Thursday, August 16, 2012

Happy b'day Colby!!

Today's Colby's birthday and we all decided to celebrate with him at Euro House, our usual place. 

Of course, They ordered the large drink while I had my red wine or cocktail on the house.

Kar Hing ordered his favourite, the Carbonara. Doesn't it look yummilicious?

As we sat on, I got hungry and ordered myself a salmon salad. The salad here is absolutely appetizing as they don't use any of the cream sauces. Instead, they use olive oil and vinegar, which triggers my taste buds and keeps me asking for more!

The other boys ordered a plate of fries to share also. They say that I always get a bigger portion when I order. I have no idea how true it is but I doubt it's any different than others.

Then, we brought out the cupcakes which I bought from my brother's friend. She made it at 4pm after I called her. I had no choice as nobody else would do it for me in such short notice. Everyone said they needed pre-bookings in order for me to buy them. I also got a chance to try out my brother's friend's pastry then.

Here's Colby with his cupcakes!!!

The cupcakes were not bad. They were just not very sweet and it was very healthy indeed. We were satisfied with it though. The cookies were already soft as we put it into the fridge. Bad move...


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