Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Let's Jiggy... Chriz's Bday countdown

Today's a very interesting day. It's Let's Jiggy!!! It's a dance showcase, dance competition, live band and also a seminar? The day was really hectic today. Let me tell you a little something about what I did...

I woke up at 10am for work, then right after work, I zoomed off to Jusco to buy some Donashi as it is said that they have limited Donashis for sale daily. It's on a first come first serve basis. Lucky for me that I got what I needed but was quite disappointed to not see a salmon sushi design. That's after all Chriz's favourite.

I then headed to Yohan Cafe, which made the bottom cake for me to decorate with the Donashis. After putting on the Donashi, I realized it didn't look very alike. It was just some donuts on the cake. It didn't look much like a Sushi Cake as I thought. I zoomed off again to the nearby The Store to get seaweed, to wrap around the Donashi, to make it look a little more realistic. With some help from Ah Bi, I managed to get it done almost perfectly the way I wanted. I was almost late for my class after getting everything done. 

After class, I got home, took a quick shower, drove to Yohan to get the cake, then to Chanelle's house to leave the cake there as it was nearest to Town Hall which I trust to leave with... 

Parked my car at Town hall, walked to Kopitiam for dinner then back for the function.
There were so many children outside waiting to get in. It was mostly International School Students as they sort of collaborated or something.
Here's the banners outside
After standing outside for so long, I got so tired and hot and followed the co-organizer to the back door, which entrance was where I found Chriz, Ricole and Poppingjoe sitting at. Got into talking with them for a while before heading in the air-conditioned room... Chriz was sick. Bummer...

Guess who these two are??
Let's get this party started!!!

Amelia and I. Expected her to be there since she and her cousin are BIG FANS of ECX. LOL!
The event was so happening! VIDEOS!!!


 Chriz Solo
 SzChung Solo
All the dance competitors below...


After everything was done, Chriz was given a very big surprise (as in the ECX video above). Allen and Langkawi came all the way from KL with a birthday cake, holding up to him on the stage as everyone sang him a birthday song! It was the best ever... 

Then it was photo and autograph session for them. As they were busy entertaining their fans, I zoomed off to Chanelle's place to get the cake.

As I got back, I still had time to Camwhore with them. Suddenly came to think of it, I didn't get any pictures with them before... Like how is that possible right? LOL!

Da BIG BOY for the day... C Da Chriz C Da Championnnnn
Kaze... One of the 2 darling twins!!!
Hoshi, the other darling TWIN!
Billy, the silent man who talks with his eyes... HAHA!!!

Charles, don't he look like Ronald McDonald smiling? LOL!
Popping Joe, I don't know why I made that face neither... LOL!
Joey, the crazy fella whom I got to talk a lot to later on...
Dennis the pro girlie dancer... SEXAYYY
Me and my gang... HAHA... Ipoh Crazy GANG!
Then, we headed to Tong Sui Gai for supper. Guess what? I brought the cake out with me. I hope Chriz liked it whole heartedly coz I went through hell for this cake... HAHA!!! What exactly does it look like? I guess you have been waiting for the picture... LOL! I will show you below. We didn't get to eat it coz I FORGOT THE KNIFE! Like wth, right?
Chriz blowing the candles one by one. He says he had 8 wishes for the night as he had 8 candles on the lotus... HAHA... how Creative...

The rest left early to the hotel for a change for a 2nd session afterwards. I chilled with Billy and the Ipoh gang at Tong Sui Gai for a little bit to send Billy off later on to KTM.
Then, I joined the rest at Barroom... It was a crazy night. Had supper with Hoshi, Matsu, Edwin and Joey before sending J home at 4AM!!! CRAZY!!! We are supposed to wake up at 7am for dimsum tomorrow. What say you? LOL!