Sunday, March 25, 2012

JJ Lin's Autograph session

After work today, I was over excited to go to 1Utama to see my favourite singer!!! No, not Nicholas Teo, whom I've seen already few months ago... Guess who?!?!

The autograph session was held by Popular Book shop. By the time I arrived 1Utama, there were quite a lot of people standing around the Popular section already.

I quickly browsed around and found a counter which sold JJ Lin's CD + DVD for a cheap price, RM42! It was a great deal though! Since I was there for his autograph, I decided to buy one set and get a free Poster! I was also given a contest form which I did not enter as my chinese is not as good to the extend I could make up a very funny or dodgy sentence in 30 words...
As I was walking around with my hands full, I bumped into JYee, whom I met only a month ago when I had drinks with my friends.
JYee did not stay for the Autograph session though but she did get to take a picture of JJ when he appeared. She had to rush home for dinner. Here's some videos which I took when he came out. A little far coz I just realized that iPhone don't allow zoom on video...

It is JJ's birthday in 2 days time, therefore everyone there sang a birthday song for him!
Very soon, we got to line up for his autograph. It was seriously packed and the line was not one but a crowd. I just stood behind what I thought was a line until it was my turn. After all, it was still early.

Finally, I got him to shake both my hands as I wished him a happy birthday. I didn't know what else to say to him... So sad I got it smeared a little though. ><

JJ left an hour after he arrived. Fans tagged along behind him to the door while I walked with Simon to find some food. We went to Watami to have some dinner! Apparently it was supposed to be packed all the time but we got a good table with no trouble.

Here's a very refreshing drink I ordered and it was really DELICIOUS!!! Oh, and there's Simon. ^^
Here's the first dish. It was a salad, which was not really my thing. Simon had to sweep up most of it.
Then the fried stuff!!! YUMMYLICIOUS!!!
Then my FAVOURITE, some SALMON!!! Simon remembered I loved it and offered me his share. 
*so touched*
Another meat dish...
This seafood dish came after a really long time. The reason? It was supposed to be beef but we were told after being served the meat dish above, that it was sold out. SO LAST MINUTE!!! So we had no choice than to order the seafood dish. It was quite good but we were both BUMMED out that there was no Beef dish... Maybe another time..
After dinner, we went our own ways, with my very big fat belly, a poster and an autographed CD cover by JJ LIN! Especially, I returned home with a  BIG SMILE!!!