Monday, October 8, 2012

Whatchuwant? I desperately want and NEED XPAX to PIMP MY RIDE for my birthday!!!

Just when I thought my car wouldn't cause anymore trouble before the end of the world, it did just now. I drove out this morning for a date with a friend. Just before arriving his place, I called him up and my car gave a very loud "POP" sound! I saw the glass behind me fog up, then smoke was seen. I was so terrified at that moment of time as I never had that happen before! Here's a video of me waiting for the mechanic...
The car broke down before tons of times, with me spending hundreds on it just for a small problem. There were many weird incidents like smoke coming out from the inside, battery dying all of a sudden, water boiling, suspension problems, etc. I have almost gone through every single problem it could face! Because of that, I have to smell my engine every time I get out of the car to make sure it doesn't smell like anything was burnt or wrong. Weird huh? That's just desperate written all over me and my car...

This time, my car is doomed until I get RM400 or more to fix the distributor, which was apparently BURNT! It won't take long to fix but who knows how long it would survive on it after being fixed? I had no choice than to tow it home for the moment until I get more cash from work...

It gets frustrating a lot because I always look forward to a great day out with my friends or even alone but it breaks down all of a sudden, ruining hours of my day again, waiting for a tow truck to come, my mechanic to save me and just WAITING... What's worse is the phone calls I get saying "Susan, where are you ah? I see your AAU17. Spoil already ah? Aiyoh... Thought you're around the area..." when they see my DOUBLE SIGNAL LIGHTS!!! Like seriously ABUDEN?!?!?!

My car seems to be in quite a good condition from the outside, and as we always say "Don't judge a book by its cover". It's not all that good inside. Things fall apart, things needed to be installed, changed, modified...

My radio is the most modern and new thing in my car and even it is giving me problems! It gives me this really loud buzzing sound displaying "error" before I start the engine and also after I turn the ignition off! Everyone who sits in my car asks me about it. 

The panels in my car for all the old fashioned buttons for the double signals and all, ALWAYS pops up. It never stays in place and I always have to push it back into its slot. Wires are dangling everywhere around my legs too!!! 

My air con is not consistent as it could be as cold as a freezer and as hot as a sauna. I even keep a blanket in my car just in case it decided to turn as cold as ice.

I don't have any cup holders, so the only way to keep my drinks is either to get recycled paper maches’ from the shops on the floor and use my bag or something to press against it so it won’t topple over, like it did millions of times, making a mess that I had to clean.

I am driving a stick, which I enjoy. My stick is not in a good condition anymore neither as it is starting to peel and tear. I will have to change it soon. My car has a very bad brake performance as I have to practically ram my foot all the way to the end for it to totally stop and may I make this clear to you, it DOES NOT halt to an immediate stop. Therefore I dare not drive too fast daily. My brakes make a funny sound as I drive too!

The head lights are not bright enough during the night and there’s nothing I could do about it because the mechanics told me it’s irreplaceable. It’s so dangerous to drive at nights as huge vehicles never do notice me, especially with the dim lights! I work in KL and also in Ipoh, but I never get to drive it outstation due to the unforeseen breakdowns. It has broken down tons of times and it is actually quite disappointing and upsetting. My speedometer doesn’t budge therefore, no arguments when I’m getting caught for speeding. As I drive a little above average, my steering wheel vibrates, as if it's telling me to slow down. I never do get caught as my car doesn’t go any faster anyway since it’s just an old 1.5 engine!

My automatic windows seem like display as it doesn’t work. Talk about inconvenience when I have to open the door to take a ticket for a shopping mall’s entry. Water leaks in from the outside when it rains and the water accumulates at the middle of my seat, leaving my behinds all wet when I get out and make people think I peed my pants. My wiper isn’t consistent and there are no spray nozzles for it.

My car has an open top. But the catch is, I have to carry it and put it into my front boot, which by the way is not where my engine is. My engine is located at the back of my car, in between my seats and my other boot at the back. The top is indeed very heavy and I have injured myself a few times by carrying it up and down.

There are dents here and there, not forgetting the rust! Rust is a common problem for this car. Before I drove this car, we brought it to treat, and to remove all rusted areas. However, it returns again after some time! There’s rust and scratched everywhere!

I have always wanted to “renovate” my car, give it a new look by changing its colour or design but I could not figure out the best colour for it besides the original thing. Wondering what’s my car? It’s a Fiat X1/9. Here are some pictures of it! Do spot what’s missing.

If you still don’t see what’s missing, it’s the mirror! I have only one side of a mirror. That’s because someone broke it in a mall few years ago and I didn’t get a replacement since. It’s so hard to get spare parts for this car and from my low income, I think I will never get things done.

Just as I was about to give up on hope, I read of this very attractive contest by Nuffnang!