Sunday, August 19, 2012

Selamat Hari Raya!!!

First of all, I would love to wish everyone Selamat Hari Raya! It's the public holiday once again! Although this year, there isn't house visiting for me, I have more than enough things on my hands to get myself busy. 

Coco, my house poodle gave birth from 5.10pm all the way until 11pm. One thing I have learnt from dog giving birth. They do not suffer from labour pains, neither do they scream and shout like people do when they give birth! The babies just come out of their bodies quite easily without much hassle. 

However, there are things to be done. We helped Coco to open the bags which the babies came out in and the babies have a bag attached to them, which apparently gave them vitamins, food and all kinds of things they needed while they were in the stomach. 

We laid them on the newspapers, in a box which Coco could get in to keep them warm.

Coco did not produce any milk yet, so we had to help her feed them using a bottle and goat milk formula bought from a pet shop. After all, we couldn't let them starve.

Enjoy more photos here!

Somehow, we have moved her around, which we were not supposed to and she felt very unsafe for herself and the kids. She started tearing out the box and scratching the newspapers until everything was just a mess. We had to buy another new "home" for her in the end.

After getting everything in order, my brother, his wife and I finally got out to celebrate this occasion at the new club in town, S.O.S! S.O.S means Sensations of Sound in full. The club is the biggest by far now in Ipoh. They will be considering cover charge by next month.

There were dance performances held tonight and I got to take photos with some people.

Here's DJ Digital, whom I call Adrian instead. He's like the other version of Skrillex I guess? HAHA!

Matius, who drove out to meet me there and treated me to a glass of Guiness, which was my first Guiness!

My sister-in-law, Joey!

I also got to take a picture with some of the dance performers that night. Spot someone familiar! JACKSONBOOGIEJ! Yes, he was performing on stage in IPOH! Videos below!!!

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