Saturday, October 25, 2014

Last Day of Hong Kong trip

Nansin picked us up for breakfast in a hotel. We had Dim Sum. It was something I didn’t have in Hong Kong. They all said that we could taste the same things in Macau. I shall just take their word for it as it was also better than Malaysia.

 photo CIMG0550_zpsbd590ef2.jpg  photo CIMG0552_zps16f27234.jpg  photo CIMG0554_zpsd07430c8.jpg  photo CIMG0555_zps5a48fe9e.jpg  photo CIMG0557_zpsa9bab514.jpg  photo CIMG0558_zpsa2e8e9ec.jpg

They over ordered and I suspect it was on purpose. They then offered to pack the rice for me to have as dinner before I headed for Disneyland later in the night. How nice of them.

 photo CIMG0559_zps748c4fb0.jpg  photo CIMG0560_zps98107762.jpg  photo CIMG0561_zps99fd0140.jpg    photo CIMG0565_zpscb519d2b.jpg  photo CIMG0566_zps2aab2de2.jpg  photo CIMG0567_zpsd0f43d5f.jpg  photo CIMG0568_zpsab16b092.jpg  photo CIMG0569_zpse3db8276.jpg  photo CIMG0570_zps38956850.jpg  photo CIMG0571_zps3b1a9f0c.jpg  photo CIMG0572_zpsf2245b9e.jpg  photo CIMG0573_zpsf16aee76.jpg  photo CIMG0574_zpsdbc90cd0.jpg  photo CIMG0575_zps9b181ce6.jpg  photo CIMG0576_zpsff731fe1.jpg

Soon, it was time to say goodbye to Macau and back to Hong Kong we went. As we arrived Hong Kong, the first thing I did was to go to 7 Eleven to buy some Bape AAPE boxes which were limited edition, that contained condoms. It was an awareness for AIDS campaign. I know it sounds weird for me to be buying stuff like these but friends in Malaysia placed orders. After buying all that, I was eligible to 5 Doraemon figurines. Every 20HKS and subsequent 10HKD was entitles to a stamp each. After 16 stamps, you would be entitled to one figurine. This is what I like about Hong Kong. Their rewards always bring much smiles to me. Perhaps I am easily satisfied comparing to the rewards I would get back here.

 photo 1016835_10152509476638736_4139445867318738729_n_zps65da4eab.jpg  photo 10659198_10152509461253736_2907385573355119400_n_zpsb1fb7ca9.jpg

Dee accompanied me to the AirBNB home that I rented and I was welcomed by a very nice and handsome host. He works as a steward and he gave me tips to how to travel about the place to the airport and also to Disneyland. I was also given a card to travel via shuttle to the MTR station for free.

As I bid farewell with Dee for the last time, he bought me bread so I don’t starve myself by going to Disneyland. My last day in Hong Kong will be spent fully at Disneyland.

I got to Disneyland at 6.30pm. I had to take more pictures and make the whole out of it.

 photo CIMG0579_zpsc9801b5c.jpg  photo CIMG0580_zpsde731817.jpg  photo CIMG0581_zps4c5c5eae.jpg  photo CIMG0582_zps8fb65176.jpg  photo CIMG0584_zps85d441f2.jpg  photo CIMG0587_zpsa77a78cf.jpg  photo CIMG0588_zps32321809.jpg  photo CIMG0590_zpse2771fbb.jpg  photo CIMG0591_zpsbceeb17d.jpg  photo CIMG0592_zps72873300.jpg  photo CIMG0599_zps19a5d707.jpg  photo CIMG0600_zps2f3ad114.jpg

The first things to do were to check out what the special Halloween booths, rides, shows and parades were all about. The first one I saw was a makeup counter. I didn’t bother to waste any time on it because it wasn’t any horrible or scary makeup which I was looking forward to.

 photo CIMG0603_zps593bf593.jpg  photo CIMG0604_zps32c4f5f0.jpg  photo CIMG0606_zps398cf40c.jpg

Then, I walked on towards Toy Story Land.

 photo CIMG0607_zps100cb841.jpg  photo CIMG0610_zps851997d1.jpg  photo CIMG0611_zps0ab7a420.jpg  photo CIMG0612_zps27fc24cd.jpg  photo CIMG0615_zps2fd4adfc.jpg  photo CIMG0617_zpsa0a9a227.jpg  photo CIMG0618_zpsf14c1248.jpg

At Toy Story Land in the last trip, I took a picture with Woody. This time, it was Jessie. I just had to queue up for her.

 photo CIMG0619_zpsf6ae4a46.jpg  photo CIMG0621_zpsed2532f8.jpg

After taking a picture with Jessie, I couldn’t hesitate but to take another ride on the RC Racer!!! It was just too fun not to go again! The guy in charge of bags accidentally dropped my monopod and broke it in two. He kept apologizing to me as I got off the ride. It was just a small matter so I just let it be.

 photo CIMG0623_zpsbfe9c5d0.jpg  photo CIMG0624_zps06de235c.jpg  photo CIMG0625_zps18e49749.jpg

Took more pictures as I walked on to Grizzly Gulch Halloween Fair, which was more of games. We were rewarded with stickers after completing a mission. I then went back for the ride at Grizzly Gulch.

 photo CIMG0626_zps26400166.jpg  photo CIMG0627_zps85dc3aa0.jpg  photo CIMG0629_zps56031b42.jpg  photo CIMG0630_zpsc57a4e4f.jpg  photo CIMG0631_zps641f6822.jpg  photo CIMG0632_zps84fbe7c7.jpg  photo CIMG0633_zps4036baa2.jpg  photo CIMG0634_zps531272f6.jpg  photo CIMG0635_zpsf8803118.jpg  photo CIMG0636_zpse2c0cd6a.jpg

Next up was Horrors of the Amazon, which was a 20 minutes Cantonese story telling show by one of Hong Kong’s actors, Power Chan Kwok Pong. His acting stood out amongst the rest (of course).

 photo CIMG0638_zps7f7d093e.jpg  photo CIMG0639_zps1afbc349.jpg  photo CIMG0640_zps4cf8006d.jpg  photo CIMG0644_zps693ae9ef.jpg  photo CIMG0650_zpsd04b10bb.jpg  photo CIMG0654_zps4d146779.jpg  photo CIMG0656_zps376aa666.jpg  photo CIMG0667_zpscd70cddb.jpg  photo CIMG0668_zpsf1f9a628.jpg  photo CIMG0669_zps9cc33e96.jpg  photo CIMG0671_zpse494b786.jpg  photo CIMG0673_zps828df195.jpg

While waiting for Disney fireworks, I went to the Main Street to shop some more. This time I bought some water tumblers for my nieces and by purchase, some discounted blankets and a bag. They were very good quality!!!

I waited to video down the fireworks because my battery died the last time. However, stupid of me, I forgot to change my memory card and was stuck with limited space and got cut in between. I then just watched on instead of wasting my effort.

 photo CIMG0677_zps9af3d037.jpg

Went to Fantasyland for the Masquerade Ball and took a few pictures of the weird looking creatures before going to any haunted houses.

 photo CIMG0681_zps6015ba35.jpg  photo CIMG0683_zps9b6a9a94.jpg  photo CIMG0684_zps64b553b0.jpg  photo CIMG0685_zps2caef72b.jpg  photo CIMG0687_zpse71895d4.jpg  photo CIMG0689_zps41e451df.jpg  photo CIMG0691_zpsc5b3cd34.jpg  photo CIMG0692_zpsddc88cd2.jpg  photo CIMG0693_zps740d39dd.jpg  photo CIMG0696_zpsa624938b.jpg  photo CIMG0697_zpsaab5b8ea.jpg  photo CIMG0699_zpsd1ba77f0.jpg  photo CIMG0704_zpsf4dc0941.jpg  photo CIMG0705_zpsf898475b.jpg

Never in my mind would I expect myself to enter a haunted house ALONE. I went to Graves Academy and waited for about 30 minutes just to get in. It was freaky but I guess I handled it well.

 photo CIMG0709_zps694b5fd7.jpg  photo CIMG0711_zps4cb99a85.jpg  photo CIMG0713_zps9f351345.jpg  photo CIMG0715_zps589f0fe9.jpg

Since I had 10 more minutes before closing, I ran over to Adventureland for the Revenge of the Headless Horseman haunted house. Thank God I arrived in time before they closed.

 photo CIMG0717_zps89524074.jpg  photo CIMG0718_zpscc44fade.jpg

Finally I was done by 11.15pm. It was so tiring that I just wanted to go back and sleep. However, I still had to shower and pack my stuff. By the time I was done it was already way past my bedtime... Here's the stuff I got from my trip overall.
 photo 10712938_10152511766813736_5234262433942327185_n_zpscba2ad53.jpg

AirBNB place rented:
Host name: Henz
Price: RM261
Near to Airport.
Caribbean Coast Phase 2 Albany Cove Tower 6,
1 Kin Tung Road Flat F,
45 floor
Tower 6, Caribbean Coast Phase 2,
Tung Chung, Hong Kong
New Territories.

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