Sunday, May 27, 2012

8tv's Showdown 2012 MOB @ the Curve

I walked to The Curve from home today.

I saw a picture few days back in 8tv's Instagram and found out that there was going to be a Showdown 2012 roadshow there at about 8.30pm at the fountain area. It was supposed to be a mob, which was participated by contestants of Showdown 2012 and also more dancers from all around.

Since I arrived early, I walked along The Street to pass time. That was when I heard some commotion going on nearby. Of course being the nosy busybody, I went to check it out.

Everyone was gathering around these group of "musicians" making drum beats and such with trash cans, pots, pans and more. The performance was sponsored by OCBC bank. It totally did draw attention to the crowd because of its banging...

 Here's a Sneak peak preview of the performance...

J.A came to join me for dinner. Since everywhere was crowded, we ate in Sakae Sushi instead. It was quick enough for me to rush to the fountain at 8.30pm. I left him there with my shoppings to eat and wait for me as I went to witness the Showdown event on my own since he wasn't a big fan.

The first people I saw were Inversion Crew, whom I've only met late last year. They are really nice people.  I even got to do a random vidwhoring with Steph...

I got to take a picture of them and Soul Gang's member with my Polaroid after the event! I sat with them and took some pictures with my Instagram. I only took pictures with people I knew because I feel so embarrassed and shy to ask for pictures with the unknown...

Here's Steph!
Kelvin the small bull...
And Shahrul, the people I knew thanks to the "lemby nak jaga" song.
Cavant Tan. He got hurt in a competition few days ago...
My boy, Hoshi! Not boy as in boyfriend... You know what I mean...
Ben from FIX, fiercing look
Charles from FIX, always the thin picture... He slimmed down a lot also.
Fuzz... small eyes
Faruq, who came up to me and the only thing said was "SUSAN HO!" HAHA...
Dennis, the 8tv online host and also some of you might know him as the REALRY guy / ABUDEN...

The event started a little late, and I stood there with my phone on airplane mode for almost half an hour because I didn't want any interruptions while I video... J.A just had to wait there... It just started as a normal performance and then the top 9 crews came out to reveal themselves by doing a short number a group at a time.
1. D'Vol Blacky Wacky
2. Dem Lepak Boyz
3. Project Elementz
4. Soul Gang
5. Kitta Move
6. Soul Krazy
7. Walawei
8. EGS Monster
9. We Taking Over


Here's the video which I took an hour to load due to the very bad line coverage at my KL house area. ENJOY!!!

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