Saturday, June 28, 2014

Flashmob by Ribena at 1Utama GSC

Just a short post again.

I went to meet up with Stephanie tonight because she just got back from Singapore. She got me my Vitamin Water!!! She was at 1Utama with the gang for a flashmob. I decided to stay and video it. It was a fun one. 
Watch the video here.

I also got to take wacky photos at the photobooth. It was a stupid one as it conned us. We thought we were given a few seconds (shown on the screen) to pose for the next picture but little did we know, it would be completed within those few seconds. Therefore, spot not much differences in our collage. Thank God I looked good though.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Walking round town with Ernest Zacharevic!!!

Working at Ipoh Echo has its advantages. Although I am only a stringer, which also means a freelance reporter, I get to attend many events and functions, not forgetting press conferences. For today, I had the opportunity to attend a press conference held by Ipoh Old Town White Coffee for the completion of Ernest Zacharevic's 7 mural arts.

Everyone was given a goodie bag filled with Old Town goodies and also free flow coffee or lemon tea. The event started off with some speeches and also the unveiling of the mural art map. 
 photo CIMG0207_zpscf4fed4c.jpg  photo CIMG0208_zps057d3c1b.jpg  photo CIMG0209_zpse1390155.jpg  photo CIMG0217_zpsd7825a7a.jpg  photo CIMG0224_zps1ee7d37b.jpg  photo CIMG0226_zps1b988c29.jpg 
 photo CIMG0247_zps7b86b1d5.jpg

Then, we proceeded to the press conference where we learnt so much about Ernest and how he came to Ipoh with inspirations to draw. For more information, read my article on the Ipoh Echo website.  
 photo CIMG0241_zps57de3665.jpg  photo CIMG0242_zps78f05daa.jpg 
Right after, we had the privilege to walk to his artworks around old town with him. I was silly to not bring any comfy shoes to change. I then walked around in my heels and succeeded in not killing myself.
 photo CIMG0279_zpseff448c1.jpg
 photo CIMG0250_zps4a5c5e04.jpg  photo CIMG0251_zps6a7a1f2e.jpg  photo CIMG0252_zps22fe7438.jpg  photo CIMG0254_zpsd15e9d47.jpg  photo CIMG0257_zps0c740774.jpg  photo CIMG0259_zpsb4632649.jpg  photo CIMG0261_zpscc243282.jpg  photo CIMG0265_zps8d27099e.jpg  photo CIMG0267_zps7e30e8f7.jpg  photo CIMG0273_zpsaf7ee1f8.jpg  photo CIMG0275_zps10b0981a.jpg  photo CIMG0277_zpsb957302f.jpg   photo CIMG0282_zps35ebebbc.jpg  photo CIMG0287_zpse992f388.jpg  photo CIMG0294_zps9a024306.jpg  photo CIMG0295_zps80b9e777.jpg  photo CIMG0296_zps6c2b6b99.jpg  photo CIMG0297_zps0f486862.jpg  photo CIMG0298_zps9de23da4.jpg  photo CIMG0306_zps993f5fd8.jpg  photo CIMG0307_zpsf022a574.jpg  photo CIMG0312_zpsae10e898.jpg 
But wait... This post would then mean nothing if I did not get his picture taken with me or his autograph right? So, I managed to get a picture AND an autograph!!! (BTW, I think he is so hawt...) SELFIE!!!
 photo 10417510_10152229195068736_9191665827235588369_n_zpsab730255.jpg  photo 10456091_10152224536608736_4591235398265943054_n_zps37e3b8da.jpg

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Clash of the Kingz 2014 COTK

After Astro Battleground and Asian Battleground, I never thought that there was going to be another dance event for me to attend anytime soon. As I met up with WC at Freedom Dance Studio for some business related matters, he gave me 2 tickets for the event. I went alone that night, just because I am always a lone ranger at events.

Friends were competing in this competition again. It's always nice to see people I know on stage, supporting them all the way. Though I have left the world of dancing for years, I know somewhere deep down inside of me longs to dance.

As I walked into Megastar Arena, I must say I was impressed with the layout. Though I was shown beforehand on how the stage and layout was, I didn't expect such cool appearances! The whole place seemed like it was really on the streets! What's street dance without the feel of being on the street right? 
 photo CIMG0075_zpsdd938f5c.jpg  photo CIMG0091_zps1ca129bc.jpg  photo CIMG0092_zpsb5b1fbc9.jpg  photo CIMG0076_zpse978bba6.jpg  photo CIMG0087_zps6414b302.jpg  photo CIMG0089_zps23e68874.jpg  photo CIMG0077_zps4fbc1cf5.jpg  photo CIMG0078_zps49b27432.jpg  photo CIMG0079_zpsd5a2ebb8.jpg  photo CIMG0082_zps1eaf8dfb.jpg  photo CIMG0190_zps846ec316.jpg  photo CIMG0083_zpsf81d3f26.jpg  photo CIMG0086_zps0da9a0be.jpg 
The show started not long after I arrived, with a introduction of all the dancers. There were 2 things going on, the showcase and Bboy battles. Here are some pictures and videos.

First, let's start with the videos of the judges.

Elaine Chiam


Ami Saitoh

BBoy Issei

Bboy JK

Bboy ATA

Now for the contestants pictures and videos...
 photo CIMG0094_zps98a309ad.jpg  photo CIMG0096_zpscfc9e28c.jpg  photo CIMG0107_zps26a96957.jpg  photo CIMG0109_zpsed1e225d.jpg  photo CIMG0110_zps92b657a4.jpg  photo CIMG0113_zps291da6c4.jpg  photo CIMG0115_zpsc624cf38.jpg  photo CIMG0120_zps22a4cfdd.jpg  photo CIMG0137_zps04401e69.jpg  photo CIMG0143_zpsa8f859cb.jpg  photo CIMG0146_zps2e07e3a4.jpg 
   photo CIMG0151_zps3b1be494.jpg 
  De Olbiez
ODD Figure
Floor Flava

Sorry I didn't get all of them. Here are pictures of the winners.
 photo CIMG0156_zpsfe500dd3.jpg  photo CIMG0157_zps0462da4b.jpg  photo CIMG0158_zpsded1fa0d.jpg  photo CIMG0161_zpsd0e815bc.jpg  photo CIMG0162_zps531f4843.jpg  photo CIMG0165_zps671acadf.jpg  photo CIMG0167_zpsc1982c06.jpg  photo CIMG0170_zps5d077dc5.jpg  photo CIMG0177_zps55829d02.jpg  photo CIMG0178_zps21c5f20d.jpg  photo CIMG0179_zps4aaf549f.jpg  photo CIMG0180_zpsfbf10d3b.jpg  photo CIMG0182_zpseece87f4.jpg  photo CIMG0185_zps43251436.jpg  photo CIMG0186_zps95c7063c.jpg  photo CIMG0188_zps6a078606.jpg 
Although De Olbiez got runner up, I was proud of them. I was there for them tonight. :) Didn't disappoint me. After the show, I got to snap crazy pictures of them. That's what I love about them. They are the craziest bunch. In fact, most dancers I know are bubbly. Maybe that's why I love hanging out with them.
 photo CIMG0193_zpsb20d37dd.jpg  photo CIMG0194_zps26eccb9f.jpg  photo CIMG0196_zps03b4341a.jpg  photo CIMG0198_zpsc64e573d.jpg  photo CIMG0199_zpsfbc87d5f.jpg  photo CIMG0200_zps45440c34.jpg  photo CIMG0203_zps07e80109.jpg  photo CIMG0205_zps46b74e35.jpg 
Had a great time tonight, thanks to Freedom Dance Studio. Will be working up something with them soon. Stay tuned!