Sunday, October 26, 2014

Hello Malaysia, Bestie's wedding

I arrived back to Malaysia at 2.35pm. I was hoping to get to take the bus in 25 minutes. Little did I know that my luggage only turned up after 25 minutes. By the time I got to the Skybus station, the bus was gone. I hopped on the next bus which was to leave in an hour. The plans of being early for my bestie's wedding, ruined.
 photo 1910637_10152509462443736_2062974766302078749_n_zpsfcbf4bb3.jpg

Finally got back to the house at 5.30pm, grabbed some stuff and drove my car back to Ipoh for my bestie's wedding at 7.30pm. By the time I got back to Ipoh, it was already 7.15pm. I had Vitamin Water to accompany me on my way...
 photo 1912363_10152509727538736_4647331038334521663_n_zps219f9516.jpg

Took a quick shower, dolled up and got to Oversea Restaurant at 8pm, after she had walked in with her husband. Here's some photos of her decorations.
 photo CIMG0802_zps47e93c69.jpg  photo CIMG0803_zpsc144b938.jpg  photo CIMG0770_zpsd0359673.jpg  photo CIMG0719_zps51836d15.jpg

Dinner was served right after I found my table.
 photo CIMG0724_zpsa6596602.jpg  photo CIMG0722_zpsdfb5f67c.jpg  photo CIMG0723_zpsc63661e8.jpg  photo CIMG0725_zpsbd18993a.jpg

It was such a great day, seeing my bestie on stage, cutting the cake and being on stage with her husband. My bestie is finally married and I am truly happy for her. She will be blessed.
 photo CIMG0727_zpsa8966eae.jpg  photo CIMG0728_zps2bfb5e47.jpg  photo CIMG0734_zps58e0bab3.jpg  photo CIMG0738_zps09831360.jpg  photo CIMG0739_zps7aebca69.jpg  photo CIMG0744_zps2adf882a.jpg  photo CIMG0745_zps5681aa6c.jpg  photo CIMG0748_zps4c500ad8.jpg  photo CIMG0749_zps49f7b906.jpg

What's there to do between our dishes? Of course a session of camwhore with people I know!!!
 photo CIMG0751_zps982ab06a.jpg  photo CIMG0752_zps91277e97.jpg  photo CIMG0753_zps63eb83c8.jpg  photo CIMG0754_zps21832489.jpg  photo CIMG0755_zps99683f43.jpg  photo CIMG0758_zps6efe6493.jpg  photo CIMG0759_zpse36b2c67.jpg  photo CIMG0760_zps6b9a62bc.jpg  photo CIMG0761_zps714c4b34.jpg  photo CIMG0766_zps588b299f.jpg  photo CIMG0768_zps40a2c8a8.jpg  photo CIMG0769_zpsb0c0e7c1.jpg  photo CIMG0762_zpscc9813f8.jpg  photo CIMG0763_zpsb0c71d38.jpg  photo CIMG0764_zps1eb8a82f.jpg  photo 1779951_10152758476587973_8878520091056962819_n_zps1114dbbf.jpg
Schoolmates knew it was my birthday few days ago and decided to use the dessert as my birthday cake and made me blow out the fire on the lighter. Here's a ugly photo of me blowing it out...
 photo 1012917_10152758476792973_4712570417302776841_n_zps9759c190.jpg

After the dinner, bestie was busy taking pictures with everyone else. I just used her props for the wedding for a selfie session before wefie'ing with the gang.
 photo CIMG0774_zps57ab32db.jpg  photo CIMG0775_zps8a053d5d.jpg  photo CIMG0776_zps198a5119.jpg  photo CIMG0779_zpsda426ea2.jpg  photo CIMG0782_zps0048ab3e.jpg  photo CIMG0783_zps0b86d805.jpg  photo CIMG0784_zpsc7ff8e21.jpg  photo CIMG0785_zps9b5b3377.jpg  photo CIMG0780_zps49dd4bfd.jpg  photo 10743238_10152782342939618_2099314783_n_zpsa32af3eb.jpg

Finally here's some wefies with the important people of the night....
 photo 535920_10152758482197973_5729544975621875977_n_zps4727ecc7.jpg  photo CIMG0777_zps5d3e4e92.jpg  photo CIMG0771_zps14b6c871.jpg  photo CIMG0772_zps16f41b41.jpg  photo CIMG0773_zpsc0ba5018.jpg  photo CIMG0799_zps64db2c51.jpg

We then ended the night with a second round at Bricks and Barrels. It was a very nice night spent...
 photo CIMG0807_zps0d0097fb.jpg

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