffnang. I was wondering if you were interested in an event next friday?
I: Oh, yeah. What's the event about?
E: It's a Rev, which is held in Neverland.
I: Netherlands?
E: No, Neverland which is in KL.
I: OHHHHH... Ok...
E: If you're interested I can email you the details. You can bring a friend along.
I: Sure... Wait for your mail then...

The next thing I did? I googled up "RAVE in NEVERLAND KL 30th June" and came up with nothing. I was thinking to myself that it should be a small event since a lot of my boys don't mention about it yet in twitter and nothing came up in Google even in such short notice!

After hours of waiting for her mail, I called her up again at the Nuffnang office. I guess she saw my tweets and embarrassment gushed over. She actually told me it's not a RAVE but a REV-Cup. I still had no idea what that was so I asked for more information. She mailed me in the next 10 minutes or so, giving me ALL THE INFORMATION I needed and got wrong...

First it was NETHERLANDS, then RAVE, then, 30th JUNE!?!?!?! DAFUQQQ!!!! What's wrong with me?!?!?! Anyway, here's some details to the event. It's nothing SMALL at all... It's even all over Facebook! Rev-Cup was a photo contest organized by Revive.

1st of all, contestants were asked to capture & upload a photo that relates to the featured theme. There are 5 themes in total. Then, the photo will be on the Gallery, and judges will assign a score of 1 to 5 for the photo (the more creative, the higher the score!). The highest score wins!

What's the prize?

There's also battle of the stations! Deejays from Radio stations also participated in the contest!

Here's a photo of Hitz FM! I think it was super creative and I really liked their expressions. Jinnyboy really can fly jump high!!!

So the deal is, I was called to attend the Finale party!!! It's to celebrate the winners of Rev Cup with free drinks and also there will be guest artists such as Hunny Madu, Joe Flizzow and more!!! I got 2 tickets and I called up one of my friends to go with me. I bet we're going to have a great night! Unless he FFKs me like what my other friends did at the Asahi Event...

You can go ahead and click THIS for more information and also to register for your tickets for the event! I gave it a go and tried, clicked on it and I guess it was just an RSVP but the first 1000 people gets to get in only.Go ahead and click on it quick! Don't forget to like their page!!!
Can't wait for the party!!! Thanks Nuffnang for giving me invites and Revive for hosting such a party!!!