Monday, May 14, 2012

Old friends, NEW FRIENDS!

It was a rainy Thursday. I had to drive out to meet my new friends from Hong Kong and also an old friend who is from Ipoh, 99. My new friends whom I've met online were staying with 99, so I met them up for lunch...

After lunch, 99 took us to his quite newly opened shop in Greenhill and stroke a pose. From the name of the place, you should know what services it provides.

I sat in the conference room with 99 as my 2 Hongkie friends enjoyed their facial. From the feedback they have given, it seems that it was nice and relaxing. The pressing of pimples were not painful even. I wonder how true that is as I am a person who fears pain and rather not let anyone press it. Yes, I'm a chicken...

After facial, we went to town so they could take photos of the Ipoh old town and also where the "famous" coffee's originate from. Surprisingly before we walked into the shop, we were attracted to the shop beside. Why? There were sharks! I don't know how real they are but they certainly do look genuine. It's said to have luck and fortune if you lightly touch it. I didn't touch it as I think it's cruel of them to display it like this...
Look Mommy, a PRINCESS!!! Is that Ariel?

We then brought them to the yummilicious Tau Fu Fah at Woong Kee's. Unfortunately they only got the eat the leftovers in the pot as there was none left. The poor boy had to try to scrape everything inside. We got to have it for free though.

Went home to work a little bit more before I headed out with them again to WET!

Where else in Ipoh can I bring them to enjoy than Barroom. 

Meet Dee Lee.

Dee Lee, 99 and Samuel.

It happened to be Pajamas party and Yumiko was there because D'One dance studio was going to dance a short part. They have always been taking part in events in Barroom like a partnership gig now. 

We all went home early as the boys will have to go to Genting early in the morning the next day. Nobody got drunk but I ended up with a bruised hand because 99 decided to bite me... THAT SOAB!

After work today, I went to The Curve to wait for an old friend. I was so excited to meet him, whom I've not seen or kept in contact for 7 years! Seriously! While waiting, I got myself a new jacket... ^^

When he finally came at 9pm, we were both starving. We zoomed right nearby to grab some pizza and a decent meal. He was late, because he was caught up with work. Turns out he is now teaching dancing while helping his dad out in his business also.

Here's my good old friend giving the waiter our food orders... Meet Gen!

Here's our delicious appetizer, the mushrooms!!!

And our yummilicious Pizza. Sorry for not taking pictures before hand. We were just too extremely hungry already...

We got to snap pictures also after 7 years! He got his first polaroid from me!!! The story of us goes way back 7 years ago when I met him on friendster I guess. Not much of a memory anymore. He said he remembers me and a friend meeting him at Sunway Pyramid after a dance competition. I was shocked as I had not much of memory from it. Wouldn't it be funny if we actually did not know each other and are actually acting like we do? HAHA! However, we had a great time talking about everything! Too bad Munnie was sick and had to stay home and miss out all the fun we had...

Here's Gen contributing a few numbers to his own polaroid...

Our first polaroid...


 Sister dropped me at Pavillion today to shop for some stuff. More to a shoppaholic day. I bought some clothes from Uniqlo, the first Uniqlo purchase in Malaysia, some mobile accessories and also polaroid refills from Sungai Wang.

I didn't get to walk much as I rushed back to Sephora, which is located opposite Pavillion to meet up with Bao Bao, whom I didn't meet for years also! If not for Dee Lee, that friend from Hong Kong, I wouldn't even get back in touch with her last night! She helped me find a nice and suitable colour of lipstick for my mom for Mother's Day.

After Bao Bao's manager came out to check on the workers a short meet up with Bao Bao, I went back to Pavillion for Chatime. Some rest after all that walking back and forth.

And I bought 3d tickets to The Avengers AGAIN!!! I watched the normal version in Ipoh and now to watch 3D version ALONE! #foreveralonezone. I can say I enjoyed it even more in 3D as it was not too much of effects done to make one spinning like crazy... SUPER LOVE IT!!!
Surprisingly after the movie, Ah Choy walked up to my seat and sat next to me. Apparently he was sitting just a few seats away from me. What a coincidence to see him here in KL than in Ipoh. He's a Ipoh friend... 

Sister arrived just in time after I finished my movie and I got to go home and sleepzzz

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