Saturday, March 17, 2012

Guiness St Patrick's Party at Changkat Bukit Bintang

It's once again the school holidays and students have taken off for their holidays. Therefore, I had time to spare and took up a day job from Carmen, which was to work at Changkat Bukit Bintang from 6pm til late. We arrived Frangipani at about 4.30pm, set up our stall which was located indoors and had a short brief meeting. We didn't get to party outside all night as we had work on our hands, so it was more to hanging out indoors, so I had to steal most of the pictures loaded on this blog. Oh well, at the bright side, I got to meet FAMOUS bloggers and also bloggers whom I used to stalk. ^^.

 The outdoors. I got to take these pictures when I went for dinner, before I started work.
 The Fly Car was there! Not to forget, Serena C. I saw her entering our "territory" but left soon after.

 The ugly me with the outdoors. No time to camwhore Kao Kao.
 Carmen, the girl who gave me the job offer.
Our workplace backdrop. Not bad. But what a waste that they tore it all apart at the end of the day.
Our Team. Teamwork made it successfully well. Although not all of them were friendly like I am *Ahem* we didn't get into any fights and got through the night pretty well.
As we worked, people from the Media and also bloggers came in to take pictures of us. Wow, it's the first time in my life that people want to take pictures of me!!! HAHAHA!!! LAME! Sorry for the lameness. Just joking. Anyway, there were many comments which were loudly spoken amongst some of them. 
"Hey, don't they look like Smurfs in Smurf Village? It's so adorable!"
"Oh my! They look like Santa's little helpers!"
Seriously? Do we? I shall let you be the judge from photos which I stole from bloggers and also Google.
Hey, that's me!!!

Yep, that's me in all of them. That's because I am the "camwhore" who just lights up when someone takes the camera out. I just HAVE TO take that picture. HAHA! So, here's what we did with the cups...

First, we wipe the oil off the cups at the spot above the Harps. Then, we print out the names of the guests, with a special printer which also cuts out the names.
 We then had to peel out the alphabets from the paper, to make up the names.
 We then had to brush on some stuff onto the alphabets before dipping it into chemicals to create the names. 

Then the end results? Here's an example of the glass from Simon's blog since I have no way of taking pictures during my job...

Guests will have to collect their cups from the counters on the size following alphabetical order.
 Finally after many hours of work indoors, I got to finish work and stream outdoors and take some camwhore photos or rather outdoor photos.
Although it was already 2am when I finished work, However, it was still crowded with people outside!  

Since I was exhausted and also my friends were no longer there, I decided to hitch a ride home with my "boss" whom I worked for and met that night. By the time we got home, it was already almost 4am. I took a quick shower and got on to bed. I had to work the next morning after all. 4 hours of sleep. CRAY-ZAYY!

From a night's work, I benefited quite a lot though!
1. I bumped into Simon Seow, who provided me with my photo.
2. I saw a blogger whom I used to stalk blogwalk, Huai Bin a.k.a sixthseal who also provided me photos.
3. A little richer...
4. A few more friends.
5. My own Guiness personalized cup.

6. A whole new collared T-shirt from Guiness.
7. A new hat from St. Patrick's day!!!