Friday, October 24, 2014

Day 4, Macau Trip

It's my Birthday!!! 

Woke up at 8.30 in the morning, started packing everything into my bag and returned all cards to Dailou before I began my journey to Sheung Wan to meet with Dee and Sunny to Macau.

As I arrived Sheung Wan, I was not allowed to take the escalator due to the luggage I was pulling along. I had to spend 15 minutes waiting for my turn to take the elevator up to the ground floor. I expected them to wait for me there but they were nowhere to be found. I couldn’t call out as my phone was in my luggage bag somewhere so I went around looking for a phone. The people who worked in the building didn’t allow me to use their phones. I had to ask a lady who was waiting for other companions for her phone. She was nice enough to give it to me with a smile.

Finally I went up with them for breakfast before heading to the customs. Having a big luggage bag is not easy if you are travelling to Macau via speed boat. You can either pay 25HKD to take your own luggage bag on the ship or have them ship the bag for you but having a delay from waiting for luggage at the other side. Thank God for having these two guys to help me with my 30KG luggage.

As I got on the speed boat, I felt a little dizzy as the boat was just floating and being very wobbly. As soon as it started moving, I was fine. I started taking pictures of my bunny, which I took all the way from Malaysia.
 photo CIMG0234_zps604139bf.jpg  photo CIMG0235_zps70ac053f.jpg  photo CIMG0236_zps2a5c48b4.jpg  photo CIMG0237_zps9ba34199.jpg  photo CIMG0238_zps47265e00.jpg  photo CIMG0239_zps9a8d9697.jpg  photo CIMG0243_zps04e844f7.jpg  photo CIMG0244_zpsa9f456c6.jpg  photo CIMG0245_zps079e0738.jpg

We arrived in about 1 hour. Dee got us some Portugese tarts and they were sure YUM! They were not from the famous stalls but just an ordinary one. It was already very satisfying for me.
 photo CIMG0247_zps25398fb6.jpg  photo CIMG0248_zps934a0cac.jpg

We then took a taxi to our hotel, which was across the sea. I started taking pictures in the taxi like a normal tourist would do.
 photo CIMG0249_zps4bf438a9.jpg  photo CIMG0250_zps8082ccd1.jpg  photo CIMG0252_zps3c976286.jpg  photo CIMG0255_zps750d9845.jpg  photo CIMG0256_zps32e18e52.jpg  photo CIMG0261_zps276adf27.jpg  photo CIMG0262_zps24fef5ba.jpg  photo CIMG0263_zps55c0c031.jpg  photo CIMG0266_zpsd3de38a6.jpg

After leaving our luggage in the room, we had a walk around the casino before heading back across the sea for sightseeing. Seems like the place where we were staying is a casino paradise while across the sea is more to a tourist spot.
 photo CIMG0260_zps980faab9.jpg

I bought some local snacks in a random biscuit shop before we headed on to our meals. The floor was very interesting, so I took some photos of my dirty shoes. LOL!!!

 photo CIMG0267_zpsfd6414a7.jpg  photo CIMG0270_zps756c3498.jpg

First, we had some wanton noodles and also some duck blood, which was something I never imagined myself eating. We also had some beef.
 photo CIMG0276_zps4ea78736.jpg  photo CIMG0277_zpse30741fe.jpg  photo CIMG0278_zpsaeeca30c.jpg  photo CIMG0279_zpsa831b99f.jpg  photo CIMG0280_zps48d979f7.jpg  photo CIMG0281_zpsec7a37db.jpg  photo CIMG0282_zps2ab4ea55.jpg  photo CIMG0283_zps86706591.jpg  photo CIMG0285_zps2f325a3a.jpg  photo CIMG0286_zps261e9b55.jpg

Then, Dee brought us to have some shark fin soup. It was sinfully good! The shop was so small that everyone had to queue up outside and going in there is a hassle.
 photo CIMG0288_zps75a33d6c.jpg  photo CIMG0289_zps7cac8590.jpg  photo CIMG0299_zpsce1f9475.jpg  photo CIMG0300_zps71640675.jpg  photo CIMG0301_zps9d115607.jpg

The buildings outside however were just stunning! Here’s where I took the opportunity to test out my camera functions, especially with a professional photographer with me.
 photo CIMG0271_zps1fef09af.jpg  photo CIMG0272_zpseb546638.jpg  photo CIMG0273_zpsf80012c4.jpg  photo CIMG0274_zps33f2baee.jpg  photo CIMG0275_zps8e2a87bf.jpg  photo CIMG0290_zpsea3b8d5b.jpg  photo CIMG0297_zps70fcadd2.jpg  photo CIMG0298_zps0af34f49.jpg  photo CIMG0303_zpsbb35ad5c.jpg  photo CIMG0305_zps2bc89018.jpg  photo CIMG0306_zps25b385d0.jpg  photo CIMG0307_zps096f9da0.jpg  photo CIMG0308_zpsda465210.jpg  photo CIMG0292_zpsfb09042d.jpg

Just when I thought that it was the end of our meals for the time being, Dee says we were going for some milky dessert. It was crazy as we were so full already! It was some soya milky dessert that was super smooth! I can say I was really in heaven. This surely did make up for the Australian Dairy Company in Hong Kong that I never got the time to go to.
 photo CIMG0309_zpsf5c2114a.jpg  photo CIMG0310_zps4520cd96.jpg  photo CIMG0311_zps9a14bc19.jpg  photo CIMG0312_zpsfea25ab4.jpg  photo CIMG0315_zpsf29824d0.jpg  photo CIMG0316_zps528d2013.jpg

As we walked to find a taxi to take me back the other side, I had to take more pictures of the buildings. 

 photo CIMG0317_zps1a74a7a1.jpg  photo CIMG0318_zps762a0f57.jpg  photo CIMG0319_zps71e933ad.jpg  photo CIMG0320_zps9fb50477.jpg  photo CIMG0321_zps1be654b9.jpg  photo CIMG0323_zpsbcd2ea75.jpg  photo CIMG0324_zpsbaf20bd5.jpg  photo CIMG0325_zps6bc7a30a.jpg  photo CIMG0326_zps6a4fcd17.jpg  photo CIMG0327_zps45826891.jpg

It was ridiculous as we wasted 30 minutes looking for a taxi that was willing to send me back the other side. After much failure, Nansin came to rescue us instead in his Golf GTI. How nice of him to be our driver. LOL.

I got to my show about 5 minutes late. I watched House on Dancing Water alone, since nobody else wanted to join me due to the expensive tickets. I started snapping pictures as I watched on, but after amazing scenes, I slowly put down my camera and just focused. I spent about RM3xx for Zone B tickets and it was sure worth it. It was only 1 and a half hours, but it blew my mind away! Imagine a circus that was performed on a stage which could fill up with water in seconds and also get rid of it in seconds? What about seeing a whole hut rise up from nowhere? The stunt bikers were so incredibly awesome!!! In this show, I teared up and nearly cried because of how amazing it was. It wasn’t even a soap opera!!!
 photo CIMG0329_zps88466174.jpg  photo CIMG0336_zps5f721251.jpg  photo CIMG0347_zps01152a88.jpg  photo CIMG0350_zps3d56ac2c.jpg  photo CIMG0370_zps3b54c1dc.jpg  photo CIMG0374_zps7466a555.jpg  photo CIMG0376_zps568c9c3a.jpg  photo CIMG0378_zps471cfb2b.jpg  photo CIMG0380_zpsbdc6642a.jpg  photo CIMG0382_zps49fb622f.jpg  photo CIMG0384_zps296e7530.jpg  photo CIMG0385_zps0ad77321.jpg  photo CIMG0386_zps29acee81.jpg  photo CIMG0387_zpsaab6ba40.jpg  photo CIMG0394_zps23175baf.jpg  photo CIMG0395_zpsb83ed780.jpg  photo CIMG0396_zps4e6a7c7a.jpg  photo CIMG0398_zpsdb0e0366.jpg  photo CIMG0399_zpsfe9c9e48.jpg

After my show, the boys came to get me and went back the other side for more touristy spots. I’ll let the pictures talk for itself.
 photo CIMG0403_zpsee09d1aa.jpg  photo CIMG0406_zps2f4ef07f.jpg  photo CIMG0408_zps51b1c2f3.jpg  photo CIMG0409_zpsc7f2c94c.jpg  photo CIMG0411_zps1287430c.jpg  photo CIMG0413_zps25fdff37.jpg  photo CIMG0414_zpsdf846acc.jpg  photo CIMG0416_zps5d943685.jpg  photo CIMG0417_zps5eb38e21.jpg  photo CIMG0421_zpsfcd9a43a.jpg  photo CIMG0422_zpsf1619d6b.jpg  photo CIMG0423_zpse7818ffb.jpg  photo CIMG0426_zpsb2d1be37.jpg  photo CIMG0429_zps164566ca.jpg  photo CIMG0432_zps3c746020.jpg  photo CIMG0433_zps6ff9b901.jpg  photo CIMG0436_zps04e7aefe.jpg  photo CIMG0438_zps28c1229a.jpg  photo CIMG0440_zpse640672a.jpg  photo CIMG0441_zps27bc0493.jpg  photo CIMG0443_zps7599d72a.jpg  photo CIMG0444_zpsaeecffc0.jpg  photo CIMG0445_zps3978896d.jpg  photo CIMG0446_zpse7107c9e.jpg  photo CIMG0447_zps5140de45.jpg  photo CIMG0449_zps735d5362.jpg  photo CIMG0450_zps2eb04bb2.jpg  photo CIMG0452_zpsabd4fa26.jpg

And here’s the famous Ruins of St. Paul.
 photo CIMG0454_zps7adbeb92.jpg  photo CIMG0455_zps9e10aaf0.jpg  photo CIMG0453_zps5323ce45.jpg  photo CIMG0456_zpsb8020b5a.jpg  photo CIMG0458_zps229a5341.jpg  photo CIMG0459_zps1c9e8002.jpg  photo CIMG0460_zps9d419062.jpg  photo CIMG0463_zpsf078d0a7.jpg  photo CIMG0465_zps74a5c843.jpg  photo CIMG0467_zps42e05ac1.jpg  photo CIMG0468_zps51c36e2c.jpg  photo CIMG0469_zpsb7de735e.jpg  photo CIMG0471_zps90298923.jpg  photo CIMG0474_zpsa7215054.jpg  photo CIMG0476_zpse71395ab.jpg  photo CIMG0480_zps5aa26651.jpg

Then, we took a walk around before heading to the casinos. 

 photo CIMG0481_zpscac12e4b.jpg  photo CIMG0487_zps14a895ed.jpg  photo CIMG0488_zpsfc328e5a.jpg  photo CIMG0490_zps899c1ae1.jpg  photo CIMG0492_zpsf7f18e1e.jpg  photo CIMG0494_zpsadf281f8.jpg  photo CIMG0495_zpscec05b0f.jpg  photo CIMG0496_zpsbef01cb2.jpg  photo CIMG0497_zps59e60c8e.jpg  photo CIMG0499_zps4bdf419f.jpg

Apparently the casino we went to was one of the oldest casinos in town. I saw many pretty ladies that dressed sexily but still acceptably presentable, who walked around and apparently, that’s what they do for attention. You know what I mean.
 photo CIMG0503_zpsf0ab5476.jpg  photo CIMG0504_zpscea39d37.jpg  photo CIMG0505_zpsabc7c85e.jpg  photo CIMG0506_zps8f58c41f.jpg  photo CIMG0507_zpsc76c0266.jpg

At about 11pm, we finally settled down for a nice Thai meal.
 photo CIMG0521_zps5ac22e32.jpg  photo CIMG0533_zps95ace09f.jpg  photo CIMG0534_zps8ec00df7.jpg  photo CIMG0536_zps0a452126.jpg  photo CIMG0537_zps35112e3b.jpg  photo CIMG0539_zpsaec9c853.jpg

After our meal, Nansin drove us up the hill as we saw the beautiful scenery of Macau, which not every tourist gets to do. However, due to roadworks, we could only take a picture with my monopod stretched out and not with ourselves in it too.
 photo CIMG0542_zps45be8940.jpg  photo CIMG0549_zps5c65957c.jpg

He then drove us to the beach where there was street food. They barbecued all kinds of food from fish balls to cuttlefish and they tasted yummy.
 photo mmexport1416501616081_zps92a70dd6.jpg  photo mmexport1416501612158_zps7f2f7930.jpg  photo mmexport1416501620144_zps9a2dac71.jpg  photo mmexport1416501609249_zps45dbf8da.jpg

Finally we got back to the hotel to shower and went casino hopping. The night only ended at 5am!!! Tomorrow is another day!!!

Here's a picture of me and the dragon from "Train the Dragon" movie at my hotel lobby.
 photo mmexport1416501605816_zpsf9679651.jpg

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