Friday, March 23, 2012

A night with Munnie

As usual, I travelled to KL from Ipoh via ETS. I've always been watching their TV or rather SLEEP on the train if they were playing the same movie. However, they HAVE been playing the same movie again and again for weeks or rather, MONTHS now. It seems like they are out of movies to play already. Someone please help me and provide them with some interesting movies!!! It had always been "Harry Potter Mania", old movies or just THE SAME MOVIES again and again. I don't really like sleeping in the train as I would snore away and make people around me uneasy but what else can I do on the train? I can't online much neither because the internet connection is not that great neither in many places. URGH!!!

This trip, I thank God that I brought my "babymilo" with me to hug to sleep as the movie was AGAIN the same one, plus we were delayed by 1 hour as we stopped at Slim River, having the person in charge inform us that there was a TNB electrical problem there so they had to get someone or a truck to pull the ETS to a place where there is electric. WOW! Talk about efficiency. They got me so late that when I got to Mid Valley to meet my sister, it was already closing time.
I got home and waited for someone to save me from the boredom at home because if you knew me well enough, you'd know that my house in KL has no TV channels subscribed. There's only a PS3 which is my brother in law's. I am also not into his games cause I am not a gaming person unless its games on my iPhone. 

Thank God, Munnie came to my rescue and picked me up to KL town to meet her friends and also for a little meeting. It was so nice of her to trust me to be there at her work meeting which was supposed to be confidential. WOW! We went to this place which was famous for its Shisha, which was also something which I am not into. I just had a drink. I loved the scenery there though.
Here's a laugh. Munnie and Kenny (my new friend) has their own Chilli bottle with their names on it. HAHA!
While they had their meeting, I camwhored although I was still on all ears. LOL! Eavesdropping so WRONG!
Oh, and before I forget, on our way to KL, we were in a heavy traffic lane and wondered to what was happening. Apparently, there was an accident on the flyover. This car, which was a BMW I think smashed his car against the side rail. WOW!!! Ouch... And the people were just standing beside it. I guess no one was hurt from the accident.
After Munnie's meeting, we went for a game of Pool. More like a few games of Pool. We laughed our heads off, with her leaving with a few "words of wisdom" from me. LOL! More like Manglish in Susan's style. LOL!
After pool, she insisted that I tried out the Nasi Lemak nearby, at SS2, at walking distance from Pelangi Snooker Centre. She said its called Nasi Lemak Maybank/ Nasi Lemak Ganja/ Nasi Lemak Longkang!!! HAHAHAH!!! I can't remember the rest of the names she told me. However, here's the Nasi Lemak which writes FAT all over it. HAHA!!!
We got home about 4am I guess? I only got a few hours to sleep again til work. It seems like every weekend, that's my routine. Not having enough sleep. What to do? I am not a homely person. LOL!