Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fun Days with Vincent and Serica

I cooked Maggi mee yesterday for lunch. And the pathetic me, burnt myself with the pot. It was hot and I was about to wash it when my mom told me not to. While she was telling me that, I guess I was just distracted and burnt myself. OUCH! Now I have a scar on my right hand. DAMN! I hope it goes away soon...
Night time came and I had dinner, then SUPPER, at Tong Sui Gai, which was SUPERBLY BIG AND DELICIOUS!!! Mixed fruit ice!!! A must have if you happen to be in Ipoh.
Then it was MORE SUPPER! Crazy huh? It's Vincent's favourite spot where he can have his favourite chicken, sausages, satay, squid and more JUNK in the middle of the night. This is the only place here that has great food til morning!
The next day, Vincent came to pick me up for lunch with Serica at Tanjung Tualang! WOOHOO!!! GOOD FOOD WITH BIG PRAWNS!!! On the way, there were COWS everywhere!!!
Here's our food!!!

Here's how big the prawns were...

After lunch, Vincent decided to go visit his cousin at Kampar and perhaps check out her tuition centre. On the way there, we saw COWS again... MOOOvEEEE!!!
A few things we saw today which were just hilarious. C Look Ga... It's a snooker centre! Oh my goodness!!! Damn funny!!!
At Jusco, we saw this promotion at TGV. Walking customers only? WALKING? Can we choose to be RUNNING customers? ><

Monday, March 26, 2012

A post of Random stuff...

Monday again,off day! Sorry for those with Monday blues. I have the blues everyday, but not Mondays and Wednesdays. I went with my sister and her hubby to 1Utama AGAIN for lunch. It was a VERY DELICIOUS meal though! Instead of walking there, we were lazy enough to drive there. HEHE!

We had dinner at Canton-I, which was a very famous place for their PORK! MMM!!!! Here's what we ate!!!

I have always loved eating at Dragon-i, which is also a very famous shop for their food. I love their Siu Loong Bao though!!! Talking about it makes me salivate now... 

Sister took me to a very interesting shop which sold really cool yet expensive furniture and household items. I too bought some small items for myself, being the shoppaholic me...

Time flies super fast and after that shop itself, she had to send me to KL Sentral already because she had to work. Instead of going to Meals restaurant, I decided to sit at Coffee Bean to enjoy my frozen lemonade, snap photos of myself and some stuff I bought from the shop, while I past my 2 hours of free time.

Got back to Ipoh to meet up with Vincent and Serica, who came back fir their holidays. They gave me a Root Beer which was brought back all the way from USA, from their honeymoon holiday. COOL!!!! I totally love the design!!!
They also brought back bunnies for me, which were chocolates. It's Ferrero Rocher!!! It's the easter Bunny version. So yummilicious!!!
Okay, I saw this car in front of KL Sentral. Question of the day: What car is this??? Bat mobil?

Sunday, March 25, 2012

JJ Lin's Autograph session

After work today, I was over excited to go to 1Utama to see my favourite singer!!! No, not Nicholas Teo, whom I've seen already few months ago... Guess who?!?!

The autograph session was held by Popular Book shop. By the time I arrived 1Utama, there were quite a lot of people standing around the Popular section already.

I quickly browsed around and found a counter which sold JJ Lin's CD + DVD for a cheap price, RM42! It was a great deal though! Since I was there for his autograph, I decided to buy one set and get a free Poster! I was also given a contest form which I did not enter as my chinese is not as good to the extend I could make up a very funny or dodgy sentence in 30 words...
As I was walking around with my hands full, I bumped into JYee, whom I met only a month ago when I had drinks with my friends.
JYee did not stay for the Autograph session though but she did get to take a picture of JJ when he appeared. She had to rush home for dinner. Here's some videos which I took when he came out. A little far coz I just realized that iPhone don't allow zoom on video...

It is JJ's birthday in 2 days time, therefore everyone there sang a birthday song for him!
Very soon, we got to line up for his autograph. It was seriously packed and the line was not one but a crowd. I just stood behind what I thought was a line until it was my turn. After all, it was still early.

Finally, I got him to shake both my hands as I wished him a happy birthday. I didn't know what else to say to him... So sad I got it smeared a little though. ><

JJ left an hour after he arrived. Fans tagged along behind him to the door while I walked with Simon to find some food. We went to Watami to have some dinner! Apparently it was supposed to be packed all the time but we got a good table with no trouble.

Here's a very refreshing drink I ordered and it was really DELICIOUS!!! Oh, and there's Simon. ^^
Here's the first dish. It was a salad, which was not really my thing. Simon had to sweep up most of it.
Then the fried stuff!!! YUMMYLICIOUS!!!
Then my FAVOURITE, some SALMON!!! Simon remembered I loved it and offered me his share. 
*so touched*
Another meat dish...
This seafood dish came after a really long time. The reason? It was supposed to be beef but we were told after being served the meat dish above, that it was sold out. SO LAST MINUTE!!! So we had no choice than to order the seafood dish. It was quite good but we were both BUMMED out that there was no Beef dish... Maybe another time..
After dinner, we went our own ways, with my very big fat belly, a poster and an autographed CD cover by JJ LIN! Especially, I returned home with a  BIG SMILE!!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

A night with Munnie

As usual, I travelled to KL from Ipoh via ETS. I've always been watching their TV or rather SLEEP on the train if they were playing the same movie. However, they HAVE been playing the same movie again and again for weeks or rather, MONTHS now. It seems like they are out of movies to play already. Someone please help me and provide them with some interesting movies!!! It had always been "Harry Potter Mania", old movies or just THE SAME MOVIES again and again. I don't really like sleeping in the train as I would snore away and make people around me uneasy but what else can I do on the train? I can't online much neither because the internet connection is not that great neither in many places. URGH!!!

This trip, I thank God that I brought my "babymilo" with me to hug to sleep as the movie was AGAIN the same one, plus we were delayed by 1 hour as we stopped at Slim River, having the person in charge inform us that there was a TNB electrical problem there so they had to get someone or a truck to pull the ETS to a place where there is electric. WOW! Talk about efficiency. They got me so late that when I got to Mid Valley to meet my sister, it was already closing time.
I got home and waited for someone to save me from the boredom at home because if you knew me well enough, you'd know that my house in KL has no TV channels subscribed. There's only a PS3 which is my brother in law's. I am also not into his games cause I am not a gaming person unless its games on my iPhone. 

Thank God, Munnie came to my rescue and picked me up to KL town to meet her friends and also for a little meeting. It was so nice of her to trust me to be there at her work meeting which was supposed to be confidential. WOW! We went to this place which was famous for its Shisha, which was also something which I am not into. I just had a drink. I loved the scenery there though.
Here's a laugh. Munnie and Kenny (my new friend) has their own Chilli bottle with their names on it. HAHA!
While they had their meeting, I camwhored although I was still on all ears. LOL! Eavesdropping so WRONG!
Oh, and before I forget, on our way to KL, we were in a heavy traffic lane and wondered to what was happening. Apparently, there was an accident on the flyover. This car, which was a BMW I think smashed his car against the side rail. WOW!!! Ouch... And the people were just standing beside it. I guess no one was hurt from the accident.
After Munnie's meeting, we went for a game of Pool. More like a few games of Pool. We laughed our heads off, with her leaving with a few "words of wisdom" from me. LOL! More like Manglish in Susan's style. LOL!
After pool, she insisted that I tried out the Nasi Lemak nearby, at SS2, at walking distance from Pelangi Snooker Centre. She said its called Nasi Lemak Maybank/ Nasi Lemak Ganja/ Nasi Lemak Longkang!!! HAHAHAH!!! I can't remember the rest of the names she told me. However, here's the Nasi Lemak which writes FAT all over it. HAHA!!!
We got home about 4am I guess? I only got a few hours to sleep again til work. It seems like every weekend, that's my routine. Not having enough sleep. What to do? I am not a homely person. LOL!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Drinks + Ramli

Daren invited me and Barry to drinks at St Patrick's Bar in town. Since I had nothing better to do, I picked him up and headed there about 10pm.

We were here to claim 10 mugs of beer for free! Daren apparently won it from a competition or some sort.

Here's my Godbrother, Daren!
Here's the crazy and "acting shy" Barry who just came out of the hospital few days ago. It's his first outing ever since his accident. He hurt his leg and now is an OKU temporarily. But he seems fine with jokes on it.

Here's me camwhoring AGAIN!

Barry had to report to his girlfriend. ^^

During our drinking session, we got hungry. We started talking about Ramli Burger and how long we have not had it already. Therefore, THAT'S WHERE WE HEADED TO!!! It was already 2am and we still went for it. Barry told us that "nice" burger is said to be better than the normal Ramli burger. It is indeed GOOD!!

Here's a picture of my disgustingly FATTENING yet DELICIOUS supper!!!

Here's the finale. Enjoy this video that was recorded at St. Patrick's pub. It's the live band that imitated LMFAO's song. INTERESTING!!! LOL!!!