Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Hong Kong Day 2 at Disneyland

Before flying off to Hong Kong, I have done my research on Hong Kong Disneyland, of it's schedules of shows and meet and greet sessions. Nowhere in my mind I could imagine myself arranging my trip to Hong Kong Disneyland in such detail.
 photo hkdisneylandmap_zps2d95f74a.jpg

My plans were to arrive at 10.30am, which was their official opening hour. However, I woke up a little later and took my time at the breakfast buffet in my hotel.
 photo 10635885_10152500903978736_1749225009986033000_n_zps0ce8fbf7.jpg

In the end, I only arrived Disneyland at 11am after taking the Mickey train from the hotel MTR station, Tseung Kwan O.
 photo 10374974_10152507027953736_2777658411428431164_n_zps2404bcdf.jpg  photo 1604926_10152507027173736_5637837584235872172_n_zps4c3e7286.jpg  photo 1902794_10152502058338736_6856109453564004488_n_zps0cb71086.jpg  photo 1924743_10152502056663736_7239016133933820896_n_zps4f515ba8.jpg  photo 10441071_10152502057208736_4188575509074918776_n_zps978bf418.jpg  photo 1908440_10152502056098736_8229192133844446563_n_zps4bbf1d3e.jpg

Before collecting my entrance tickets, I had a staff take a picture for me. After all, going in alone will need all the help I get, before using my monopod, or in other words, selfie stick. Selfie stick is specially designed for "forever alone" people like me I guess, and it is so useful!!!
 photo 10612639_10152502060228736_3180321596552868566_n_zps74ec19cd.jpg  photo 540418_10152502062568736_4937896505163533067_n_zpsa956bd7a.jpg  photo 10703688_10152502061933736_450639943341751699_n_zps14d2ae03.jpg  photo 10403243_10152502065583736_8291095763563291420_n_zpsaa96deb6.jpg  photo 10393772_10152502083173736_1447520061424607804_n_zps88e2d52b.jpg  photo 10626544_10152502071563736_7344933543311740356_n_zps278942b1.jpg  photo 10559673_10152502066493736_1562427356192339945_n_zpsdcd9e30b.jpg  photo 1017765_10152502064718736_270499332351876877_n_zps9ed3552c.jpg  photo 10698680_10152502068243736_8936670329233486317_n_zps2b6d2d2c.jpg  photo 10155154_10152502073628736_7138187325952184015_n_zps839bcb0c.jpg  photo 10369873_10152502072983736_5125274897195415563_n_zps9080c608.jpg  photo 10422131_10152502070663736_8350668814555810662_n_zpsf6bf9fde.jpg

While everyone else was busy taking photos and queueing up for rides at Main Street and places around Main Street, I made a smart choice by following my planned itinerary, which was to start from the middle of nowhere. I started at Grizzly Gulch and got to take a ride at the Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars. There wasn't a queue and the ride I was on was actually quite empty. It was such a cool ride! It's a roller coaster that goes up and up and up and suddenly zooms down reversed! It was my top 3 rides in there.
 photo 10629880_10152502079703736_4696941059731738417_n_zps4892376f.jpg

As I got off my ride, I spotted Mickey and Minnie in their cowboy suits at the meet and greet session. I got to take a picture with Mickey and Minnie after 15 minutes. They were very cute and they kept flirting with each other in between our picture sessions.
 photo CIMG0035_zpsc692e832.jpg

Next stop was Mystic Point. From the brochure online, I didn't expect to go for any rides whatsoever because the descriptions did not catch my interest. However, the staff welcomed me to enter one of the rides and I had fun in the end! It was a story telling ride which was magical. There were lots of musical instruments shown at the ride. Educational, I would call it.
 photo 10411329_10152502087868736_885775813866173043_n_zpsca84b93f.jpg  photo 1688225_10152502091783736_7680838740110123259_n_zpsa1d1b277.jpg  photo 10365732_10152502090568736_3008168348273676215_n_zpsc50d9316.jpg  photo 10712724_10152502098543736_8530162374707274751_n_zps71a9b75a.jpg

Then, I headed to Toy Story Land. I followed my schedule just like I planned although I started off late. I started with some picture taking of the surroundings and Woody, before taking the RC Racer ride. RC Racer is more like Pirate ship, but in a larger impact due to the mechanisms and such. Top 3 goes to RC Racer too! I sat all the way up front!!!
 photo 10696411_10152502110803736_305621654209608760_n_zps6b4a9ad7.jpg  photo 10345807_10152502108393736_4553371215243930391_n_zpsfe05d8df.jpg  photo 9976_10152502113958736_8156626982274389173_n_zps38b74005.jpg  photo 1620965_10152502126718736_2269682321905759317_n_zps8600b975.jpg  photo 1925166_10152502136058736_4477609368087305500_n_zpsed612750.jpg  photo 485467_10152502134873736_7884796228939206589_n_zpsd89dfd66.jpg  photo 10653591_10152502111048736_4769612869331430007_n_zps8f481159.jpg  photo 10710728_10152502107158736_8571723876969985774_n_zps33377f5a.jpg  photo 1016346_10152502139458736_7233174103753084869_n_zps853d4ef3.jpg  photo 10734016_10152502149413736_8799577219326721484_n_zps0eb7e831.jpg  photo 10635910_10152502151203736_8822703587730304225_n_zps0600f1a6.jpg  photo 10713000_10152502147728736_5112268567453793382_n_zps43babb7c.jpg  photo CIMG0062_zps3974fee0.jpg  photo 10357510_10152502115928736_7223571527086388352_n_zps4edf9275.jpg

Since I still had time, I went to Fantasy Land for Mickey's Philharmagic, which was a 3D musical show of Donald making a Boo Boo. Although it was my second time there, it seemed like it was still so good.
 photo 1017766_10152502156643736_1418478074476264497_n_zps99efa6c0.jpg  photo 10525733_10152502154433736_4842810039511133654_n_zps7cd097e7.jpg  photo 10501614_10152502160023736_8547965332286273668_n_zps6da11e64.jpg

After the show, I walked back to Adventure Land for the Festival of Lion King at 2pm. I was there early, so I got a very good seat. I even had some videos recorded!!! The show was very highly rated and so I kept my hopes high and wasn't disappointed. Lots of dances were seen and the story of Lion King was very well interpreted.
 photo 10420431_10152502075823736_8633669847434123324_n_zps1994335d.jpg

There was a little more time to spare before the 3pm Flights of Fantasy Parade. Walking around for only 3 hours made me a professional in getting to the designated place in minutes. I guess that is the pros of traveling alone. You don't have to worry about wasting time or walking faster than others.
 photo 64353_10152502165788736_4953414790714573330_n_zps4779875b.jpg  photo 10615364_10152502162638736_5715201851004532416_n_zps29a7cda0.jpg  photo CIMG0092_zps92f3ab4d.jpg  photo CIMG0093_zpsb5a5b19b.jpg  photo CIMG0095_zps0a85d853.jpg  photo CIMG0097_zps449a3927.jpg  photo CIMG0098_zps007e2ca5.jpg  photo CIMG0100_zps34e5b3c2.jpg  photo CIMG0101_zpsd8896c51.jpg  photo CIMG0102_zpsbfb2be7e.jpg  photo CIMG0104_zps0d33e073.jpg  photo CIMG0105_zpsce9f4d72.jpg  photo CIMG0106_zps0905c1e8.jpg  photo CIMG0107_zps6f0461c1.jpg  photo CIMG0108_zps8566be6d.jpg  photo CIMG0109_zps1fab55d4.jpg  photo CIMG0112_zps5f46ca31.jpg  photo CIMG0115_zps7a7a2945.jpg  photo CIMG0116_zps79675f28.jpg  photo CIMG0117_zpsd46ba526.jpg  photo CIMG0118_zpsd6ad11ee.jpg  photo CIMG0120_zps55db0a35.jpg  photo CIMG0121_zps38fe9d00.jpg  photo CIMG0122_zpsf656e6a8.jpg

I walked off when the parade was about to end. I didn't want to be caught up in the human jam that was definitely going to happen right after. I walked over to Tomorrowland for the Space Mountain, which was the pitch black roller coaster. This ride however, did not thrill me like how it did years ago. It wasn't thrilling at all. It was a disappointment.
 photo CIMG0124_zpsd680be31.jpg

Since I had loads of time to spare and Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters was nearby, I decided to have a go in this ride. The ride required us to aim and shoot at designated spots. Since it had some problems in between that caused it to keep stopping dead at its tracks, I scored with really high marks. This ride is made mainly for kids. Not recommended.
 photo CIMG0125_zps40636aab.jpg  photo CIMG0127_zps7c9c5a0f.jpg

The Stitch Encounter was just at the pathway leading to Fantasy Land. The next session was up in 10 minutes, so I went for it too. Without knowing what it is about, I entered a hall, realizing what a mistake I have done. It was just conversations that "Stitch" makes with the public. Someone was faking his voice to entertain the crowd. There were also cameras everywhere. It was funny but also, a little waste of time.

The Golden Mickeys were up next at 4.45pm in Fantasy Land. I reached there 10 minutes to the show and the queue was long. Luckily, it was a big hall. I managed to get a middle seat at the back. The Show consisted of so many Disney Movie clips and I loved the show. The only thumbs down would be the Emcee. Her English was not very understandable as she had a funny accent. I think she needs brushing up in her English.
 photo CIMG0128_zps503a9a7a.jpg  photo CIMG0131_zpsd16e7c74.jpg  photo CIMG0135_zps3a02ded7.jpg  photo CIMG0140_zps7bdc189c.jpg  photo CIMG0141_zps77849d1a.jpg  photo CIMG0142_zps1709b12a.jpg  photo CIMG0143_zps1a9f3162.jpg  photo CIMG0144_zps00843e85.jpg  photo CIMG0147_zps040bb63e.jpg  photo CIMG0149_zps2096d44f.jpg  photo CIMG0151_zpsfe5addf2.jpg  photo CIMG0152_zpsda274bec.jpg  photo CIMG0153_zpsfd4a78d2.jpg  photo CIMG0158_zps54771315.jpg  photo CIMG0160_zps7d362013.jpg  photo CIMG0161_zps3b8a104d.jpg  photo CIMG0162_zpsd4bed97f.jpg  photo CIMG0165_zps1997944c.jpg  photo CIMG0166_zps95a778e7.jpg  photo CIMG0169_zps1dc8bd6e.jpg  photo CIMG0170_zps7f7c2dc4.jpg

There was a slight drizzle by the time we got out of the show. I walked on to the Fantasy Garden to take pictures with the Disney Characters since I had to also seek for shelter. I'm so happy to finally get to take nice pictures with them individually. I had to wait for 10 minutes at a few of the booths because the mascots had to take a break. That was most time consuming.
 photo CIMG0171_zps6851c293.jpg  photo CIMG0189_zps7604568e.jpg  photo CIMG0173_zps0d21597e.jpg  photo CIMG0175_zpse6a1b519.jpg  photo CIMG0176_zps65c3da5b.jpg  photo CIMG0179_zpsafbfd57e.jpg  photo CIMG0181_zps2ab076f9.jpg  photo CIMG0184_zpsb4055d53.jpg  photo CIMG0185_zpsde2847b5.jpg  photo CIMG0186_zps40643981.jpg  photo CIMG0187_zps687cc617.jpg

A guy approached me after exiting the garden. He wanted me to do a little survey for him. I had more than enough time so I just went ahead with it. It was a survey on how the Fantasy Garden was and how I rated it and the rest of Disneyland. It only took me about 10 minutes and he gave me postcards and a small book of stickers as an appreciation gift for my time.

Next up was the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. From outside, it looked like it was a kid's ride. I don't remember entering this ride before though there were moments of dejavu. I went for the ride just because I was curious to know whether I was on it before.

I then walked around, taking pictures of everything I see, before I walked back to the Main Street for Disney Paint the Night parade at 7pm. It was so good! It seems like I have covered all the parades there in one day! Not forgetting all the rides I planned on going for.

Before settling down in one spot for the 8pm Disney In The Stars Fireworks, I went into the shops to purchase some merchandise. I was surprised to see that the stuff sold there were not so expensive after all!!! After a purchase of 200 or 400hkd, you are entitled to have a purchase for purchase item. You could buy as many as you want. I got a luggage bag for only 108 HKD and a towel at 78 HKD. I regret not buying more...

I finally also bought a Swarovski pen with my name carved on it on the spot. There were a lot of handicraft and personalized items for sale there too.
 photo CIMG0191_zpseb2a7e8f.jpg  photo CIMG0193_zps034f033e.jpg  photo CIMG0194_zps684678e6.jpg  photo CIMG0195_zps9db883a5.jpg

The fireworks was amazing. But I guess it would be more amazing if it came out with a Disney logo at the end.
 photo CIMG0196_zps903c5c79.jpg  photo CIMG0197_zps961ae716.jpg

I stopped by the shops again after the fireworks and sat down at the bench near the exit to rest before I start my 45 minutes journey back to the hotel. Sitting at the bench, I made some friends. It appears that the 2 families sitting at the benches beside mine were Malaysians. We exchanged our experience in Hong Kong for the past week and chatted for about half an hour.

It was such a great day at Disneyland alone that I totally forgot to eat anything throughout.

I think I have fallen in love with traveling alone...

Meals consumed throughout the day:
Breakfast at the hotel

Hours spent walking:
12 hours

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