Friday, May 25, 2012

I want to Party with Mr. Asahi!!!

Hi guys, nothing much interesting going on these days after all that hectic packed events last month. It's getting really boring and finally another event is heading our way! The only thing standing in my way is the tickets. I have to try to get tickets to it by taking an interesting picture or a video. What event? Here's the details of the event...

So who is this Mr. Asahi guy you may ask... He's the awesome coolest bartender in the world! Why? He's a robot! The first robot Bartender in the WORLD!!! Seriously! I have gone on stage years back with Asimo, catching the football he kicked, being served water by him on stage... But now, a BARTENDER! How I would love to be served a glass from him...

What's this Asahi Beer? I've drank it once so far and I quite liked it. It's funny how the word DRY is named as it is liquid... Liquid should be wet right? Hmm... *krik krik*

Anyway, the history of this beer began in the mid 80's when Japanese brewers believed beer must taste bitter and heavy, (which I dislike a lot). Asahi's brewers had other ideas to introduce ASAHI SUPER DRY in Japan on March 17, 1987 (MY BIRTH MONTH!) as the world’s first KARAKUCHI beer, and Japan’s first dry beer.

Karakuchi what? 
"It's a distinctive taste born from the brewing technology of using a special yeast strain, that results in its signature “Karakuchi”, a not bitter, refreshing taste with a sophisticated aroma. Setting a new standard for what a beer should taste like, Asahi Super Dry is acknowledged around the world and is Japan's Number 1 beer." 

Anyway, back to the topic. The contest which needed to post pictures of videos? Yeah, I wished to get tickets so I could get to be served by the coolest bartender or at least have a look at it and take a picture! AWESOME experience to go for. Although the location is all the way in Shah Alam, I would try my best to get there. Not forgetting I will be back by Bali then!!! The double bonus? I would finally get to meet the BROS who would be going! I thought of just submitting a photo at first since it was an easy thing to do... Perhaps a picture of Hello Kitty gone bad?

But then again, Ernest persuaded me into making a video after me complimenting on his video that he did... So YEAH! I DID ONE! LAME ONE!!! Oh my gawd... After quitting dancing, it felt weird doing things the robotic way... Never did dance robot dance before... Oh well, HERE IT IS!!! Laugh all you want... *paiseh mode* *runstoacornerandcry*...