Saturday, January 7, 2012

8tv 8th Bday Bash

I had to work after only 2 hours of sleep. ARGH! Damn stoned in a way. 

 My breakfast.

By the way, It's Vale's birthday!!! Happy birthday Vale!!!

Thank God a few students cancelled class so I could end early and head to 1Utama earlier for the 8tv b'day bash. I have been hearing so much about it on the radio and had no idea to what would be going on except for ECX performing tonight. As I arrived there, I took some videos, pictures and overheard some DJs talking. Turns out my Fav is here today!!! And he'd be singing too! Who? Nicholas Teo!!! OMG!

Since I was still early, I thought of grabbing something to bite until I saw Simon's check in! What a small world! I went to find him in the end. Instead of getting something to bite, the  place he took me to dinner was just not to my interest. I'm just so chinese. We went to this Italian Restaurant in 1u. I just snapped pictures of him. LOL.
 His RM16 popcorn

By the time we were done, I went outside again to find ECX ending their first performance! LIKE WTF MAN! I MISSED IT!! However, I captured the ending pose. ><

Saw the boys leaving the stage so I tagged along. Sorry, let me rephrase that. I stalked along. Just check out my video and you will understand what I'm saying.

After, they went for dinner in separate groups. Of course I went with Kaze and Hoshi, my "legs". I wanted to try out food republic and that was where we were heading until they saw A&W. FK! I had nothing to eat there! Therefore, I went to Food Republic to take away something to eat with them at a&w.

Bumped into Faruq and Fuzz at the counter next to mine as I bought food. Turns out the gang were at food republic. Went to say HI then went back to A&W.

As they continued their Video journey around 1U, I walked off to Chatime, hoping to grab myself something to ease off my hunger as the dessert I bought from food republic actually turned bad and inedible.

After queing for about 10 minutes or so, there the guys were, walking to my direction. Usual Chatime legs. Treated them a drink each and watched them as they continued their usual crap of nonsense that just never fails to put a smile on anyone's faces.

Chriz was fainted all the way back to the stage while Faruq owned him by smacking really hard on the pillar and making a really loud thud before heading the floor. OH MAN! You should have seen the faces of the people around! Especially after he got off the floor and acted like nothing happened. FKKK!!!! OMFGROFLMAO!! I can't wait til the video comes out so I could laugh my head off again!!!

Went out to meet Simon again, who was video'ing Karen and Kopi on the stage singing.

I was still early for my Fav!!! I got to take pictures and videos of him in the end!!! He's so CUTE!!! However, Some friends broke my heart by telling me he's not a great person and he was gay. DAMN!

Not long after, ECX had their performances again. I had front row view of it and had to get a perfect video on my camera. Do enjoy.

Another artist came out rapping and by her second song, ECX joined her as dancers on the song they looked best in my mind! I always thought this was a killer dance song for them.

Gillian said she saw me on 8tv. SERIOUSLY!!! WTF MAN!?!?!? That's cause I was standing RIGHT IN FRONT! LOL! I ho I don't look fat or ugly or..... HAHAHAHA WHO CARES!?!?!?!

There's supposed to be some fireworks in half an hour but I had to go home to settle with some business so I walked home, settled it and saw the fireworks from the view of my sister's bedroom with AIRCON! WOOHOO!!! BOOYAH!

Went to bed right after. Was so exhausted being out the whole day...

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