Friday, December 9, 2011

Lost World of Tambun trip FAILED!

ZH fetched me out in the morning. We had plans for hot springs but we were too hungry, therefore we headed to the McDonalds opposite to have breakfast. It was his treat and look what he ordered for us both to eat!?!?
Unfortunate for me though, was that he had something up all of a sudden. Oh well, used to it already. He sent me home, then I called my close friends to see if they were interested. Thank God for my friends. They came right away to pick me up!!!
Here's an introduction of them in my video. HAHA! I was just being bored at the traffic light in the car...

As we arrived Lost World, there were so many cars and buses...

But unfortunately, the place was not opened. Unless we went for the wet park, which was super expensive and not worth the money. In the end, we all went back to my place, waited while I took a shower then went to Jusco to watch a movie, The muppets! Can't imagine ourselves watching a kid's show but it was not bad though. Not as bad as we thought. There was actually a moral to the story too! Nice show!