Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!!!

It's Halloween!!! I know I am stating the obvious here but how am I supposed to start a post?

As usual, I celebrated the event at Euro House, my favourite spot. It feels more like an event being here than clubs, where you can't even see a thing until you get close. Not only that, you get to rent clothes from them also!

This post is mainly photos, as there isn't much to talk about. Therefore, do enjoy the photos and leave a comment below!

The Manager, Meng.

Jason. Great makeup done by the makeup artists

Victor as the Handelababy... He does have the body you know...

I know my makeup's not that great but that's the best I could do after dinner, having to do my makeup in the car in 5 minutes..

The boss, Aaron... he also wore this same outfit last year. I guess he rocks in this so he rather stick to this...

The waitress...

The waiter

Assistant manager, Jim, who would have won the best dressed... HAHA!!!

Some random dude with Jason...

Towards the end of the night, everyone started to go crazy...

The differences in 2 witches... obviously she won... HAHAHA

So how did you celebrate Halloween? Just for fun, I'll let you see the videos I took over at the event. Handelababy and Jason doing the gangnam style. "She" was in heels... AMAZING!