Saturday, November 22, 2014

Dream Trip to Macau

I finally had the chance to visit Macau last month. However, it was a very short trip as I arrived at noon and I was rushing back to Hong Kong the next afternoon. I did not get to do much around Macau and I hope to go there again soon.

As I came back to Malaysia, I found out that there was a contest that is held by Nuffnang together with the Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO). 3 Nuffnangers with the most interesting Blog posts on their dream trip to Macau will be flying to Macau to experience a 3D2N all expenses paid holiday (including return air ticket and 2 nights accommodation at a 4-star hotel). This is my opportunity to try and win a holiday back to Macau to continue my uncompleted tour!!!

What exactly are the three most amazing things that make me want to revisit Macau? It would be nothing more than Sightseeing, Food and The House on Dancing Water.

Sightseeing. This is the one thing I missed out a lot during my trip. I had no clue what to expect in Macau as my friends told me to leave it all to them. Little did I know that there were not much on their minds. 

Buildings are very unique in this city, even the floors. You can find many kinds of buildings here, from historical to modern architectures and all the casinos are colourfully lit up at night. How could one visit this city without a camera to capture all the beautiful images? I definitely could not.

As for food, many have told me Macau is a food paradise, not just for its Portugese Tarts. With the help of my friends, I managed to find some places with good food that could not be found on travel magazines. There were local delicacies and also desserts that gave me a foodgasm.

Dim Sum in Macau is very different compared to Malaysia. They are absolutely delicious.
 photo CIMG0559_zps84857847.jpg  photo CIMG0561_zps8a94a90c.jpg  photo CIMG0565_zps983fdbbd.jpg  photo CIMG0566_zpsd4b04b89.jpg  photo CIMG0567_zps9622cc0c.jpg  photo CIMG0568_zps1ac78eba.jpg  photo CIMG0570_zps57db03cd.jpg  photo CIMG0572_zpse494bfc8.jpg photo CIMG0573_zps5185bf2c.jpg  photo CIMG0574_zps99c36031.jpg  photo CIMG0575_zps4f4d9d76.jpg    photo CIMG0576_zpsd8e54641.jpg

I also had the chance to have some street food by the beach!
 photo mmexport1416501616081_zps92a70dd6.jpg  photo mmexport1416501620144_zps9a2dac71.jpg  photo mmexport1416501612158_zps7f2f7930.jpg  photo mmexport1416501609249_zps45dbf8da.jpg

Last but not least, House on Dancing Water is the highlight of the trip. I was late for the show previously and missed about 10 to 15 minutes of the show because we were not allowed in for being late. I was so sad. However, it was a very good show, money well spent. It was amazing how water could fill up the entire stage in seconds and also vanish the same way! What made me tear up was the bikers and their stunts. It was so amazingly dangerous I couldn't help my excitement. It was a great birthday treat for myself.
I love travelling and I also love travelling at my own pace. I do not like to rush in holidays and so in my previous Macau trip (click HERE to read about it), I didn't get to enjoy much. So please, Nuffnang and Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO), grant me the chance to revisit this wonderful city and see more of its culture at my own pace. 3 day would be the best ideal time to spend at Macau.