Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Hong Kong Day 1

Traveling alone could be scary at times if you have no clue to what to expect. The trip to Hong Kong alone has taught me so much. People ask me how could I have traveled all the way out of the country alone, without anyone to bug. Everyone doubted that I would have a good time but here I am to prove that traveling on your own has its' pros too.

As I took a bus at 4 in the morning from 1Utama to KLIA2, I thought about how great the KLIA2 would be because everyone was talking about how large of a mall it was instead of an airport. Arriving before 5am did not allow me to have the opportunity to shop because nothing was open yet.

It was a 10 minute walk to the check in point from where I alighted the bus. Instead of pulling my big Mickey luggage bag everywhere, I decided to dump it at the check in counter and then have a drink at the nearby Starbucks. Starbucks had an offer for a free donut for every purchase of their new drink. Since I had more than 3 hours to spare, I sat down with that offer and started scribbling away (like how Kendrick always does) while I watched my Hong Kong dramas on Astro-On-The-Go with my phone.

 photo 10592934_10152498486263736_6761849386615721857_n_zps88fe4cad.jpg  photo 10410648_10152498526838736_9108455414551115655_n_zpsb5167aa6.jpg
 photo 10653472_10152498501343736_1048635809567923609_n_zps231abb6c.jpg
 photo CIMG0732_zpsae2d5bc8.jpg 
 photo CIMG0734_zps1c0dd8dd.jpg 
Is it just me or do you guys always have this feeling of being rejected to board a plane last minute? I had second thoughts on whether I forgot to apply a Visa, bringing unauthorized stuff on board, not having sufficient traveling documents with me, etc. I guess I am still traumatized from the incident I had years ago in Hong Kong. I was nearly blacklisted because I had a small bottle of pepper spray in my bag. Mind you, it is NOT ILLEGAL to carry pepper sprays in Malaysia due to protection. It is the other way round in other countries. (I only knew after getting into trouble) That's why I had heavy feelings of not being able to get there this time.

Thank God I kept the donut from Starbucks in my bag. I was hungry in the 4 hours flight to Hong Kong. Being the Kiasu person that I was, I didn't bother to order anything from the AirAsia flight. Anyway, I was sleeping when food was served. I sat in between a girl and a guy, who I think are both also single flyers. The guy took out his itinerary and browsed through the places to visit. As for me, I only was looking at my planned schedule for Hong Kong Disneyland.
 photo CIMG0735_zpscc7a5b1a.jpg 
My touchdown in Hong Kong was a nice one. It wasn't a bumpy ride. Such skilled pilots. Got off the plane and grabbed my luggage bag which was already on the belt, headed to the luggage service counter and asked for a claim for my broken handle on my bag. The person who attended me was very nice and I felt welcomed at that moment. He clearly explained the process of claiming broken baggage to me and had small talk with me before welcoming me to Hong Kong.

As I stepped out the immigration, I asked for directions to my hotel before getting some loose change by purchasing some Vitamin Water from Mannings (Guardian). I am a collector of Vitamin Water and since I only knew about it through the Hong Kong drama, I just had to buy some from Hong Kong. Little did I realize that the bottles here have interesting and funny descriptions on their bottles instead of boring information of the drink. 
 photo 10389137_10152499703738736_2782897065722598854_n_zpsb9bc20c3.jpg

I took a bus to my hotel, which was at the far end of Hong Kong, that was almost an hour's ride. The first things I saw outside the window were men running topless at 2 in the afternoon on the pathway. They were all well built and my friends explained to me that they were definitely from the army, cargo, etc based on their shorts and body. The bus has interesting signs and also seats to indicate privileged seats for the old, unfortunate or pregnant women.
 photo CIMG0736_zps1c911353.jpg 
 photo CIMG0737_zpsc0c58269.jpg 
 photo CIMG0739_zps87e0012d.jpg 
 photo CIMG0741_zpsfe2f4838.jpg

 photo CIMG0738_zps813320ca.jpg

Arriving my destination, I wasn't sure to where my hotel was, so I spent half an hour walking around the mall which was located right beside my hotel. After asking for directions, I realized it was just in front of an MTR station, which was super convenient. By the time I checked in to my hotel in Crowne Plaza Kowloon East, it was already almost 4pm. I was lucky enough to be provided free accommodation by Dai Lou James.

Sunny came to my rescue and took me sight seeing based on my itinerary that I prepared. The first stop was at Wong Tai Sin. I was also provided a local SIM card and an Octopus card to travel around town. Without them, how could I survive? Some of my photos were nicely taken by Sunny, who happens to be a photographer.
 photo CIMG0742_zpsba05bf5a.jpg 
 photo CIMG0745_zps27d00091.jpg 
 photo CIMG0746_zps13cd66ba.jpg 
 photo CIMG0748_zps26e26d14.jpg 
 photo CIMG0749_zps71779374.jpg 
 photo CIMG0750_zps926ecfb7.jpg 
 photo CIMG0751_zps08e292ad.jpg 
 photo CIMG0752_zpsf3926ccd.jpg 
 photo CIMG0753_zps41df48ad.jpg 
 photo CIMG0754_zps1ca12b3f.jpg 
 photo CIMG0755_zpsbb4f3901.jpg 
 photo CIMG0756_zpsc61c7ab8.jpg 
 photo CIMG0757_zpsab48bc2d.jpg 
 photo CIMG0758_zps59e54477.jpg 
 photo CIMG0759_zpsd3882e77.jpg 
 photo CIMG0760_zpsac48e3ae.jpg

He then brought me to Mong Kok, took a look around the riot areas and managed to catch a glimpse of the sunset in the city. 

 photo CIMG0761_zpsc97a223a.jpg 
 photo CIMG0762_zpsde3d36c8.jpg 
 photo CIMG0763_zps16f11dd6.jpg 
 photo CIMG0764_zps8f03121f.jpg 
 photo CIMG0765_zpsba406268.jpg 
 photo CIMG0766_zpsd17fde8a.jpg 
 photo CIMG0768_zpsf98c7504.jpg 
 photo CIMG0769_zps2cfc21f5.jpg 
 photo CIMG0771_zpsfa97f8c6.jpg 
 photo CIMG0772_zpsd3005f3c.jpg 
 photo CIMG0773_zps23206195.jpg 
 photo CIMG0774_zps87797454.jpg 
 photo CIMG0781_zps6965b7d3.jpg 
 photo CIMG0783_zpsebbcd5c2.jpg 
 photo CIMG0784_zps700669a4.jpg 
 photo CIMG0785_zpsaa433e70.jpg 
 photo CIMG0786_zps28194418.jpg 
 photo CIMG0787_zpsba9324cc.jpg 
 photo CIMG0788_zps5fbf58c8.jpg
As we walked on, I bought myself some "Gai Dan Zai", which translates to Little Chicken Eggs and it was not that bad or good. It was something we didn't have in Malaysia for sure. It was crispy while it was hot and tasted like egg and milk with flour. (What a description. LOL)
 photo CIMG0775_zpse55a8936.jpg 
 photo CIMG0780_zps9cc9e657.jpg

We then walked to Ladies Street and Sneaker Street. I walked through Ladies Street without stopping by to buy anything. Instead, I spend half an hour to an hour looking for the right pair of shoes to buy. I managed to buy a pair of Adidas Neo with little animal prints on them, with changeable shoe flaps at the price of RM200 only. (I have no idea what it is called so let's just call it flaps for now.) I only realized I could wear them in 4 styles after reaching home to find extra flaps in the box and with the help of Mr Google.
 photo 1794661_10152511730873736_4770840325331771821_n_zps51c80a97.jpg  photo 1489281_10152501085923736_5598246699997682769_n_zps3a16310c.jpg

Soon, the time showed 6.30pm. Sunny had to leave me while Dee came to take over his shift as a tour guide. He took me to Star Avenue first, as we were still early for the 8pm Symphony of Lights. 
 photo CIMG0790_zps76d148c6.jpg photo CIMG0789_zps58c7210f.jpg 

 photo CIMG0791_zps70fe0d4d.jpg 
 photo CIMG0792_zps62445306.jpg 
 photo CIMG0793_zps3a25fd97.jpg
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaI only realized then, how many people I did not know of who are superstars. I guess if there was one who stood right in front of me, acting as a tourist, I would be clueless... Here's pictures of people I know of..
      photo CIMG0804_zps2abe9db3.jpg  photo CIMG0806_zps3a8c1509.jpg  photo CIMG0807_zpsa8f00005.jpg  photo CIMG0810_zps429e42e9.jpg  photo CIMG0812_zps518cd65c.jpg  photo CIMG0813_zps47a6d8d7.jpg  photo CIMG0814_zps8df86e88.jpg  photo CIMG0815_zpse673fb92.jpg  photo CIMG0816_zps8cc8a21a.jpg  photo CIMG0817_zps17da837a.jpg  photo CIMG0818_zps3d1decb7.jpg  photo CIMG0819_zps727b5214.jpg  photo CIMG0824_zps475f2fbd.jpg  photo CIMG0825_zps06d5dfc9.jpg  photo CIMG0826_zpsf9147e59.jpg  photo CIMG0827_zps009f70e4.jpg  photo CIMG0828_zps09f4f9a4.jpg  photo CIMG0834_zps97001f46.jpg  photo CIMG0836_zpsdc764e75.jpg

Soon, the Symphony of Lights started. It was directed in Mandarine as Cantonese was only available once a week. It's amazing how pretty the LED lights lit up the buildings, followed by the beats and music.
 photo CIMG0797_zps5afe8d8c.jpg  photo CIMG0798_zps904318a5.jpg  photo CIMG0799_zps999d1e48.jpg  photo CIMG0802_zpsb1aa8128.jpg  photo CIMG0808_zpsf4e05a5c.jpg  photo CIMG0809_zpsb50bb295.jpg  photo CIMG0822_zpsfe97c406.jpg  photo CIMG0823_zps23b8c626.jpg  photo CIMG0829_zps302cf451.jpg  photo CIMG0830_zpsfde201b5.jpg  photo CIMG0831_zps04a225ed.jpg  photo CIMG0832_zpsd9410da0.jpg  photo 10703712_10152499767958736_1949153753280294979_n_zps92752396.jpg

We then walked back to the MTR station to head back to Mong Kok for some more sight seeing. We walked from Mong Kok to Jordan, for the Temple Street Market to buy souvenirs. We walked past a temple and fortune tellers everywhere on the side of the road.
 photo CIMG0837_zps45d75750.jpg  photo CIMG0838_zps060d1380.jpg  photo CIMG0839_zps24f4177a.jpg  photo CIMG0840_zpsf55c1e7e.jpg  photo CIMG0841_zpsd7c362df.jpg  photo CIMG0842_zps51254710.jpg  photo CIMG0843_zps214addf6.jpg

Then, he brought me to buy smelly toufu after I told him I wanted to challenge myself to eat one in Hong Kong. Surprisingly, it isn't as bad as it smells. For someone who doesn't even eat toufu, it actually was pretty good.
 photo CIMG0844_zps86d8ddba.jpg  photo CIMG0845_zps01e98472.jpg  photo CIMG0846_zpse0ac46df.jpg  photo CIMG0847_zps0c866612.jpg  photo CIMG0848_zps201abbf8.jpg

We walked on and found another stall with cold street food. It consisted of intestines, sausages, etc. It was delicious!!! Could not get enough of it!!!
 photo CIMG0849_zpsaee5f2fd.jpg  photo CIMG0850_zpsf656c85a.jpg  photo CIMG0851_zps1ebd5b5d.jpg  photo CIMG0852_zps40c44048.jpg

Before heading back to the hotel, I saw an ice-cream truck in the middle of the riot area. Dee says it was lucky for me to find one as it does not have a permanent spot. It travels all around Hong Kong and it was not easy to spot him. I just had to buy the ice-cream and it was so good, it easily smokes McDonalds ice-cream!!! If you have the chance to see it in the future, DO NOT MISS OUT ON IT!!!
 photo CIMG0864_zps366925c7.jpg  photo CIMG0861_zps464c60da.jpg  photo CIMG0863_zpsc47e2c0d.jpg  photo CIMG0862_zpse173e73c.jpg

Here are a few random shots of the area.
 photo CIMG0854_zpsa1ceab5a.jpg  photo CIMG0855_zps16c591bf.jpg  photo CIMG0856_zps1a82c029.jpg  photo CIMG0857_zpsb73ae4f8.jpg  photo CIMG0858_zps5170a4b7.jpg  photo CIMG0859_zpsc7359e97.jpg  photo CIMG0860_zpse5f51982.jpg

The last pictures I took for the day were of the Chinese medical shops. You don't see such neat and beautiful shops like these in Malaysia. (At least none that I know of) All their shops look just like this!!!
 photo CIMG0865_zpsedce4c47.jpg  photo CIMG0866_zpsa03a6448.jpg  photo CIMG0867_zpsa7bde02d.jpg

As I got home, it was already almost 11pm. Such a long day...

Meals consumed throughout the day:
Starbucks donut
Little Chicken Egg
Cold Street Food

Hours spent walking:
7 hours

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