Monday, August 13, 2012

Crazy eating day

Got back from KL earlier today compared to the other days because I have made a date with my boyfriends back in Ipoh for a steamboat session. We bought a Groupon coupon again and this Steamboat is only RM72 for 6 people. We were curious to how good it would be as it was an all you can eat buffet and we could either Steamboat or Barbecue food. Take a look of the place and food supplied there.


Here's our BBQ set and Steamboat pot, good enough for 6 people.

Usually, people would use the Barbecue grill for just a normal simple butter cooked food. Tonight, it's very different. It seemed like we had a chef, or should I say 2 chefs. They cooked our food for us using garlic, Onion and all kinds of ingredients there were to make it taste totally delicious!!

Instead of a normal clear soup, me also made it into a seaweed egg soup! Yummy huh?

Our very delicious garlic fried prawns! Yummy to the max!

Our 2 chefs of the night.

As if that was not good enough, they put in onions to grill the marinated chicken!

As usual at most of the steamboat places, I would mix some drinks with some ice-cream to make an ice-cream soda or just a drink with ice-cream in it. It tastes just like yogurt!!! YUM!!! Filling though.

After sitting there and eating for about 3 hours, we headed off for more drinks at Old Town Kopitiam and I helped myself with some Condensed Milk toast and shared it with Yao. It was good though!!!


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