Saturday, September 28, 2013

Hitz FM Invasion!!!

Got off work early and drove myself to Taylors Lakeside Campus viz Waze to attend the Hitz Invasion birthday bash. Surprisingly it only took me about half an hour to get there from Kota Damansara, all thanks to Waze for directing me to the non jammed roads.

As I arrived there, I parked at the place where I thought was the only car park available and was surprised with the few cars there were there. Apparently there are more car parks which I never knew about. The first thing I realized as I stepped out my car was how big Taylors really was! It is humongous! There was a lake with geese and so many big buildings, it is like a mini mall already. You can get everything you need there! There's bars and all kinds of cuisines there! Take a look at it yourself!
 photo CIMG1584_zpsd07cd045.jpg  photo CIMG0001_zps7b68aa56.jpg  photo CIMG0002_zpse7f0e843.jpg  photo CIMG0004_zps31a33563.jpg  photo CIMG0005_zps723fa07d.jpg

As I walked on, I realized the party wasn't started yet. Everyone was just seated on the floor. I started looking around and taking pictures of my surroundings until music blasted from the stage. At first, I thought that it was either Jakeman and Skeletor or just Hitz broadcasting music from their station. Little did I know that Jerryca was on stage spinning! After meeting her for so many times, I only get to hear her spin live for about an hour! She's dope to the max! You have no idea how crazy ass cool her spinning is! I felt just like I was in a club! I have a new favourite DJ now!
 photo CIMG0006_zps300cff44.jpg  photo CIMG0007_zpsea5ead3a.jpg  photo CIMG0010_zps49382c88.jpg  photo CIMG0011_zps55f951f6.jpg  photo CIMG0012_zpsc4478128.jpg  photo CIMG0014_zps9491e70b.jpg  photo CIMG0015_zps2043b103.jpg  photo CIMG0016_zps50650c00.jpg  photo CIMG0017_zps3d0b40de.jpg  photo CIMG0018_zpsbd09b76a.jpg  photo CIMG0019_zps4a13381d.jpg  photo CIMG0027_zps9d3f0c00.jpg  photo CIMG0028_zps426bbc7c.jpg  photo CIMG0029_zps95e8243a.jpg

Here's a sneak preview of her spinnings!

After Jerryca finished her set, it was another break. I used the time to walk everywhere and also to the lake and took some awesome pictures of the sunset. This scene and view should be admired with the person I love. Unfortunately I am forever alone...
 photo CIMG0021_zps3e989288.jpg  photo CIMG0022_zps7992249c.jpg  photo CIMG0023_zps2e4555b3.jpg  photo CIMG0042_zpse7611216.jpg  photo CIMG0051_zpsd18c8364.jpg  photo CIMG0053_zps6eb51e92.jpg  photo CIMG0175_zps79285f68.jpg

Oh, and there were mascots like Minions and Smurfs there too!!! Too bad there was a long queue. Didn't bother to line up for it...
 photo CIMG0045_zpsb65f34ad.jpg  photo CIMG0096_zps9e91ca4c.jpg

Shawn Lee was up next on the stage. I have heard him beatbox once last year but the PA system was bad. Finally I got to hear him beatbox in person with a good PA system this time! Here's the videos! No pictures. Sorry.

He then invited the DJs of Hitz FM on stage.
 photo CIMG0058_zpsd6bfd55f.jpg  photo CIMG0059_zps2722dbc2.jpg

The next band on stage was Estranged. I didn't really take much pictures and videos of all the bands that performed tonight because I was running all over the place. Wasn't paying attention to all of them.
 photo CIMG0064_zpsf1c9a314.jpg  photo CIMG0065_zps6b049e07.jpg  photo CIMG0066_zps8bee3697.jpg  photo CIMG0067_zps19400ea8.jpg  photo CIMG0069_zpsa0fd7812.jpg  photo CIMG0070_zps7c0ba1e7.jpg

Next on the list of performers was James Baum. Here's some photos.
 photo CIMG0077_zps859bccf3.jpg  photo CIMG0081_zps9f2985b9.jpg  photo CIMG0085_zps6b9bbf26.jpg  photo CIMG0086_zps20514942.jpg  photo CIMG0089_zps03db9718.jpg  photo CIMG0090_zps7a241676.jpg

Not long after, Dan texted me to meet me at the entrance of the VIP area. He was to pass me the T-shirt which was designed by Jian and it's about Dan Khoo Productions! SO CUTE!!!
 photo CIMG0179_zps112cf9b1.jpg

I also took the opportunity to take a picture with him with my polaroid camera. Narmi, Jeremy and Brendan came out during that moment and we all snapped another polaroid together!
 photo CIMG0092_zps8f046360.jpg  photo CIMG0182_zpsf679c91e.jpg  photo CIMG0184_zps9432bd9d.jpg

As I walked back down towards the stage, I bumped into Daniel, the guy who I always bump into at events and Guan!!! Can't resist pictures again!!!
 photo CIMG0097_zpsaa2b9011.jpg  photo CIMG0098_zps3fb0903e.jpg  photo CIMG0183_zps30556e66.jpg

Joe Flizzow rocked the stage with our local dancers. Many of which I know who they are but not know them in person. I just had to keep taking pictures and videos.
 photo CIMG0101_zpsef35d9e8.jpg  photo CIMG0103_zps412200d6.jpg  photo CIMG0104_zpse2428c19.jpg  photo CIMG0109_zps6d62c123.jpg  photo CIMG0110_zps3ae6989e.jpg  photo CIMG0111_zps2896156a.jpg  photo CIMG0115_zps00b3589a.jpg  photo CIMG0116_zpsed793a1b.jpg

The crowd sang a birthday song for Hitz FM before K Town Clan came on stage.

Here's K Town Clan and their videos!
 photo CIMG0118_zpsc4e3c746.jpg  photo CIMG0119_zps2ded4cde.jpg  photo CIMG0120_zpsc291a2f7.jpg  photo CIMG0124_zpseea98ee2.jpg  photo CIMG0126_zpsbd9f5bb9.jpg  photo CIMG0127_zps233744e3.jpg  photo CIMG0135_zps2bd10a43.jpg

Mizz Nina was up next. I recorded her video but was stupid enough to accidentally delete it. And I thought I could show it to my dancer friends who performed for her. URGH!!!
 photo CIMG0143_zps33508cce.jpg  photo CIMG0144_zpsc67ff73d.jpg  photo CIMG0145_zps980d752d.jpg  photo CIMG0146_zps080f94d7.jpg  photo CIMG0148_zps65a36829.jpg  photo CIMG0150_zps1de5756a.jpg  photo CIMG0151_zpsd3137e88.jpg  photo CIMG0153_zpsbe3d7c83.jpg  photo CIMG0155_zps89b4ca6a.jpg  photo CIMG0156_zpsf3f6a601.jpg  photo CIMG0157_zps24400643.jpg

Lastly, Chester See came out to greet us with a few of his songs! I was hoping he'd sing "bromance" but he only sang 2 sentences of it during the Q & A session with the audience... 
 photo CIMG0158_zps67bc6b01.jpg  photo CIMG0159_zpse48acac0.jpg  photo CIMG0161_zps0fcc588b.jpg  photo CIMG0164_zps00acfeec.jpg  photo CIMG0165_zps3b3dcbac.jpg  photo CIMG0166_zps09bc2d3f.jpg  photo CIMG0167_zps9902361a.jpg  photo CIMG0169_zps9b777cec.jpg  photo CIMG0170_zps0f661779.jpg  photo CIMG0171_zps63d70d16.jpg  photo CIMG0172_zps24fedf53.jpg  photo CIMG0174_zps89d73063.jpg

Enough of pictures. Here are some videos of CHESTER SEE!!!

DJ Jakeman and Skeletor ended the event by spinning on their decks. I walked around, chatted and took pictures with Jerryca, then bidding farewell to people I bumped into and saw Ernest as I was walking to my car. Sat down, took a polaroid and chatted with him for a while. The last time I saw him was at We Love Asia. That was so long ago! He doodled me!!! YAYY!!! Finally a simple doodle from him.
 photo CIMG0180_zps37292939.jpg  photo CIMG0181_zps6985adb8.jpg

Got home by midnight and boy was I exhausted. But after loading all my photos and videos, only 4 hours was left to sleep til work time again... Here's what I got after a whole day at Hitz Invasion! My 2 Tees which Dan gave me and polaroids!!! Happy happy day...
 photo CIMG0177_zps2c0c7a6c.jpg  photo CIMG0178_zps37ea8cdf.jpg

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