Saturday, December 24, 2011

FOOD DAY!!! Christmas EVE!!!

It's finally Christmas Eve!!! The year has passed to fast!!! It's not only Christmas Eve, it's also Kar Hing's birthday!!! Woke up later than I was supposed to, and quickly took a shower before Colby arrives my place to pick me up for Kar Hing's birthday lunch. Was supposed to eat at Beacon Point but it was not open. We then headed to a Japanese restaurant at East for lunch. The place is called Takeyama. 
 The food took some time so I introduced the game of "Where's my water" to the guys and they started killing time by playing that game. Now everyone around me are addicted to it!!! Just look at how attached they are to the screen!

It was my first time being there and it's quite good. I ordered a lot of food and I knew well that I had to share it all. Too greedy. HAHA!
After lunch, it doesn't stop there! Not yet, at least! I was craving for Chatime and that's where we went!!! YUM!!! Crazy eating day out!!!
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 Then, I went home to get my car to pick Simon Seow out for a eating session AGAIN! 
 I picked him up from Euro House and drove off to Big Tree Leg for some snack! He instead ate a bowl of noodle also. WOW! He enjoyed KAOKAO! After, I drove him to ETS to accompany me buy some tickets before heading to another eating session at Wong Kee Tau Fu Fah!!! YUM!!!

After all that eating, I finally sent him back to Euro House and stayed there a little while before heading home to get ready for the Christmas Eve parties! I said Parties because there are 2 parties to attend today. I had the first session at my Godparent's house. 
There were Turkey, Lamb and super delicious food! There was also a live band singing carols at the party!

After eating, I just hung around til 10ish to head to the other party in Bercham, Alex's house!!!
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There was a gift exchange session after the party. I wrapped a Playboy perfume as a present whereas I got a wine opener in return. It was a very cool present though! 
 Today as been such a hectic non-stop day for me but it was FUN!!! Finally, I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!!!