Saturday, December 21, 2013

Singapore trip 16th til 20th December

Another trip in a month. I have been to Bali from 2rd to 7th November, KL sightseeing on 10th til 11th November, Damai Laut on 12th November, Penang on 13th til 14th November and now Singapore from 16th til 20th November. More than half of these trips are sponsored and boy, am I a lucky girl!

Arrived in the afternoon at Changi Airport with Vincent and Serica. We had our free meal there for being a high flyer. Here's Serica and I on the plane and Vincent taking flying to a higher level. HAHA!!!
 photo 1459893_10151800855458736_1301777818_n_zpseed9776d.jpg 
 photo qwrfgsh_zpscccbde78.jpg 
 photo 1426137_10151800994068736_724875515_n_zps05786eb4.jpg 
 photo 1441426_10151800995343736_132376676_n_zpseba6383a.jpg

Dropped off our luggage at a hotel in the airport and travelled out to meet Alvin and his wife. It was my first time meeting her. I sat next to her and she was quite a quiet one. We walked around Orchard road after leaving Artisteaq @ Mandarin Gallery for their lack of service. Their service was so bad we sat there for about half an hour or more with no one taking out order.

Had to follow Serica and Vincent back to Changi afterwards because their next flight was at 8pm. Went to get my luggage then travelled back to Bukit Timah Road to meet my cousin who offered to send me home. Day one of Singapore just flew by just like that. 

It's Sunday! Time for church! I went to New Creation Church at Buona Vista and it was so breath taking! One would never imagine how big a church could be! They gave out a book mark. Look how cool it is!

 photo Untitled_zps8f8d9676.jpg 
 photo 547870_10151802814863736_165960309_n_zps2dc27b41.jpg
Sorry for the blurry post. I just print screened it from my Instagram video. I forgot to take a picture of the church.

Met up with the boys after church. Walked around and ended up having steak for lunch! YUM!
 photo 1452591_10151803345438736_1451822627_n_zpsa510956c.jpg 
 photo 1470202_10151803346398736_53719168_n_zps58b60873.jpg

Then, we walked around taking MRTs to nearby malls for walks. Here are some of the decorations for Christmas.
 photo CIMG0920_zps6e471adc.jpg
   photo CIMG0921_zps72d58a7b.jpg 
We then went to Marina Bay area for pictures. I never got to take pictures of the Merlion and Merlion Park after all these years.
 photo CIMG0922_zps4077b9a0.jpg 
 photo CIMG0923_zpsf13912e1.jpg 
 photo CIMG0924_zpsec2a748e.jpg 
 photo CIMG0925_zps6edb826d.jpg 
 photo CIMG0926_zps09152384.jpg 
 photo CIMG0927_zps2f2b3852.jpg 
 photo CIMG0928_zpsf774d111.jpg 
 photo CIMG0929_zpsc8ea7c48.jpg 
 photo CIMG0930_zpsae5e6f56.jpg 
 photo CIMG0931_zps94b9d673.jpg 
 photo CIMG0932_zps380ff520.jpg 
 photo CIMG0933_zps6f26d4f4.jpg 
 photo CIMG0934_zps45a8e09b.jpg 
 photo CIMG0935_zps1b2fdd81.jpg 
 photo CIMG0936_zps1dfe9fd2.jpg 
 photo CIMG0937_zpsf4921229.jpg 
 photo CIMG0938_zps15e0bb71.jpg 
 photo CIMG0939_zps8bae59e7.jpg 
 photo CIMG0940_zps387e04e8.jpg 
 photo CIMG0941_zps43b37846.jpg 
 photo CIMG0942_zps724fe60a.jpg 
 photo CIMG0943_zpse6f81321.jpg
 photo CIMG0944_zps69a69b4f.jpg 
 photo CIMG0975_zps40d6d15f.jpg 
 photo CIMG0976_zps1edad052.jpg 
 photo CIMG0977_zps6cbd3981.jpg 
 photo CIMG0978_zps018ce453.jpg 
 photo CIMG0980_zpsfe6f00c0.jpg 
 photo CIMG0981_zps528105b1.jpg 
 photo CIMG0982_zps9ae09a97.jpg 
 photo CIMG0983_zpsbbf389cc.jpg 
We found out there was something going on at the Art Science Museum. Admission was free. Went for a walk at The Little Black Jacket Chanel's classic exhibition. 
 photo CIMG0984_zps65cae149.jpg 
 photo CIMG0985_zpsdefa1672.jpg 
 photo CIMG0986_zpsee826581.jpg 
Found an indoor boat cruise. How cool is that?
 photo CIMG0987_zps7c9bc942.jpg 
 photo CIMG0988_zps0ae8f0fa.jpg 
Day 3
Went to Thomson Medical Centre from Novena Shopping Mall via free shuttle. Su Ling just gave birth. How lucky of me to be there to see her baby! Walked around Bugis for the day afterwards to meet Faith and her parents for dinner. We had crab. No pictures for today. :(

Day 4

Bruce and Andra brought me to IMM for some shoe shopping. Finally got to get some sport shoes and cool shoes for a cheap price! Got this New Balance and Reebok for only SGD$49 each.

 photo 1441420_10151807993578736_26888900_n_zpsb265bcf9.jpg  photo 541490_10151807991928736_1805087518_n_zps90c1558e.jpg 
Got this pair of neon orange Lacoste for SGD$69. Great deal huh?
 photo 1456737_10151807991423736_48962626_n_zps4f09eaae.jpg

Met up with Seong at Bugis for more shopping. I bought so much stuff! We ended the day with a cup of KOI! My second KOI of the trip. It indeed is nicer than Chatime. YUM!!!
 photo CIMG0989_zps66190e9f.jpg 
 photo CIMG0990_zpsd8a070fa.jpg
Here's my buyings from the trip!!! 
 photo 1454779_10151810240118736_1630977273_n_zps4ae82e60.jpg