Sunday, November 20, 2011


I came across Chriz's and Leona's tweets about a week ago about this new auction website which we could grab really cheap stuff! It ranged from gift vouchers to ipads, to iphone 4s! Seriously I was too tempted to check it out that I did... LOL! Look at what I found!

As you can see from above, I did attempt once in bidding on something but didn't succeed to get it. But I think I got your attention right? How to participate in this auction website? Take a look below.

First, you have to purchase a token pack. However, I was only going for a trial, so I bought the 20 tokens just to try out. I didn't expect to get anything out of it because I never knew how to bid for anything and even succeed in it. I just thought of using it all up and get it over with. HAHA! Pathetic right?
Then, I came across this Universal Dock which seemed interesting. Since I am a sucker in splurging a lot on my iphones, I thought to myself "it's worth a try since I am also throwing all my tokens down the drain anyway" and bidded. After 5 tries, THIS BABY WAS MINE!!!

OH MAI GAWD~~~~!!!! Can you imagine that this baby was mine? HAHA! Can you actually see the price I bid it for? It's super duper cheap! I finally felt satisfied and a sense of achievement gushed up. At least I did not waste my tokens on nothing... 

Had dinner with my sister at this place which was famous for Lou She Fun and damn it was good!!!

Met up with Kaze for drinks at Movida again. Our fav spot for now. Buy one free one. We bought a bucket and ended up taking home 2 bottles because we couldn't finish them...

Had to eat something before I sent Kaze back to 1U as I had to take my medicine. We dropped by this mamak opposite Giza and the food was not that good... No more next time...