Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Need for Speed with Michelin Pilot Experience

So, I stumbled on Nuffnang's twitter one day and found this interesting blog contest once again and it definitely caught my eye. Despite being so busy on my holiday schedule, I made an alarm on my phone to remind myself to try to go for it. As you can see from the title above, you would know roughly on what it's about, right? YES! It has something to do with cars!

For years I have wanted to learn how to drift or race. Friends around me always bring me down by saying that it's impossible to be a female racer but I have always proven to them wrong by bringing up Leona Chin, our Malaysian racer and drifter, who I look up to. I've seen her a few times and also seen her in action. She does make us females realize we can do anything. 

Of course, my dream had to be put on hold as I have never gotten myself disciplined enough to save up for classes, tyres, maintainence, etc. I still hold on the hope of getting a chance to learn or experience the feeling of racing or drifting in a car, no matter if I was driving it or just sitting at the passenger seat.

So far, I have only experienced a minute of short distance fast speed car chase on the highway. My friend took me on a ride in his Lotus, which he used to race at Sepang occasionally and it was a thrill! How I wished I could experience more of it. It was only more of a short sneak peak and a teaser. It left me wanting more and asking for more until now! I hope I do win this contest so I could finally experience it totally.

Seriously, I don't really know much about cars. I am sure that if I do win and get to attend this event, I will definitely benefit from it by learning a thing or two about cars. I myself am driving an old school classic car which turns all heads, usually older people as you know how classics work. My car is a limited edition Fiat X1/9, which you do not see on the road everyday. I have bumped into people who drove the same car and had meeting with them. Though they never really talked about cars when we were out, we got to bring the same cars out to a location and turn ALL heads. Sometimes, random people would walk up to me asking me to join car clubs too.

My car is only a 1.5 and is nothing compared to all the Fast and Furious. It's a little disappointing sometimes when I see cars passing mine when mine is actually a classic SPORTS car. How I imagined it driving like the people do in movies, doing stunts, drifting, racing in speed until the car behind is nowhere to be seen... 

I am a person who is very into sport cars and who wouldn't? Imagine yourself stepping out of a very hot vehicle with all eyes on you, with envious eyes... DAYUM!!!

I really hope to get this tickets. At least, it would also be the best early birthday present for me since I'm out of budget for my birthday this year. I have never step foot into Sepang before and would love this event to be my first best experience there. 

I would really hope to get to sit in the awesomely cool cars, no matter if I just sit in the passenger side or better yet, GET BEHIND THE WHEEL, I would be happy!!! After all, they are Formula Michelin, The Formula 2 Seater, The Renault Clio, the Porsche, and the Citroen C2 Rally.

Can you imagine me in this picture, with a thumbs up? No. Coz I won't be doing a thumbs up. I would be doing TWO THUMBS UP!!!!

All of this could only be possible thanks to Michelin. 

The chance is given. I am just trying to go for it. As I was always taught to try to go for your dreams and your wishes may just come true... *maybe?*

Details of the event
Date: 9th September 2012 (Sunday)
Time: 7.30am – 5.00pm
Venue: Sepang International Circuit