Thursday, October 23, 2014

Day 3 in Hong Kong, Sight Seeing!

Allowed myself to wake up to a city view a little later today to replenish from the whole day of walk yesterday. The plans for the day seemed very little anyway.
 photo CIMG0001_zps932ca99d.jpg

Based on the speed for the past 2 days, I've estimated more than enough time for me to travel to all the places I've planned for today. Therefore, I took my time in having breakfast, this time in a better and presentable attire at the buffet table. I then took my time to pack my things for my trip to Macau for tomorrow. After all, I'd be too tired and rushed to pack the next morning.

The first thing I noticed as I got off the MTR to the cable car station was an old lady who seemed to be praying in the middle of the pathway.
 photo CIMG0002_zpsd5b9e59f.jpg  photo CIMG0003_zpsd5b9e59f.jpg

There was a very nice girl who showed me the way to the cable car station and we had some small talk. Since she was holding an umbrella, I assumed she saw the weather forecast as a rainy day. However, she said she wasn't sure about the weather up there and was very friendly. Whoever said Hong Kong people are rude? I love this place.
 photo CIMG0004_zpsb8aef0bd.jpg  photo CIMG0005_zpsf522ead8.jpg

I finally did a big mistake today by arranging to go to Ngong Ping at 1pm. The queue was just crazy long and I didn't buy tickets online beforehand. I wasted approximately 1 hour before I could get into the cable car from the queue. I got myself a crystal glass ride, which I never got to try the last time I came here. After being on the Shanghai Tower years ago, a crystal glass cable car is just nothing to me. As usual, the talkative yet friendly me got to talk to the random strangers who shared the cabin with me. I continued taking selfies like nobody's business while on my way up to the top. It took only less than 30 minutes to reach the top.
 photo CIMG0008_zps91043a9a.jpg  photo CIMG0014_zpsc6b497e1.jpg  photo CIMG0042_zpsd94ce365.jpg  photo CIMG0031_zps4c71bd01.jpg  photo CIMG0023_zpsf73875cc.jpg  photo CIMG0035_zps710d5219.jpg  photo CIMG0016_zpsa5a4e509.jpg  photo CIMG0021_zpsd2420e3d.jpg  photo CIMG0009_zps3d05ca41.jpg  photo CIMG0010_zps45854edf.jpg  photo CIMG0011_zps94880157.jpg  photo CIMG0012_zpsdcf26b63.jpg  photo CIMG0013_zps855c7791.jpg  photo CIMG0019_zps61fd15d7.jpg  photo CIMG0032_zpsd9e59ec7.jpg  photo CIMG0033_zpsd8ce5698.jpg  photo CIMG0034_zps260fb3fe.jpg  photo CIMG0037_zps35d3af7e.jpg  photo CIMG0038_zps69571595.jpg  photo CIMG0039_zpscb54db3d.jpg  photo CIMG0044_zps576a608b.jpg  photo CIMG0045_zpsc83dfbae.jpg

What more is there to do than to selfie all the way with my monopod? I didn't bring any water up, so I got myself another bottle of Vitamin Water! My trip is all about Vitamin Water! This is one flavour which we cannot find in Malaysia.
 photo CIMG0049_zps6b96ee87.jpg  photo CIMG0047_zps2dcf60b5.jpg  photo CIMG0048_zps8283789a.jpg  photo CIMG0050_zpsbdadd6b0.jpg  photo CIMG0051_zpsc9980ab1.jpg  photo CIMG0052_zps6f76735f.jpg  photo CIMG0055_zpsd96f5e9c.jpg  photo CIMG0054_zps09ed7be6.jpg  photo CIMG0057_zps3da83283.jpg  photo CIMG0053_zps8d41bb4d.jpg

As I was selfie'ing all the way, I saw a bunch of people crowding up and thought that there was a celebrity or some sort. However, it was only a cow... Oh well... might as well take a picture of it too before continuing my selfie environment taking. LOL.
 photo CIMG0056_zps853a1173.jpg  photo CIMG0058_zpsbba94775.jpg  photo CIMG0059_zps59818910.jpg  photo CIMG0060_zpsa4fee159.jpg  photo CIMG0061_zps0cf3bcd1.jpg

I had a challenge, which was to run all the way up to the Big Buddha in 1 breath. I failed. I only managed to do it half way up. The mistake I made was to stop in between and take a few pictures. I lost my momentum and that's when my legs felt wobbly and fell to the ground... TWICE! Oh the humiliation...
 photo CIMG0062_zpse87fe1aa.jpg  photo CIMG0063_zps48157c0f.jpg  photo CIMG0064_zpsb290a35a.jpg  photo CIMG0067_zps40b8bb0a.jpg  photo CIMG0068_zpsd5866d59.jpg  photo CIMG0069_zpsc6bb10a4.jpg  photo CIMG0073_zps8bc64226.jpg  photo CIMG0075_zps96169acf.jpg  photo CIMG0077_zpsebd38705.jpg  photo CIMG0078_zps542044b2.jpg  photo CIMG0079_zps16efea97.jpg  photo CIMG0082_zpse0276725.jpg  photo CIMG0072_zps78f28355.jpg  photo CIMG0074_zps6c0215dc.jpg  photo CIMG0083_zps11f85d4e.jpg  photo CIMG0084_zpsd2ce7f1a.jpg  photo CIMG0080_zps64000deb.jpg  photo CIMG0081_zps695ad9fe.jpg  photo CIMG0085_zpse860d764.jpg

As I got down the Big Buddha, I walked on to find something to eat since I was hungry. I bought some fried wanton and also a sausage, to eat with my tau fu fah, Hong Kong style. It is indeed very different.
 photo CIMG0096_zps07bf3bda.jpg  photo CIMG0093_zpsee03e7d0.jpg  photo CIMG0094_zps468c2ea8.jpg  photo CIMG0086_zps6c1b5dd0.jpg  photo CIMG0087_zps82daa177.jpg  photo CIMG0089_zps07bbd5f1.jpg  photo CIMG0092_zpsa27ce799.jpg

Saw a Wishing Tree further up but it appears that you can only get those from certain shops that you actually purchase stuff from. I gave that a pass and walked on, hoping to find the Guai Lin Gou that I ate years ago, which was absolutely delicious. However, the whole place seemed like it renovated and many stores were added in. The old shops were either no longer there or replaced by newer cafes.
 photo CIMG0097_zpsc8260122.jpg

Disappointed, I walked back to the Cable Car station, finding one of those Line Character machines which I saw in my hotel. I got some change from the counter and hoped for the best for I wanted a Cony and Brown. Cony had a map on one hand and a backpack. Brown was clinging on to his bag instead. It was both relevant as I was on my holiday here. Lucky for me, I got both of them! It was my lucky day after all!!! 
 photo CIMG0098_zps16cceb56.jpg  photo CIMG0099_zps54f1a252.jpg

At the station, I bumped into the same girl who welcomed me earlier in the day and she recognized me, asking me how my trip went. HOW SWEET...

At about 4pm, I got off the cable car and headed to the MTR station. I was distracted by what seems to be a wholesale mall which my mom was telling me about. I had to walk in a shop called I.T and it didn’t take me long before I got myself a pair of killer heels at only RM100 at Uptown Heels. It was not only worth the money but also very comfortable!

Finally left the place and took the MTR at about 5pm to Central as I was running late. On the way to the Peak to take the Tram, I just had to stop by to selfie with the nice scenery of Hong Kong’s famous landscape.
 photo CIMG0104_zps0b871732.jpg  photo CIMG0108_zps5873b14f.jpg  photo CIMG0115_zpsb245265d.jpg

At 6pm, I finally got to the Tram and used my Octopus card to access to the Tram at a discounted rate. It still took me about 30 minutes to get up there due to the crowd. It was worth the rush as the view was amazing although haze was spotted.

 photo CIMG0119_zpsa8d36c9b.jpg  photo CIMG0132_zps9a83e189.jpg  photo CIMG0137_zpsf7386dff.jpg

Rushed back to the tram at 7.15pm, enjoying the cool breeze against my bare back as I queued up outside. Everyone else in the queue took out their scarfs and gave me with a weird look. I am not one who gets cold easily. I love the breeze. It’s the heat that I can’t stand.

Dinner was supposed to be at 7.30pm. I was about 5 minutes late because I totally left out the time estimation for queueing up to get back down to the MTR station. Lucky for me that my relatives were nice enough to wait for me at SOHO before taking me to dinner.

It was my first main decent meal in Hong Kong! Can you imagine? My trip was all about street food and fasting. Here’s what I had and a family wefie portrait!
 photo CIMG0140_zps6caa784b.jpg  photo CIMG0141_zpscf4d647f.jpg  photo CIMG0142_zps9e0b96e5.jpg  photo CIMG0143_zps329bb849.jpg  photo CIMG0144_zps9cf6adcf.jpg  photo CIMG0145_zpsd1f9f807.jpg  photo CIMG0146_zpsdb833ba2.jpg  photo CIMG0150_zps84ee1e3b.jpg  photo CIMG0152_zpsa44898e8.jpg

After dinner, Dee came to take me while I bid farewell to my relatives. He brought me to places with riots but the only things I saw were people sitting around. Apparently they were sitting around watching something going on Live on TV. No danger here. Roads were closed though.
 photo CIMG0153_zps50bea216.jpg  photo CIMG0154_zps9858639a.jpg  photo CIMG0155_zps112c256f.jpg  photo CIMG0156_zps9a3efb54.jpg  photo CIMG0157_zpsae1e0906.jpg  photo CIMG0158_zps5f7436ee.jpg  photo CIMG0159_zpsea608192.jpg

Then, we walked on to Mong Kok, Jordan and to Causeway Bay. There was an Apple Store which we passed by and I saw multiple stalls set up right in front, which were people who wanted to buy over the iphones and resell. WOW.

 photo CIMG0160_zps1ab49f66.jpg  photo CIMG0161_zps74786c72.jpg  photo CIMG0166_zps78c92445.jpg  photo CIMG0167_zpsb1813628.jpg

 photo CIMG0168_zps3038ee01.jpg

Finally, the last thing on my itinerary was Coffee Academics. Without Dee, I don’t think I would ever find my way there. It was so complicated. It wasn’t even near to any MTRs. The place seemed very homely as I walked in.

 photo CIMG0169_zps24ae5b4e.jpg  photo CIMG0194_zpsb6f99180.jpg  photo CIMG0197_zps5f3988ee.jpg  photo CIMG0180_zps689f4450.jpg  photo CIMG0175_zps55a53533.jpg

We had coffee after coffee. I had a caramel Latte at first, continued by an Aeropress Ethiopia which I had back in Ipoh once. The specialty in this shop is that they serve ice drip coffee in a wine glass! How awesome is that?
 photo CIMG0183_zpsa26497f0.jpg  photo CIMG0188_zps69bfd574.jpg  photo CIMG0203_zps039496b2.jpg  photo CIMG0190_zpse64a2b0f.jpg  photo CIMG0200_zps5bc0bd3b.jpg  photo CIMG0202_zpscceabb91.jpg

Since it was my birthday in about an hour, I had myself a piece of caramel and coffee mousse cake and the staff got me a candle.
 photo CIMG0181_zps30edbb7c.jpg  photo CIMG0176_zpsf00d8cbd.jpg  photo CIMG0184_zps61aef974.jpg  photo CIMG0185_zps0c95ee88.jpg  photo CIMG0186_zpsbeb244b9.jpg

The cafe closed at 11pm. As Dee led the way, he showed me where the spots of people “Da Siu Yan” was under the bridge during the day. Unfortunately it was too late to see any of that action.
 photo CIMG0204_zps5f7a6c1a.jpg  photo CIMG0205_zps814bec2b.jpg

Out of nowhere, Dee said he wanted to have some Ramen. It was almost midnight! Where would you expect to get any of that goodies? Man, was I wrong about that. It appears that Ichiran is 24 hours. It usually has a very long queue and I ain’t joking about the queue. There were at least 5 couples waiting in front of us as we walked in. I was already bloated from the dinner and dessert but Dee insisted that I ate at least a little. We were all separated by cubicles, pure Japanese style. There was nothing on the menu than Ramen so I had no choice but to order my bowl of ramen with my preference of spicy level, what to and not to add in and how thick I wanted the soup to be. I managed to eat more than half of it in the end due to the DELICIOUSNESS!!!
 photo CIMG0214_zps0d8eaf21.jpg  photo CIMG0215_zps76fb6e7d.jpg  photo CIMG0216_zps3513bdc6.jpg  photo CIMG0208_zps4c25d209.jpg  photo CIMG0209_zps57e6d9ee.jpg  photo CIMG0210_zpsb9349ffd.jpg  photo CIMG0212_zpsab053daf.jpg  photo CIMG0213_zps5ad62988.jpg  photo CIMG0206_zpsc095d0de.jpg  photo CIMG0207_zpsec31cd2e.jpg  photo CIMG0211_zps4646e43a.jpg

I had to digest all that food, so I asked Dee to walk me to Lan Kwai Fong to look see. Took a few pictures while on the way. Lan Kwai Fong wasn’t as I expected. It’s merely just 2 rows of shops where everyone just hangs out on the streets. I didn’t bother going in because of all the advice given by friends on the surcharge.
 photo CIMG0219_zps98b50d66.jpg  photo CIMG0220_zpsfadb46f0.jpg  photo CIMG0221_zps4744cafb.jpg  photo CIMG0222_zps1bdfb479.jpg  photo CIMG0223_zpsacffa3e1.jpg  photo CIMG0224_zps1b0b4395.jpg

That was day 3. It sure was a tiring day.

Hours spent out: 13 hours

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