Friday, September 27, 2013

2013 Arthur's Day at Sepang

Thanks to my girlfriend, Stephanie, I got tickets to Arthur's Day event by Guinness! Unfortunate for us, we only got the general passes.

 photo CIMG1499_zps7c7adf7b.jpg

 photo CIMG1500_zpsed19f416.jpg
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Thankfully, the drinks were not that expensive like I expected. It was only RM10 for a cup of Guinness. It wasn't that bad. I didn't finish one cup because I just realized I didn't like the taste of Guinness... Here;s a photo of Steph, Pei Shyen (The old Ipoh friend I bumped into) and myself...
 photo CIMG1503_zps25bdbb94.jpg
 photo CIMG1504_zpsd4c2a114.jpg
Here's how much I drank. Steph helped me finish the rest.
 photo CIMG1505_zpsac92c0c3.jpg
Because I arrived late, we didn't get to see Five For Fighting. We only got to see The All-American Rejects, which was from about our time. Here's a few pictures.
 photo CIMG1508_zps18dc7e34.jpg

 photo CIMG1510_zpsbf97940c.jpg

 photo CIMG1511_zpsce479c2a.jpg

 photo CIMG1512_zps4f7e91a1.jpg

 photo CIMG1513_zps19f52d14.jpg

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 photo CIMG1515_zps21594885.jpg

 photo CIMG1516_zpse68a8e81.jpg

 photo CIMG1520_zps121113f6.jpg

 photo CIMG1522_zpsc8b9137e.jpg

After their performance, they had a break of about 15 minutes. Steph and I then walked around to find her cousin and get another drink. Look at her enjoying the moment!
 photo CIMG1523_zps6fef66e8.jpg
Next up was The Wanted. This group is the highlight of the night. Everyone was waiting for them to go on stage.
 photo CIMG1531_zps480aaab2.jpg

 photo CIMG1535_zpsc70b5b1f.jpg

 photo CIMG1538_zps827cea0e.jpg

 photo CIMG1541_zps46518fe0.jpg

 photo CIMG1544_zps89d7acf2.jpg

 photo CIMG1545_zps94c1c6e0.jpg

 photo CIMG1546_zpsb29918bf.jpg

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 photo CIMG1548_zpsab80a8ee.jpg

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 photo CIMG1551_zpsbc03b902.jpg

 photo CIMG1553_zpsbeb6836c.jpg
 photo CIMG1554_zps856e3390.jpg

 photo CIMG1555_zps1372d2c4.jpg

I took a few videos of it too...

During the performance, Steph asked me to accompany her to the toilet. Then, we bumped into Jin from Jinnyboy TV and also Hitz FM.
 photo CIMG1557_zps323657ac.jpg

AND THE OH SO AWESOME CHESTER SEE!!! I was having such a fan girl moment at that time! I never felt that way before! I was planning to go see him perform at Hitz Invasion tomorrow but never in my mind would I have thought that I could see him in person, talk to him and also have a picture with him! I am so blessed! I guess it isn't a big bummer that I don't get VIP passes to see him tomorrow after all!!!
 photo CIMG1558_zpsb187f6be.jpg

 photo CIMG1559_zps56e0781b.jpg

 photo CIMG1560_zps84edf947.jpg
 photo CIMG1561_zpsc6ae1ef4.jpg

Then, us girls just had to have our selfies with the stage...
 photo CIMG1562_zps5528104a.jpg

And watch more of The Wanted...
 photo CIMG1563_zpsd03e8fb2.jpg

 photo CIMG1564_zps393f02d5.jpg

While I was standing alone, waiting for Steph to finish her drink at the drinking area behind, I bumped into Jeremy. Oh heyyy... He was so busy taking pictures of the event. I guess that's just the life of a media...
 photo CIMG1566_zpscd8f80b2.jpg

Who else did I see? Darren Low from Nuffnang of course! I see him in almost every event too!!!
 photo CIMG1568_zpscb128c32.jpg

I too saw Chriz and Daniel, but was too lazy to ask to take selfies with them, therefore no more pictures of friends...

As the night ended, it ended with fireworks... Here's some awesomely weird photos of the fireworks that my camera shot. It is a fireworks setting which I used. So unnatural...
 photo CIMG1575_zps7bcbe8da.jpg

 photo CIMG1576_zpsb49d98be.jpg

 photo CIMG1577_zpsc051bef7.jpg

 photo CIMG1580_zpse657376d.jpg

 photo CIMG1581_zps9c332a04.jpg

The picture of the Emcees of the night...
It was a very fun night. I got to spend a lot of time with my girlfriend. Although tonight ended early, it was good too since both of us had to wake up early for work the next day. We will definitely crash another event again soon!!! Stay tuned for the Hitz invasion post tomorrow!!! Chester See is going to be performing with local acts!

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