Thursday, October 30, 2014

My belated birthday celebration

Short post of the day:

I'm blessed to have friends who would take the time to celebrate my birthday with me although it had been a week already. My bestie arranged a belated birthday dinner and drinks session for me since I came back for her wedding. LOVES...

We had dinner at Michaelangelo's, the best pizza place in Ipoh, as it has bacon in it. If you don't know, I am a sucker for Bacon.
 photo CIMG0809_zpsfd4f1a0a.jpg  photo CIMG0810_zps9b5278c6.jpg  photo CIMG0811_zps7f983b23.jpg  photo CIMG0812_zps24c777c0.jpg  photo CIMG0813_zps10248071.jpg

After dinner, we had my cake session in a place called Rooftop Restaurant and Bar, which used to be Voodoo. It was a quite place for dart sessions. Not my type of place to chill. However, it was quiet enough for us to communicate. Here's pictures of my gang and I with my cake!
 photo CIMG0815_zps20952131.jpg  photo CIMG0816_zps0c879f88.jpg  photo CIMG0817_zps1090156b.jpg  photo CIMG0818_zps9849da14.jpg  photo CIMG0821_zps442f0d58.jpg  photo CIMG0822_zps363aa524.jpg  photo CIMG0823_zps36f865f3.jpg  photo CIMG0824_zpsbe0b697a.jpg  photo CIMG0825_zps48c5aded.jpg 
My bestie
   photo CIMG0827_zps2d5cc55d.jpg 
Bumped into Alex at the bar. Ipoh is a small town indeed. :)  Happy belated birthday to me!!!

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