Friday, November 21, 2014

The Hunger Games Preview Screenings by Astro Circle

Previously, I redeemed 2 tickets from Astro Circle with only 100 points. It was a movie I was looking forward to, The Hunger Games, Mockingjay Part 1. Since Simon had been saying "bojio" to me in my recent Instagram photos, I decided to ask him along for the preview screenings.

Before heading to Mid Valley for the movie, he joined me for dinner at MyBurgerLab to use up my 50% discount off the ala carte burger which expires on 27th November. It's been a while since I had my last burger there. Little did I know that his last time was even longer than mine.

I went straight to Mid Valley after dinner, at about 7pm and walked around, window shopping. Walked past the Magnum ice-cream shop which everyone was posting about but I was too full at that moment. There wasn't a queue yet but I just couldn't stuff myself with anymore food. Went to collect my ticket at about 8pm before I continued window shopping. 

I was given 2 side tickets and 2 combo sets which consisted 2 popcorns and 2 drinks. What a deal. The seats were not that bad being on the side. After all, what could we ask for from free tickets right?

The movie was good. I still prefer the first episode though. What's stuck in my head about this show would be the song, Hanging Tree. I downloaded the song right after I arrived home and made it my ringtone. It had an eerie tune but it was also very addictive. Tell me if you don't feel the same way about that song!

Movie ratings 3/5

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