Saturday, November 8, 2014

November Babies dinner and clubbing at World Ambassador

Today, we gathered the November babies to celebrate their birthdays together. We had a meal at Damansara Village Steamboat in Tambun and it was good. Prawns were served alive and cooked for its freshness. The last time I had a live prawn cooked in a pot was in Hong Kong years ago on a stick. It was so fresh you would never forget how crunchy it tasted.

We had a cake session after a very large meal. We had 2 cakes because there was a miscommunication. Alex brought a chocolate cake from Secret Recipe while I brought a Nancy Chong's icing cake. We cut the Chocolate cake at the dinner venue since it was such a huge one.
 photo CIMG0928_zps232a30bc.jpg  photo CIMG0929_zps6dcf1a24.jpg  photo CIMG0930_zps8e9905fe.jpg  photo CIMG0931_zps8e457f21.jpg  photo CIMG0927_zpse45d9d3e.jpg  photo CIMG0932_zpse43014f6.jpg  photo CIMG0933_zps1bd7d9d4.jpg  photo CIMG0935_zps51acd287.jpg  photo CIMG0937_zps75c623cd.jpg  photo CIMG0939_zps30d3ffc6.jpg

Only half of us went for a second round at the newest club in town, World Ambassador. The lights in there were amazing. It was like I was in an indoor rave party myself.
 photo CIMG0947_zpsc52a6f90.jpg  photo CIMG0951_zps0e89d511.jpg  photo CIMG0952_zps04afdf16.jpg  photo CIMG0954_zps695280f2.jpg  photo CIMG0955_zps4af3d540.jpg  photo CIMG0956_zps0de27815.jpg  photo CIMG0957_zpsd0a32af8.jpg  photo CIMG0958_zpsc9a7ca9b.jpg  photo CIMG0959_zpsb5eb9da2.jpg  photo CIMG0960_zps4429484b.jpg  photo CIMG0961_zpse12a7b9e.jpg  photo CIMG0962_zps61cda175.jpg  photo CIMG0963_zps050faa3e.jpg  photo CIMG0964_zps9192d4b7.jpg  photo CIMG0965_zpsff5a9a4d.jpg  photo CIMG0966_zps93cc5e06.jpg  photo CIMG0967_zps978a3fff.jpg  photo CIMG0968_zps2427c72e.jpg  photo CIMG0969_zps58378873.jpg  photo CIMG0970_zps7fd19612.jpg  photo CIMG0972_zps5b71c1cd.jpg  photo CIMG0973_zps4b35ec4b.jpg  photo CIMG0974_zpscd79e570.jpg  photo CIMG0975_zps7f562652.jpg  photo CIMG0976_zpsf4f9cf5d.jpg  photo CIMG0977_zps73892d71.jpg  photo CIMG0978_zps09974b64.jpg  photo CIMG0979_zpsac302916.jpg  photo CIMG0981_zps2152b38b.jpg  photo CIMG0983_zpse673c4f0.jpg  photo CIMG0995_zpsdfd7dfb1.jpg  photo CIMG0996_zpsaa0f8779.jpg  photo CIMG0997_zps0ddfe2bc.jpg  photo CIMG0998_zps1192bafe.jpg  photo CIMG1001_zps2a87e765.jpg

You could see in the photos how much we enjoyed ourselves. Some of us went home drunk.
 photo CIMG0940_zps0f419400.jpg  photo CIMG0941_zps68b2659f.jpg  photo CIMG0944_zps941f67f3.jpg  photo CIMG0945_zps0a0a4a92.jpg  photo CIMG0946_zpsf033954c.jpg  photo CIMG0984_zps30f98336.jpg  photo CIMG0986_zpscdccde19.jpg  photo CIMG0987_zpsf21d61c0.jpg  photo CIMG0990_zps52bcb0d4.jpg  photo CIMG0992_zps705e4369.jpg  photo CIMG0993_zps3f30f4a0.jpg  photo CIMG0994_zps329ced45.jpg  photo CIMG0988_zpsfed9d7f0.jpg  photo CIMG0989_zps835746e5.jpg

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