Saturday, March 22, 2014

Nuffnang 007 Birthday Bash

I previously participated in a Nuffnang 007 Birthday Bash Contest and won myself invites to Nuffnang's birthday bash. Ok, so it wasn't exactly a contest. I reposted a picture and wrote a caption to win passes. At least it's the first win of the year I guess? I have not been winning anything for a very long time... However, this time, I am not attending the event alone like I always do. Forever alone. FML. My girlfriend, Yuki decided to keep me company tag along.

The big YES of the invite was definitely a free car ride to our location, door to door by Uber. I still use Waze to get around town as I am still not used to KL roads. Therefore driving to KL itself was just scary and I didn't want to waste time getting lost. I downloaded the app and used the promotional code given by Nuffnang to get RM100 credit. Then, I used the app and got ourselves a ride, VIP style!

It didn't take long for John, our chauffeur, to pick us up in a Nissan Teana from my house. He greeted us with a smile and opened the door for us. He is a very polite man. He asked us if we had any route we would love to use to get to our destination. He also asked us to put on our safety belts for safety after offering us 2 bottles of complimentary water. He even asked us what our preferrence was for music. I would highly recommend John as staff of the year if there were one. He drove very safely and didn't even bother picking up any of the phone calls there were. For this, I give him 2 thumbs up.
 photo IMG_20140322_181640_zpsd307c906.jpg

It didn't take long for us to arrive our destination. He was honest enough not to take detours and bring us sightseeing. After he bid us farewell and wished us a great night, we were welcomed by the tall buildings of KL.
 photo CIMG0486_zps3bb33a3f.jpg 
 photo CIMG0492_zpsa2251a87.jpg 
 photo CIMG0504_zps306e1800.jpg 
If you have not known yet, we were at KL Live! I have never been to Barbecue Garden in KL Live before. As we walked into KL Live, we spotted the Audi which Uber displayed. Someone special was going to go home with a prize! No, it's not the car. The prize is having one week of unlimited free rides with Uber and two rides with the Audi R8! Cool right? I didn't get a picture with it just because I was excited to going to the event. I didn't expect the contest to end when the event did. Lesson learnt: Next time just grab millions of photos even though there is no contest. It may just come in handy one day...
 photo CIMG0484_zps53b36d52.jpg 
 photo CIMG0485_zps6a480e3e.jpg 
Going up the elevator, we were greeted by banners stating we are in the right place. The theme was James Bond lost in Amazon as it was the 007th year. Creative! Although Darren warned me to wear casual and something jungle themed because of the outdoor location, I still decided to change into something more formal. I'm glad I didn't take his advice. Everyone was in FORMAL ATTIRE!!! Even he turned up in formal wear. Horribrews!
 photo CIMG0613_zpsa82ad495.jpg 
 photo CIMG0606_zps7c021ea5.jpg 
The Corntoz pony was out at the entrance and at the first sight, even up to now, I still think it looks more like an Unicorn. LOL!
 photo CIMG0487_zpsd89c13c1.jpg 
 photo CIMG0488_zpse37d7c6c.jpg 
 photo CIMG0489_zps56214491.jpg 
Here's me and Yuki being as James Bondy as we could. I guess we are too smiley to be James Bond. LOL!
 photo CIMG0511_zpsd43172f2.jpg 
 photo CIMG0513_zps04b8c8f4.jpg 
 photo CIMG0514_zps261e7dfb.jpg 
After getting a table, we walked over to the WOW Photobooth to take a picture! This is my 3rd photo from WOW Photobooth! Even Daniel remembers me now just coz I took my first picture when they have just established their company.
 photo CIMG0494_zps707aec17.jpg 
 photo CIMG0493_zps18c4130b.jpg 
 photo CIMG0571_zps3d58f030.jpg 
Next to WOW photobooth was a Mystery Box challenge. I stood there watching them explain the game rules before I had a go. Apparently, we were all given a task in an envelope to participate in activities to collect all stamps to find the "killer" of the night. I think it was really interesting that they applied the James Bond theme in the party. Here's how I went through my first task. I tried to grab the pingpong that was hidden in the box filled with shredded paper. At first, I thought there was going to be slimy stuff or creepy crawlies inside. Thank God there was none. I sucked at the first try but got it on the second try. They rewarded me with a gift from the table and I cheekily tried to take the board. It would make such a good prize and memory of the event. However, I only got to take a DVD home.
 photo CIMG0497_zps868c1e75.jpg 
 photo CIMG0498_zpsf5554148.jpg 
 photo CIMG0499_zps086c4a24.jpg 
Since it was still early after the first challenge, I decided to give the Darts Challenge a try. It seemed much easier in Ipoh when I played with my friends because there wasn't a target to achieve with just 3 darts. We had to have 70 marks and above. I had 3 tries before I got a score of 90 plus. I can't exactly remember the score anymore... I had my turn of queueing up with Kendrick. He was in a suit and all. WOW!
 photo CIMG0505_zps1c96b653.jpg 
 photo CIMG0507_zpsa203b5bf.jpg 
After getting the next stamp, it was the next mission. We were required to write a greeting on the Wishing Tree. Here's mine! Who else do you spot?
 photo CIMG0509_zps1074b783.jpg 
 photo CIMG0608_zps42043885.jpg 
 photo CIMG0609_zpsb7ecc19e.jpg 
Chee Ching
 photo CIMG0610_zps9d631706.jpg 
Here's the half completed Wishing Tree!
 photo CIMG0510_zps67c323eb.jpg 
And the Full one!
 photo CIMG0607_zps43f6656c.jpg 
Right after the Wishing Tree, the event started off. 
 photo CIMG0515_zps1fad96a5.jpg 
Nuffnangers were invited to the stage together with the BOSS, Timothy Tiah. Everyone sang the birthday song and all of a sudden, someone cuts it off saying the cake was stolen by the KILLER! Cool huh?
 photo CIMG0528_zps02aac93a.jpg 
As everyone goes to find the killer, we went to get some food before we kill our tummy. After our meal, Ernest came and join us at our table. He brought Raffithng and Jing Xiu. She looks as sweet as she does behind the camera.
 photo CIMG0530_zps1d6c262a.jpg 
Kendrick decided to hop into the picture as well.
 photo CIMG0531_zpsdaf5fc26.jpg 
The prizes of the night were Jersey Boys Live in KL tickets worth RM1106 each, 16 LINE dolls, Strip Vouchers, WOW Photobooth vouchers, Celebrity Fitness free trial packages and MAMEE Chef goodie bags.
 photo CIMG0545_zpsd0f7ede5.jpg 
Kendrick didn't waste time in the first Q&A session and got himself a small Line Plushie.
 photo CIMG0534_zps0467703c.jpg 
Then, another 6 girls won themselves the big LINE dolls after some camwhore session with the LINE character fans that were in our goodie bags. I was bummed as I posted what seems like millions of photos and still lose to them who posted only 1. T_T. Even Yuki won MY BUNNY CONY!!!!Here's my photos that lost to the winners... T_T
 photo IMG_20140322_203919_zpsfc200a5a.jpg  photo IMG_20140322_203839_zps5898aaeb.jpg  photo IMG_20140322_204519_zps5f3216dc.jpg  photo IMG_20140322_204135_zpse97db4b8.jpg  photo IMG_20140322_204637_zps5f78c8ba.jpg  photo IMG_20140322_204045_zpsc3a583ec.jpg

 photo CIMG0550_zpsf24acbe9.jpg 
 photo CIMG0553_zps8e710e83.jpg 
Then, the James Bond girls came up to do their dance. There was one girl in particular that I kept my eye on because she really danced very well. Expression, movement and rhythm. She got it all...
 photo CIMG0535_zps44e9d36a.jpg 
There was also a competition on the best James Bond couple. Here's the only good shots I got as they were moving a lot and I had to snap pictures over the crowd that were already ahead of me.
 photo CIMG0564_zps00b2835a.jpg 
 photo CIMG0570_zps508b9f9c.jpg 
After all that Q&A session and photo prizes, finally our cake was pushed out. I heard it turns out that the pink horsey was the KILLER of the night. Who would have thought of that? Here's the awesome possum cake!!!
 photo CIMG0600_zps7622f1b0.jpg 
 photo CIMG0577_zps2900aaac.jpg 
Of course, what's a picture without the Nuffnang signature pose?
 photo CIMG0590_zpsfea03c0c.jpg 
The night was really Havoc havoc Ha Havoc Havoc... It was a great night especially with loads of goodies in our goodie bags and not forgetting FREE FLOW HEINEKEN!!! Thanks Heineken for trying to get me drunk just because I didn't need to drive tonight.
 photo CIMG0542_zpsf218105e.jpg 
What comes next? Picture session of course!!! Let's start off with the most important person in Nuffnang and the party. The Boss, Timothy Tiah himself. I was so stupid I zoomed in while I was taking the picture. Therefore big faces there is...
 photo CIMG0601_zps99e90992.jpg 
Audrey, aka fourfeetnine, Timothy's wife. She is so sweet. Too bad fighter wasn't here. But I understand the risk of bringing him to a party where it is hot and crowded with people. I would too be overprotective if it were my child.
 photo CIMG0641_zpsecabb5c4.jpg 
The MC of the event, DJ Kevin from Traxx FM. He's awesome! I thought Matthew would be MC'ing with him, but however, he had another event downstairs to attend to...
 photo CIMG0602_zpsa7a37925.jpg 
Darren, the guy who I never fail to take pictures with at every event I see him at. He is the best! I actually bug him a lot on Churp and Nuffnang questions. LOL!
 photo CIMG0597_zpsdea320e6.jpg 
 photo CIMG0603_zps102140b1.jpg 
 photo CIMG0604_zpsc26c54a7.jpg 
Eric, the comic blogger from my hometown. I just recently found out he is from my hometown! My first time meeting him after stalking him quite a lot on social media. LOL!
 photo CIMG0605_zps957462c5.jpg 
Chee Ching! Another awesome comic blogger from my hometown and she is the cutest! You should listen to her England. It is damn powderfuls you know? AND she lost so much of weight I nearly did not recognize her! What I know about her so far is that she is a very sporty girl and she is daring to do extreme sports too!
 photo CIMG0544_zps2f79dc11.jpg 
Tian Chad, the coolest blogger there is that gets invited to so many events! I wana get invites too... :(
 photo CIMG0557_zps33d8c7ab.jpg 
 photo CIMG0611_zpsb556f29d.jpg 
Had to snap more photos of the car and Yuki. I'm low on confidence so I didn't model with the car. However, I got to talk to the founder of Extreme Limousines who was in charge of driving this Audi here. He also gave us a few tips on how to take a nice picture. Therefore, an instant photographer I was for 5 minutes... LOL!
 photo CIMG0616_zps5e2ef235.jpg 
 photo CIMG0617_zps575a6cc9.jpg 
 photo CIMG0619_zps39e90283.jpg 
 photo CIMG0623_zps2e8415f6.jpg 
 photo CIMG0624_zps58ba0af9.jpg 
 photo CIMG0627_zps9c083e8e.jpg 
 photo CIMG0628_zps2ba0a583.jpg 
 photo CIMG0630_zps10eee6d6.jpg 
 photo CIMG0631_zps694391f0.jpg 
 photo CIMG0636_zps92e05de7.jpg 
 photo CIMG0637_zpsa6cf1282.jpg 
 photo CIMG0638_zpsb20f8514.jpg 
Sat down for a cup of Dr Cafe and found my new love. Franilla...
 photo CIMG0640_zps115b4158.jpg 
 photo CIMG0642_zps8ad95157.jpg 
Since my battery was falling flat, I booked my UBER car to go home before it really died on us. We were once again invited to sit in a Nissan Teana but however, I wasn't impressed with this driver. He made a lot of sudden stops and it nearly got us off our seats in less than 5 minutes of being in the car. Although he apologized to us but the whole trip was just frightening. He still kept making sudden brakes. Yuki and I just remained silent for the rest of the journey...
Here's the goodies from tonight!!! YAYY!!!
 photo CIMG0643_zps9fd13705.jpg 
 photo CIMG0490_zps79ef6105.jpg 
 photo CIMG0491_zps3f8a7c07.jpg 
 photo CIMG0644_zpsae76b268.jpg 
 photo CIMG0645_zps9e762035.jpg 
 photo CIMG0646_zpscfd3b9a5.jpg 
 photo CIMG0647_zpsf6242997.jpg 
 photo CIMG0654_zps79389ed0.jpg 
 photo CIMG0655_zps940df979.jpg 
 photo CIMG0656_zps06b3cf8d.jpg 
  It was a great night. I hope to attend the 8th birthday next year! Til then, TOODLES!