Saturday, August 24, 2013

My once in a lifetime experience in ASN

Hello blog! It's been a long time since I've caught up with you huh? Yeah, I have tonnes of reasons why I neglected you but then again, why bother with all those excuses... Here's an interesting blog post!!! It's worth the wait, I guess?

After work today at 4.30pm, I rushed off to Bukit Jalil Stadium. The jam was crazy today. Never have I left PJ at a time like this and now I know how crazy the jam could be in KL. It took me more than half an hour to get out of PJ itself. By the time I got to Bukit Jalil, it was already nearly 6pm. You must be wondering why am I at Bukit Jalil. I was there because Leona asked me to attend the ASN Gymkhana event that was held for 3 days there. Since I wasn't available yesterday and will not be available on Sunday, I promised her to come by today.

The first thing I did as I arrived was to walk towards the drift area since Leona didn't reply my Whatsapp. I knew I would find her or her car there. True enough, I found her and she just finished her lap. Darn... She brought me into the area and brought me to the canopy which I got to have a close up on the drifting. It was so cool!!! Never have I got such a close up view of the drifting cars... Here's some videos. This first one I saw and took a video of had an error. The car's wheel came off as it was cornering...

After watching a few rounds, Leona introduced me to the TV2 crew and they took me aside to have an interview. I was told beforehand that I had to do an interview for Leona and the questions which were going to be asked. I was having stage fright camera fright and was shaking. I wasn't very good in Mandarine but yet was interviewed in Mandarine... I tried to pull it off and hopefully I did ok and looked good? HAHA!!! They put a scarf over me coz I was wearing sleeveless. They asked me: how I met Leona, how long have we met, what did I feel about her in a man's career, what wishes I have for her. You want to know the answers? You will know half of the answers if you were a fellow reader long enough! Otherwise, just wait for the interview which will be out next year. HAHA!!!

 photo IMG-20130824-WA0004_zps822b0729.jpg

 photo IMG-20130824-WA0003_zps7a23bfe9.jpg

  photo IMG-20130824-WA0006_zps716db494.jpg
Here's a picture of me and the gorgeous talented Leona Chin!!!
  photo IMG_20130824_202209_zpsaa103e77.jpg
Here's us with the TV2 crew! I also got a free makeup touch up!!!
  photo interview_zps0c5e1f6f.jpg
After we were done, I walked back to the drifting area with Leona, watched more drifting and races, took more pictures.
  photo 20130824_174125_zps3464deb5.jpg

  photo 20130824_174129_zpsa6ba0823.jpg

  photo 20130824_174543_zps7531af26.jpg
Then, I walked around and took more pictures of the surroundings and also the cars there...
  photo 20130824_184424_zpsde21a74d.jpg

  photo 20130824_184436_zpsabab2ebe.jpg
There were also some bikes and bike stunts...
  photo 20130824_184804_zps1dfe3df7.jpg

  photo 20130824_184953_zps8771d49e.jpg
Here are some pretty cool awesome cars!!!

   photo 20130824_185118_zpsb64fac7d.jpg

  photo 20130824_184622_zps86cb8c77.jpg

  photo 20130824_184748_zpsd19b47ac.jpg

  photo 20130824_185321_zps165496c6.jpg

  photo 20130824_190407_zps8cdbabfb.jpg

  photo 20130824_190426_zps9c73da9c.jpg

  photo 20130824_190908_zps072776c2.jpg

  photo 20130824_190933_zps1c9832a2.jpg

  photo 20130824_190942_zps3c6c07bb.jpg

  photo 20130824_191019_zps2b7b83d1.jpg

  photo 20130824_191251_zps9335254f.jpg

  photo 20130824_191300_zps2bf5eba6.jpg

  photo 20130824_191315_zps3b35b358.jpg

  photo 20130824_191326_zpscd866254.jpg
 photo 20130824_191428_zps868e567b.jpg

  photo 20130824_191447_zpscce3f71f.jpg

  photo 20130824_191500_zps1cdcf402.jpg

  photo 20130824_191509_zpsfa04e7dd.jpg
Not long after, I walked back to the drift area to see Leona do her thing. She attracted so many spectators. Here's some pictures of her oh so famous cars. HEHE...
  photo CIMG1246_zpse81e3e69.jpg

  photo CIMG1249_zps7be44b8f.jpg

  photo CIMG1263_zps9f78a7a2.jpg

  photo CIMG1254_zpseedfc4ad.jpg
Then, Leona started drifting with 2 passengers. Here's some videos...
 People nearby asked if they too could have an experience with her. Unfortunately, she has reached her quota and also the chance was only given to VIPs of the day. As she got out the car to take pictures with her fans, she took off her helmet and the guys around me, who looked really young, reacted with a "WOAH! It's a girl!" I bet she gets that a lot. That would also be my reaction if I never knew Leona was a drifter. 

After taking pictures with her fans, she came to me to talk to me and I said to her:"Next time, drift me ok? You owe me a drift trip." As she promised me, she asked someone in charge and told me to hop in the car. WOAH!!!! I WAS SO EXCITED!!! I jumped into the car without another thought and smiled from ear to ear. She started with a few normal rounds before speeding up and started her drift. Perhaps she was trying to get me to get used to it by accelerating the experience instead of just going all the way up and ending it at once. The experience was so extremely thrilling and I enjoyed myself so much. She made me want to learn drifting even more after this experience! I'm so glad to be given this once in a lifetime experience. Such a wonderful early birthday present... Here's some pictures of the car she drove me in...
  photo CIMG1255_zps53334ffc.jpg

  photo 20130824_193803_zpsbdfc2a46.jpg

  photo CIMG1272_zps04afd487.jpg

  photo CIMG1245_zps499c1564.jpg

  photo CIMG1267_zps955c64e7.jpg

  photo CIMG1268_zps72f1822c.jpg

  photo CIMG1274_zps2131f4f9.jpg

Then, she drifted some more alone and showed us more of her skills! 

Unfortunately, something went wrong after the 3rd round... Here's a 4th round she took while left her car in smoke...

 photo CIMG1275_zps88ef6cdb.jpg

 photo CIMG1276_zps644707c6.jpg
Besides Leona, Hugo is another guy who blew my mind today. He was so good in his laps!!! He could just smoke anyone although he let them allowance. Leona then told me he was actually a champion!!! What an honor to have met him... Here's his car. Didn't take a picture of him though...
   photo CIMG1283_zps03f74a4c.jpg

  photo CIMG1284_zps74da02f7.jpg

   photo CIMG1282_zps424248c8.jpg
The night ended so soon and I hung around watching Leona do her thing. I have always wondered what drifters do at events after their stuff. Little did I know that there were so much more to do!!! Although I offered to help, she insisted that I just sat down. She even sent me home in her cute car after her work was done. 
   photo 20130824_183803_zpsd7eadb46.jpg
  Ain't she cute with her gwiyomi pose?
 photo 20130824_183810_zps82d76e04.jpg
  Here's me and her "car". Do you remember the eyes?
   photo 20130824_183902_zpse753a9d6.jpg
We had some photos with the polaroid camera I brought and also the photo booth. Such cute photos and props were given...
 photo 20130824_195440_zpsa3a3e6ae.jpg

 photo 20130824_190257_zps518cbc40.jpg
Oh, and yeah. LengYein was there too! Here's a selfie of us.
 photo 20130824_192119_zpsc40cb509.jpg
Thanks to the sponsors, I together with the people there got to experience such an interesting event. ASN was proudly sponsored by...
 photo CIMG1281_zps0b4d21ea.jpg
  photo CIMG1278_zpsc048c45f.jpg

  photo CIMG1279_zps9564687a.jpg

  photo CIMG1280_zps2435ed8d.jpg 
 I would definitely go more to these events if I get the chance. Of course, I would much more prefer to be one of the drifters or have my car exhibited in one of these events one day... HEHE *blush*