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NNFood Fest and Happy 2nd Blog-niversary!!!

Oh WOW!!! I just realized that it is my blog's 2nd anniversary!!! It seemed just like last year or something that I created this blog! Come to think of it, I have been single way before this blog was created so what's 2 years? However, 2 years is pretty long for me to keep a blog alive. I used to have blogs after blogs for so long. I remember blogging since my teenage days. YAY to 2 years and hope that there are more years to come!!!

I have kept this blogging up and running although there were not much frequent updates all thanks to Nuffnang! If it weren't for Nuffnang, I guess my blog will be all about my rants and end up like the blogs I used to run. Nuffnang has been offering tonnes of events, contests and outings. I have tried my best to enter most of it, trying to win passes for events and meeting interesting people too! I can say I had a lot of fun being a part of the Nuffnang blogging commuity. If you aren't in Nuffnang yet, WHY AREN'T YOU???

Coincidentally, Nuffnang had an event going on today too! It is the Nuffnang Food Fest, which was the hash-tagging trend of the day, #NNFoodFest. So it appears that many people were "celebrating" my blog-niversary with me after all. *Perasan case*

I drove there from work, arriving only about 4.30pm. I was lucky to have a parking right at the entrance as I arrived! Up side after the half an hour jam. Walked over to the Blue Atrium and saw tents everywhere. I felt very confused as I didn't exactly read the map carefully the night before and all I see was tents. Since I was so confused, I ended up just walking around, surveying and seeing if I could bump into anyone I knew. The first thing I realized as I walked? I heard Dan's voice. WOW! And I was wearing Dan's tee. *proud moment* HAHA! 

 photo CIMG0225_zps89e48999.jpg  photo CIMG0224_zpsae14a4e5.jpg  photo CIMG0223_zps1a70d117.jpg

Since I didn't know where to start, it was a good idea to get to the registration booth first, wishing to bump into any bloggers I know... At the registration booth, I was given a Churp Out sticker, some pamphlets, Sunway Pyramid card, a cook book and a free Macaroon!
 photo CIMG0226_zps5d8e1737.jpg

After a while, Steph came to join me. Darren asked us to sit at the stage for a Canon Photography talk on food blogging. We both didn't have a big camera and so unfortunately, we didn't really focus much on the talk. Here's a picture of the emcees of the day (Matthew and Kevin) and of the workshop.
 photo CIMG0232_zps03d183f2.jpg  photo CIMG0233_zps9a1d8eb9.jpg

Steph and I couldn't hold on any longer and had to find ourselves some food!!! After all, I only had cup noodles for lunch. Did you know, the food for the day is all FREE!!! How? All we needed to do was to either scan the bar code, then Tweet/Instagram/Facebook with the hashtags #NNFoodFest and also the shop name and get a sample for free! At first, we thought samples will never get us full enough to last the day. HOHOHO!!! You are so wrong, mister! Here's us, the foodies, with our food!!!!!
 photo IMG-20131006-WA0004_zpsdc668861.jpg 

I have never had Crazy Potato before. I have always passed by the shop but never thought of having it. As a potato fan, I can say I would go all out for anything that has to do with potatoes. Although there was a long queue at that moment, I just went ahead and queued up for my share of Crazy Potato. It was worth the queue. I never liked cheese, nor have I tried cheese with fries but this was GOOD!!!
 photo 20131005_174102_zps54c31bc7.jpg

Next, we tried out what seemed to be a Popiah wrap with Nasi Lemak in it. It's from ZUO and it tasted so special. It was nothing I have tried before. I remember ZUO being a very nice place to have dinner. It's located at Publika and Prakash was the one who introduced it to me a year ago. I will definitely go back again for more one day.
 photo IMG-20131006-WA0011_zps2137fc27.jpg

Since we were craving for something sweet, we saw a booth with Masterchef's banner on it. We just had to try it out. There were Macaroons and cupcakes. Who could say no to Macaroons??? Look at the beautiful decorations even!!!
 photo CIMG0229_zpsf2626bf6.jpg  photo CIMG0231_zps95abe3b7.jpg  photo IMG-20131006-WA0002_zps35be73af.jpg

After all that snacks, we moved on to our main course, BURGERS!!! It was burgers after burgers for us. What do I mean? HAHA... You have no idea. We had Ninja Joe's, BBQ Beef Burgers and MYBURGERLAB!!! YES!!! MyBurgerLab was there serving their burgers too!!! Of course, there was a queue. They were also giving out 10% and 15% vouchers but since I am already entitled to that with my VIP discount card, I didn't bother taking the vouchers from them. I finally got to try Jamming with Elvis. It is so good I definitely am going to have that the next time I go to MyBurgerLab instead of the usual Hangover Burger...
 photo CIMG0228_zps6b09aede.jpg  photo IMG-20131006-WA0006_zpsc969375c.jpg  photo CIMG0237_zpsd96986ff.jpg  photo CIMG0238_zps7ed9f8c6.jpg  photo CIMG0239_zps25acf81c.jpg  photo CIMG0240_zps46196a7f.jpg  photo CIMG0242_zps9a523767.jpg  photo IMG-20131006-WA0013_zpsa0334f77.jpg

There was a Maggi Booth which I never entered because of my cup noodle lunch. It's something I have been having for the past few months and so, PHOBIA! Bumped into Huai Bin and apparently he joined the cookoff, which I missed because I was too busy looking for food.
 photo CIMG0227_zps26e15d13.jpg  photo CIMG0245_zpsd933b3b2.jpg

After a bloated snacking meal, we decided to have a break and claim my free drinks from Nuffnang. I won 6 drinks from Nuffnang previously for the "For the Love of Beer" blog contest. Free drinks in October! Happy Oktoberfest, Blog-niversary month and Birthday month to me! 2 beers for each occasion. Not bad huh?
 photo IMG-20131006-WA0003_zps580058df.jpg  photo IMG-20131006-WA0005_zps57f92df2.jpg  photo CIMG0234_zps7a62d905.jpg

As we were drinking, a few ladies dressed in their Oktoberfest outfits approached us to have our pictures taken with the big polaroid. It was free. Sorry for not taking pictures of them. We were too happy taking pictures and drinking up our beer...
 photo CIMG0236_zps47018850.jpg  photo IMG-20131006-WA0012_zpsd62e91e9.jpg

I was hoping to get a chance at having more Crazy Potato so I walked out the bar alone, disappointed in the end because it was already 9.30pm and stalls were closing, obviously so was Crazy Potato. The only stall I saw open was the Masterchef one and grabbed the opportunity to get some snacks to have with our beer. Instead of asking for 4 pieces, look what I got?
 photo CIMG0246_zps1d040332.jpg  photo CIMG0247_zps515f7fe3.jpg

Yeah, I ended up shocking Steph, Jian (who joined us an hour before Foodfest ended) and Lionel (Serge).

The day was very fun! I got to meet so many people, bump into people and eat so much!!! I will definitely be at ChurpOut! I hope I can get a transportation then. It's gonna be at Shah Alam!!! Anyways, let me end my post with pictures of the foodies that were at the FoodFest...

Darren Low, the guy who is at every event, no matter if it is Nuffnang related or not. He's happening that way!
 photo 20131005_181304_zps7f800d17.jpg  photo 20131005_181257_zps0cbd3772.jpg

Audrey, a.k.a fourfeetnine, Fighter's mom who is the wife of Nuffnang Founder Timothy. Tim was too busy walking around, so I didn't get to take a picture with him. They were both so busy taking pictures with fans just like superstars and celebrities of Hollywood! I'm glad to have a second picture with Audrey after being in a blogmosphere for so long.
 photo 20131005_174526_zpsd4dc929b.jpg

Here's Jeremy Choy and Dan Khoo. Nothing much to say since you guys should know who these two photo/videographers and youtubers are by now. If you don't, you are not from Malaysia and you are not from this century.
 photo 20131005_164715_zpsa035a42f.jpg  photo 20131005_164814_zps5857ebfc.jpg

Here's a group photo of Luke, his sister, Steph, Lionel and I at the bar! We all just bumped into each other today and had a drink together.
 photo 20131005_202742_zps1fd6a292.jpg  photo 20131005_202636_zpsce3e8377.jpg  photo 20131005_202622_zpsc23f7e00.jpg

And lastly, here are some instant photos and polaroid collections of the day! Everyone says I should get some sponsorship for polaroid refills since I have mastered the skills of camwhoring with a polaroid. What say you? SPONSOR ME LARH!!!
 photo 20131007_012603_zps5a503e54.jpg  photo 20131005_225335_zps4e3d837a.jpg  photo IMG-20131006-WA0009_zps16f06628.jpg  photo IMG-20131006-WA0007_zps257586d7.jpg

To end this post with a blast, here's a crazy picture of me turning into a crazy potato after consuming Crazy Potato. They should be giving me a prize. No? *totally asian and awkward moment...*
 photo IMG_20131005_175135_zps4430042a.jpg

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